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How do You Train Cats to Use a Litter Box

Many people think that it is difficult to pet a cat as they don’t pee or potty in the same place and keep the houses dirty. But, this idea is totally wrong. If you train a cat, it will do potty in the same place. So at first, you need to know how to train cats to use litter box.

Cats usually like to be in a clean environment and they don’t like the smell of their potty. They hide their potty by sand or soil. So, the Litter box should be introduced to them.

Cats in urban areas often use human toilets. The different types of litter boxes are available in the market or you can make it at the home.

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Ways To Train Cats To Use Litter Box

  1. At first, introduce litter box to cat.
  2. Some cats don’t want to get in the litter box at first. So, favorite cat toys or ball should be put in the litter box. So that they become interested.
  3. As cats want to cover their waste so sand, soil, litter (available in the market) or paper should be introduced in a litter box.
  4. Before defecation cats usually scratch soil by their paws -when you see that you must put cats into a litter box.
  5. This practice should be continued for 5-7 days in the same place regularly. This method should be done 5-6 times a day.
  6. Cats are usually defecating in the place where they become habituated to do that. That place may be very foul smelling. So, that place must be wasted by vinegar of liquid soap. By this, the place will be free from foul smelling.
  7. Keep litter box dry & clean. Cats don’t want to use an unclean, wet and foul-smelling litter box. The litter box should be cleaned two times daily. You can use a litter scoop to clean it perfectly.
  8. Cats usually want to defecate in flower pot, paper bag, torn clothes, jute bag, etc. These should not be kept close to the litter box. If these things are kept close to the litter box cats will defecate on these things.
  9. Buy litter box according to the size of a cat keep an eye on the size of the litter box so cats don’t feel uncomfortable to a seat, many cats like privacy. In that case, choose a litter box with a cover or keep the litter box in a dark place. You may use litter box enclosure furniture to hide litter Box.
  10. Keep the litter box in such a place where cats can easily move. Don’t keep the litter box in a closed room. The room can be filled with foul smelling of you put litter box closed room. So, keep the litter box in a well-ventilated place.

Kitten Litter Box Training (Video)

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