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What to Do If Cat Goes Missing

Losing or missing a cat is very sad for a cat lover. Many times cats may be hiding inside the house. So first of all the whole house should be well searched. Then you can explore the garden, the house next door and the surroundings.

Don’t be frustrated and panic, you can get back your cat. There is a lot of things to do if your cat goes missing.

What to Do When Your Cat Goes Missing

Couple of procedures we can follow to get our beloved pet swiftly so that the harassment is minimum. Follow the following procedures if the cat is lost recently.

  • Inform your microchip database center as soon as possible so that they can update the status of the cat. You will be notified when the cat is found by someone.
  • Search strictly around your home and garden first so that you can find it if it is hidden nearby.
  • Inform your neighbors about the missing and request them to check their homes, sheds and cars.
  • If your cat is injured, contact the local vets. They may have it for treatment.
  • Contact pet rescue centers to give them details of your cat so that they can contact you if the cat is found.
  • Spread fliers in your local area with a good photo and give your contact details with your mobile number.
  • There are some online websites about lost and found pets. Give your pets pictures and your contact details.
  • Motivate family and friends so that they can post flyers and spread them all over the place.
  • For sticking or punching flyers get tape, push pins, staple gun. They will be needed depending on where it will be stuck.
  • Fliers should be placed in some special places like local bulletin boards, libraries, grocery stores, community centers, Street poles etc.
  • Visit all your local authorities although they declare that they don’t have a cat of your description.
  • If you recently moved to a new place, look for your old neighborhood just in case.

Prevent Losing Cat: Use Microchip, GPS Tracker and Collar

In modern days using a microchip for your cat is the best way of getting them back if they are lost. You need to make sure that your cat is microchipped as the collar can fall off from your cat’s collar easily.

Many cats are brought to animal centers by people who think that they are strays. With the help of a microchip, we can contact the real owner. But, if it is not, then we are unable to return cats to their owners because we have no alternative way of contacting them.

Use a GPS tracker and collar to avoid losing your cat.

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