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11 Things safely traveling with Cat you should know

Sometimes you need to move your cat from one place to another place. So it is important thing to know for a cat owner how to safely traveling with cat. But it isn’t safe to keep your cat in outside environment as cats are timid by nature. Cats are easily frightened by noise. So keep your cat safe, that they can’t be frightened by noise or any others reasons.

Some ways to keep your cat safe when go outside or travel:

  1. Carry your cat in comfortable plastic or came basket.
  2. Keep a soft cloth under basket, so that cat doesn’t get hurt.
  3. The basket should be larger than cat, so cat can easily move in basket.
  4. There must be hole in basket so that the cat doesn’t suffer from suffocation.
  5. If you drive a car and another person in beside you, then the cat is kept on a towel in that person’s lap.
  6. If cat is in a basket, then the casket should be tied properly with a seat belt. If you don’t tie than the basket could be fallen while driving.
  7. You should talk to your cat some times and give him your affection, so that cat can understand your presence and remain calm.
  8. Cat can sleep well in car’s smooth motion. So do a better arrangement for cat’s sleep.
  9. You can buy belt to tie a cat or buy cat leash. When necessary, cat should be tied with that.
  10. During traveling, give time your cat for eat food and potty.
  11. Of course, take water and dry food for cat.

Though many cats don’t enjoy traveling, some cats enjoy to travel. So, take care of your cat while traveling. Accident may occur. So be safe and keep safe your cat.

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