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What Does It Mean if a Cat Follows You?

Cats are loving and affectionate to their owners. They rub on us and get on our laps at the time when we sit. They lie on top of us when we are sleeping. Some cats do not show physical attention. But, what does it mean if a cat follows you? or Why does my cat follow me everywhere? Read below some possible answers for cat follows you.

Cat likes our Companionship

Some cats follow us as they like our companionship. Some follow us for a particular reason. Owners notice that their cats come close when it is feeding time. They do not want their owner out of their sight in case they miss to feed them.

Sometimes there could be a hidden medical condition for this behavior. They could have diabetes or hyperthyroidism. These illnesses may make a cat hungry from time to time. Make sure to have the cat examined by a veterinarian if you notice some changes in the cat’s behavior.

From Curiosity

Our cats are simply curious about what we are doing. They want access to different rooms in the house that may be restricted for it. For example, some people have an attached office room with lots of papers lying in piles. They want to go there as soon as the door is opened.

Some houses may have small areas to move around and the cat might have a little access to walk around. In that case, they want to go out of the house with you by following your footsteps.

For Having Attraction

Cats also follow us for getting our attention. This is a common behavior when a cat follows you around and starts to meow. Household cats meow at humans for getting attention.

You can distract your cat by keeping it busy by giving work for food or by chasing after a toy. Anxiety may be a reason why a cat follows the owner around more after a return home from a long outdoor trip.

It’s a good thing to have your pet around you. But everything has a limit. It is not wise to get disturbed while doing important work. Teach it some manners so that it behaves well.

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