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7 Modern Pet Friendly Home Design Ideas

People have been living with the joy of keeping a furry companion. And with it, we have been learning how to better cater to the needs of these pets.

That way, we can live in harmony with them. Pet friendly home is a comfortable place for pets where your pets can stay safe.

Pets have an instinct to climb, run, and play. But how would they feel if the space is not conducive for these activities? They would most likely feel sad.

The good news is that our homes can be a more comfortable space for our four-legged friends. This is possible thanks to especially-crafted home accessories and furniture.

How to Make a Beautiful Pet Friendly Home

Recently, I have seen builders and designers develop awes-inspiring pet-friendly ideas. Make your fur babies happy with these 7 modern pet friendly home designs just for them.

1. Fancy Vertical Space

Fancy Vertical Space for cat
Photo Credit: flickr

Vertical space is the cat’s meow! You can make one through cat trees, perches or wall shelves.

Vertical space nurtures your pet’s instinct to stay up high. Cats love observing from above because it gives them a sense of security and comfort. They even investigate visitors that you let into the house.

Creating a vertical space like wall shelves is a great idea. Along with this, you can add high-level openings that will let your cats roam across rooms without using the stairs.

Wall shelves are available in different materials, color, and style. Some are made to look like stairs, while others resemble boxes. Some steps are plain wood, while others have carpets. Carpeted shelves are more comfortable for your pet’s paws. Wooden steps will better suit homes with wood-themed interior design.

A vertical space also allows your cats to channel their love for climbing. This is a good exercise for your pets. Many house pets lack physical activity, and this affects their overall health.

A shelf or perch adds more space for cats to go around. Also, it makes the most of the unused space in the house. Further, multi-cat households will benefit from this feature. Cats can bond together while also getting their own space.

Another way you can create a vertical space is through walkways or overhead cat playgrounds. Some design companies use genuine tree branches to give the playground a natural vibe.

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2. Efficient Pet Feeding Station

Pet Feeding Station
Photo Credit: flickr

Feeding stations have become popular. Pet parents usually place this sought-after feature in the mudroom or the kitchen. Some designers even include a pot filler faucet right at the station. Talk about convenience!

One particular design attracts many pet owners for its space-saving capacity. That’s the “pull-out feeding station” where bowls are placed in the drawers. This keeps the space free when it’s not feeding time.

If you’re handy, you can DIY your way to a cool feeding station. You can turn an old cabinet to a food haven, just remember to match the overall house décor!

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3. Cozy Beds

Cat Cozy Beds

I remember this one product review in an online store where a pet owner bought a bed only to see her cat lounging in the packaging box it came with. Although it was funny, it was heartbreaking at the same time. To avoid this type of frustration, try to pick a bed that your pet will adore.

Cats delight in a sweet escape from the crowd. Did you notice how they sometimes retreat to an area beneath the bed? From time to time, your pet would want to hide and curl-up. Hence, you would want to give them a cozy cocoon that makes them feel sheltered and secure.

A cat cave is perfect, especially for nervous and shy cats that need to build up their confidence. Placing this near the living room will give comfort to your feline friend. Plus, they will still feel connected to the family.

Wirecutter, The New York Time’s review website chose the Cat Ball as the best cat cave bed. The furniture is large in size and has washable bedding. It also boasts being 100% cotton, which caters to the cat’s sensitive nose.

Although the Cat Ball is made of cotton, many other cat caves are made of wool. Wool fibers act as a thermostat: they stay warm when the room is cold; they cool down when the heat comes up.

Older cats that are sensitive to cold will benefit most to a woolen cat cave. Although cat experts aren’t entirely sure why cats love wool, their theory is that the fibers are reminiscent of a mother cat.

A basket or a child’s teepee could be great alternatives for a cat cave. Whatever you choose, remember to keep in mind your home decor motif.

For your canine friends, a leather bed would be superb. Leather is known to withstand everyday wear and tear. Plus, the material gets more durable in time. Most pet lovers know that leather is perfect for its low maintenance appeal.

It’s easy to clean, non-stinky, and it doesn’t attract fur. Further, leather has a chic vibe that can easily blend right in with your interior design.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop is a leading upholstery cover and curtain shop. They offer a wide range of durable fabrics. They have cotton, leather, wool, and other stylish fabrics available for worldwide shipping.

4. Thrilling Window Nook

Cat Thrilling Window Nook
Photo: unsplash

Cats and dogs alike love staring out at the view. Hence, they would appreciate a space by the window.

A cat window perch or nook will give your pets a sense of being outside while also feeling safe. For cats, placing a perch near the window will do. For dogs, however, you might need to place their bed by the window. Or, designate a window seat.

Indoor pets stare out the window as a way of socializing or exploring the outside world. Your fur babies may find the view outdoors exciting. They can see other animals, people, cars, plants, or feel the breeze and sunshine. Just beware of neighborhood animals that may trigger your pet and urge them to bark.

A married couple in Tokyo went the extra mile when they built “Inside Out,” a house project dedicated to their two cats. Instead of a window, they allocated a sequence of apertures in the house.

This lets the light, wind, and rain to enter. The house incites a feeling of outside while staying in.

5. Neat Litter Box

Smart Kitty Litter Box
Photo: flickr

Cats would love doing their business on a well-ventilated and odor-free spot. You can pick a functional cat litter box that can compromise on style.

From DIY hidden boxes to sophisticated self-deodorizing litter cases, you have various options right at your fingertips. You can enhance your cat’s bathroom situation through a well-ventilated litter box. This will allow air circulation, which will dry the litter well, thus fighting the bad smell.

If you are a fan of hidden litter boxes or love the sight of plants indoors, the good pet stuff litter box might be for you. The piece was designed to look like a clay pot topped with a plant. Also, you can use a litter box enclosure to hide it perfectly.

6. Personalized Toy Storage

Pet Toy Storage

We treat our pets like our child. That means we buy them things that make them happy. Often, pet parents buy too many toys which could scatter and take over the house. Thus, pet owners count on toy storage for a solution.

You can dedicate a container for all your pet’s accessories and toys. While a plain old plastic bin does a good job, you might want to keep other options in mind. That includes personalized wicker baskets, bone-shaped boxes, toy buckets, embroidered cotton bins, and collapsible storage.

There is a lot of pet toy storage available in the market. However, customizing yours is a whole different experience. When you personalize, the sky is the limit to your fun and creativity.

When picking toy storage, consider ones with an open top. That way, your pet can get toys all on their own. The height of the storage matters in this situation. The ease of retrieving toys depends on this.

7. Stylish Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching Posts
Cat Scratching Post

Cats love clawing things. And if you don’t want them to tear your couch into threads, a scratching post is a must! There are a lot of scratching posts in the market, and some are very stylish.

Remember to pick a material with the best “scratchability.” Your cat must be satisfied with their furniture, or else, they’d claw yours. In general, cat parents swear by the sisal fabric. It is arguably the best material for a scratching post.

Also, keep in mind the location where your pet often scratches. Cats have key territories, and this is the best spot to place a scratching post.

Final Thoughts on Pet Friendly Home Design

I am so glad you have made it to the bottom of the page! Thank you for reading today’s post. I hope that you found awesome pet friendly home designs that you can incorporate in your next home project.

We know that responsible pet parenting can sometimes be stressful, but we can all agree that it’s always fun having fur babies around. We salute all the thoughtful and dedicated pet parents out there, and we look forward to your lovelier home!

Till next time! Stay creative and positive.

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