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Top 9 Cat GPS Tracker for Your lovely Cat and Pets

Are you looking for Cat GPS Tracker for your beloved pet? According to the American Humane Organization, around ten million cats and dogs go missing every year. There are around 3.2 million felines end up in shelters. Even we do our best to protect them despite then the curious nature of cats can sometimes lead them down a dark and dangerous path.

These curious tendencies can get them in the worst trouble, especially when they were adventurous outdoors cats by day and lazy couch potatoes by night.

The great news is there are so many devices out there that cater to cat owners who are unable to keep an eye on their curious feline twenty-four hours. Yes, the GPS tracker is one of these wonderful devices.

There are so many features and brands. Which is the best one of these and why we have narrowed down our search to focus on the best GPS tracker. You will find our carefully curated list below.

GIBI Pet Location GPS Service Unit of Cats

GIBI Pet Location GPS Service Unit of Cats

The Gibi device depends on Google Maps and contains features like live tracking and safe zones. however, the app must be accessed via a browser so you can either use your laptop or android phone.

Much like the Pawscout device, you will be capable to establish safe zones like houses or apartments that associate with family and friends. Adding those safe zones is a significant way to keep your eyes on your cat while you are out of town. You will be received real-time updates and notifications in favor of text or email if your cat decides to go out on his own.

Using the Gibi tracker has a downside. It does not work with the newest operating system belonging to iPhone devices. Registration is also required and your subscription to the service can be initiated on a monthly or yearly principle. Gibi pet location GPS can be used in North America and even worldwide if needed.

Key Features:
GIBI tracker powered by Google Maps
Waterproof unit can be attached to harness
Live tracking available and within 10 ft. of your pet
Grants you to create multiple safe zones in any shape
Consistent with iPhone and Android devices including tablets

TabCat Pet Tracking: Cat Collar Tracker System

TabCat Pet Tracking: Cat Collar Tracker System

The TabCat tracker system updates cat GPS tracker with radio frequency technology to assist cat owners locate their wandering felines. Generally cats love to play hiding in odd places. It comes so difficult finding them and can take hours or minutes depending on their mood. You need an accurate tracker that helps you to find your feline friend In both cases. Here no need to spend money on 3G or wireless internet fees.

This system is made up of two integrant: a lightweight leash for the collar and a compact handset. Once activated, the handset will make a beeping noise go along with a light signal that will turn green the closer you get to your missing cat. This system has 400-foot range that is ideal for a large backyards and suburban areas with an prosperity of hiding places. Training your cat to return home is also possible thanks to the tag which transmit a beep once you press the locate button on the handset.

Key Features:
Compact and lightweight tag and handset complex
Not necessary 3G or wireless internet subscriptions
RF technology tracking system
Audio and visual signals help locating cat
400 ft. range helps you locate trapped or lost felines

Whistle Health & Location Tracker for Cat

Whistle Health & Location Tracker for Cat

Keeping tabs on your pet friend during the day is possible thanks to the latest pet tracker from Whistle. This unique and developed model is powered by AT&T and makes perfect use of GPS to help you monitor your cat no matter its location. The nationwide cat tracking device can be attached to any collar. It was designed for felines that weigh 8 pounds or more.

Wandering Fugitive cats who take advantage of your absence to fulfill their escapism dreams can be easily search using this waterproof GPS cat collar. Tracking can be performed via your handphone anywhere within the United States. It is lightweight and waterproof. It has a battery that will be expired to seven days.

Pet owners can also use the Whistle Go to check how their cat is doing health-wise and if there are any fluctuations in their weight or physical activity. The great news about this product is that it sends you a notification via text or email whenever your curious feline wants to leave the home area. When you download the whistle app on your phone you will receive alerts.

Key Features:
Live GPS tracking via Google maps
Waterproof, lightweight and compact
Long lasting Battery
Works with AT&T 3G service
Monitors fluctuations of weight and physical activities
Sends notifications whenever it leaves home

Talis-Us Pet GPS Tracker

Talis-Us Pet GPS Tracker

The Talis-us Pet GPS Tracker is different than some other cat GPS tracker. That is unlike other GPS locators, this one does not require a cellular connection and there are no monthly fees. As long as you have a sim card, this cat GPS tracker will work to track your cat.

If you indicate on the app that your kitty is lost, the tracking collar will flash. As a result, a bystander will be able to see that. Then he can keep your cat safe while you are coming to get her. You can even use the tracker to observe your cat’s health and activity levels and sleep attributes. Moreover, the battery will last up to 12 hours with the GPS enabled, so if your cat missing, you will have some more time to go and find her.

Key Features:
No need monthly fees
Just in time GPS tracking
Flashlight notification
Waterproof and lightweigh
Health and Activity tracking
Long time battery

Tile Mate Cat GPS Tracker with Powered via lithium metal battery

Tile Mate Cat GPS Tracker with Powered via lithium metal battery

Tile Mate is ideal for cats which live in apartment buildings or households with small backyards. It is a handy device for pet owners on a budget. Instead of RF or 3G Bluetooth technology is used by this cat tracking device. It consists of a square shaped leash that goes on cat’s collar. The detecting range of this device is 100 foot that linked to the Tile Mate mobile app. It is very easy to use the device on your phone. It produces a beeping noise that will lead you straight to them.

