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What Does It Mean if a Cat Hisses at You?

Cats hiss when we want to pick them up or they’re not in the mood. There is a number of reasons behind the behavior of cat hisses at you.

We’ve identified this as a sign that our cats are pissed off and not in the mood to be messed with, but there are other reasons why your kitty may be hissing.

Why Do Cats Hiss at People?

When a cat is threatened, they’ll release a sound through their mouth. This sound will be paired with other cat body language and their fur will also stand on end.

What Does It Mean if a Cat Hisses at You?

Hissing is normal behavior that helps to express themselves. Humans can use speech but cats must rely on their body language. Some reasons behind cat hisses at you, these are:

Expressing warnings

It’s a warning to another man or animal to tell them they’ll be forced to attack. Think of this as a warning shot when there’s another cat on your cat’s turf. A mother cat protects its kittens or they oppose the vet’s trying to handle them.

Sorrowful cat hissing

They want to show their sharp teeth as a weapon. They’ll use claws firstly as they don’t have to get as close to their opponents. If your cat’s warnings frequently turn into fights with other cats then it’s a problem.

They need help

When a cat’s in pain they may hiss. They might not let you go near them and the cat hissing may occur when you try to come closer.

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Watching something new

They like common things that make them feel like home. Hissing may be caused by new objects in their environment that can make your cat feel anxious. You’ll need to slowly introduce new items.


Cats don’t cope well with stress at home. They possess a fight and they’ll hiss instead of trying to flee or before engaging in a fight.

Uneven playing

If another cat is playing too rough with them, they may hiss to warn the competitor.

If they feel annoyed by you

It might hiss because you’re trying to pick them up when they are not willing. Or if you have small children at home who don’t know when to leave a cat alone.

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