The Tile app memorizes a previous location that helps you to find your cat the next time he disappears. Tile Mate is versatile. It also can be attached to other items such as car keys and your pet’s favorite toy. It’s compatible with all Apple devices as like as Apple Watch and can be used with many Android devices as well.

Key Features:
Low Budget Bluetooth tracker
Lightweight and Powered via lithium metal battery
Water resistant with a 100 ft. detection range
Produces audible alert to help you find your cat
Connects to the Tile mobile app for additional features

Tagg GPS Cat Tracker

Tagg GPS Cat Tracker

This is another great device for pet owners, which is award-winning cat GPS tracker. This is appreciable for those who favor GPS powered tracking devices and prefer downloading the app on their phones. This model is consistent with both Apple and Android devices. Remember it is suitable for cats who weigh more than 10 pounds.

the Tagg tracker can be attached to any existing collar As like the first device on our list and its viable design ensures that it stays on no matter how hyperactive your pet is. By using this device daily activity levels can also be monitored that helpful to figure out your cat’s daily patterns. On this way, you can keep it healthy and active during work hours.

The Whistle Tagg cat tracking device desires a one-time activation fee and weighs only 1.16 will be able to receive notifications regarding your pet’s whereabouts after you download the mobile app and Google maps will supply you with directions so you can pick them up and take them home in no time.

Key Features:
Consistent with both Apple and Android devices
GPS powered tracker for 10 lb.+ pets
Includes docking station for easy charging
Delivers you to track daily activity levels
Compatible with most collars

TrackR bravo feline tracker

TrackR bravo feline tracker

The slim and sleek TrackR device is definitely slim and inexpensive. It contains a two-way separation feature that allows you to find your missing phone or cat.

If you download the app it allows you to connect to a vast network of TrackR owners that can help you to locate your lost feline.At first, you need to attach the coin shaped tracker to your pets collar and set up a Bluetooth connection with your phone, then use the mobile app.

Pressing the app will start an audio alert within the tracking device that helps you find your missing cat.TrackR Bravo is consistent with Amazons Alexa that can easily be asked the virtual assistant for help alternatively using the appEach tracker contains lithium metal batteries and is available in both colors of rose gold and silver color.

Key Features:
Contains bluetooth tracker with 30-100 ft. range
Lightweight of mere 0.64 ounces
Powered by one lithium metal battery (included)
2-way deviation helps to find your pet or phone
Consistent with Amazons Alexa

Girafus Cat Tracker

Girafus Cat Tracker

This Girafus tracker relies on radio frequency pretty than Bluetooth. It has enough detection range of 1600 feet. When It comes to households that are colonized by one or more felines that is more than enough. Most feline masters have trouble locating their indoor/outdoor pet and this significant detection range is great for felines who venture outdoors from time to time.

You can purchase this device for more than one cat because the base unit does not require configuration and can support up to four tags.Which pets are in the habit of disappearing either from your house area can be easily located via the LED indicators on the base unit.

The indicators act as a compass and point you in the perfect direction and all you need to do is keep an eye on all three which are labeled as Near, Middle and Far. 

When you get close to your missing cat you will be able to hear the chirping sound coming from his or her tag.

Key Features:
Suitable for households with up to four cats
Radio frequency tracker with 1600 ft. detection range
Base unit runs on LIR2032 battery (Included)
Tags run on rechargeable batteries

Pawscout Outdoor Tracker for felines

Pawscout Outdoor Tracker for felines

Pawscout is another premium Bluetooth based tracker. It helps you to connect to an entire community of users who can help you find your missing cat. Here you need to do is download the app and set up a connection between your phone and the round tag.

You can also create what is known as a virtual pet leash in order to set up a border surrounding your home. If your cat crosses this virtual border, the app will supply you with a notification.

Even you can mark your pet as lost on the Pawscout map as a result, other users can be alerted to his presence. This feature will be activated if your cat will within 300 feet of any user. You can make a digital record that includes your pet’s medical history and vaccinations is also could be established to the app. The Pawscout tag is waterproof. It is powered by one lithium battery that is included with your purchase.

Key Features:
Contains bluetooth tracker with 300 ft. range
Notification sent when pet leaves established safe zone
marking as missing on the map to help others find him
In-app digital record of pet medical history and vaccinations
Waterproof tag the size of a silver dollar
One lithium battery that is included

Final Thoughts

The whistle is a renowned brand that is California based and their arrogance and delight happen to be the best cat GPS tracker on the market

Whistle Go is more than a tracking device and can be used to monitor the weight and activity of felines. This feature will be helpful to alert you to any changes in your beloved pets’ daily habits.

As you download the app on your phone then it grants you to track down your missing pet anywhere in the United States. The lightweight leash is consistent with AT&T and its battery can go on till 8 days. Creating safe zones is also advantageous to the handy app and this feature allows you to set up virtual borders around your home. You can receive alerts through email or SMS, and you can also check who your feline companion was up to in the past 24 hours. This viable and top-rated device is also obtainable in 6 trendy colors including magenta and blue.

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