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15 Best Cat Litter Box [Cat Breed and Size Options]

If you are thinking to adopt a cat then a litter box is a must-have thing ever needed. Without a litter box, it is difficult to manage cat poop and pee. The best cat litter box will help you to dispose of cat waste properly.

There is various type of litter box available depending on needs. Such as for kittens, some for senior cats, and some for large cats. Besides some litter boxes depend on the breed. For example, Maine coon breeds need large litter boxes because of their size.

On the other hand litter box functionality is a big point to use. Like automatic litter box, disposable litter box, scoop-free litter box, etc. Each function will give you different benefits.

The Best Cat Litter Box

1. Best Overall: Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan is made of plastic materials that are gray in color. This 1.7 pound lightweight product has a dimension of 22.44 by16.93 by 18.11 inches. The large hood can lift up to clean easily. Carbon filter made of BPA-free materials is added to remove bad odor.

Its large hood lifts up for easy access for cleaning. The built-in bag anchor helps us to keep the bag open. It frees hands for scooping and this provides the cat with privacy while retaining their litter inside the pan easily. It allows your cat plenty of space to take care of their business.

This Hooded Cat Pan is easy to put together and very simple to clean. The cat gets their privacy over there.

2. Best Automatic: PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box is gray in color which is 20.38 x 11.69 x 28 inches in dimension. No scooping, cleaning or refilling your cat’s litter box is needed for weeks as it Automatically removes wastes properly. Crystal litter removes smell by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste by its own.

Low-tracking crystals are almost full dust free and don’t stick to your cat’s paws. It has disposable trays with plastic lining to protect against leaking. PetSafe brand is a trusted global leader in pet behavior. The health counter keeps track of how many times your cat uses the box which is a modern thing.

3. Best for Multiple Cats: Omega Paw Roll n’ Clean

Omega Paw Roll n' Clean

Omega Paw Roll n’ Clean has a unique patented grill inside to scoops out the clumped waste. It then deposits it into the pull-out tray.

The procedure is easy, just roll the litter box onto its top first, and simply roll back to the up-right position then remove the tray and dispose of waste. Don’t worry because it doesn’t use electricity to operate. It just keeps rolling and rolling without breaking down.

The product quickly self-cleans while controlling dust and containing odors. You can use it for big cats or multiple-cats. Use clumping or silica litters for best results. Long-lasting stuff will go for a long time.

4. Best for Large Cats: Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan is a very good product for cat parents who are looking for class-leading odor control stuff. It works as a  litter scatter elimination system.

The integrated and replaceable zeolite air filter absorbs foul odors. This helps you in keeping your home and the area around your cat’s litter pan smelling fresh.

Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan keeps the litter in the pan. Eliminating litter scatter, it helps to keep the home clean. Four latches lock top to bottom pan and keep liners in place together.

Eco-friendly, Safe and Green which is made of partially recycled content.

5. Best Odor-Control: Purina Breeze Litter Box System

Purina Breeze Litter Box System

The Purina Breeze Litter Box System will change the way you think about cleaning your cat’s litter box. Specially-designed, feline-friendly litter pellets are dehydrating, almost dust-free and anti-tracking for keeping your home clean.

The included litter scoop that hooks to the side of the pan for easy access, solid waste is suspended on top for easy clean-up. The system comes with everything you imagined about your cat’s litter box. For easy clean-up, the grated floor allows moisture to wick down to the disposable pad while solid waste is captured in the pellets.

It’s easy to maintain and takes the guesswork out of changing litter, because you shouldn’t have to choose between quality and convenience. It comes with a Breeze litter box, one litter scoop, a 3.5 lb bag of Breeze litter pellets, four Breeze pads.

6. Cat for Small Spaces: CAT LOVE Space Saver Corner Hooded Cat Pan

CAT LOVE Space Saver Corner Hooded Cat Pan

The large hood of this product lifts up for easy access for cleaning. The Cat Love Space Saver Corner Hooded Cat pan provides privacy of the cat while retaining the litter inside the pan easily. The built-in bag anchor helps keep the bag open and frees the hand for scooping comfortably.

The Cat Love Space Saver Corner Hooded Cat pan fits conveniently and discretely into virtually any corner in your home to look nice. The carbon impregnated filter effectively traps and removes litter box odors strictly. Item dimensions are 23 x 17 x 10.6 inches which is quite large keeping the weight in between 1.1 pounds.

7. Best Top Entry: IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box Keep your nose out of the cat’s business. The rounded shape and attachable hook will help to hang the included litter scoop.

This helps for quick and easy cleaning. Cats will love the easy top access that provides them room to move around and not make a mess to make your job difficult.

The grooves over the lid create a built-in mat for preventing litter from scattering when leaving their litter box. It is available in multiple colors to choose. The Item dimensions are 20.75 x 16.13 x 14.63 inches but weight only 4.6 Pounds.

8. Best Sifting Cat Litter Box: Pet Mate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

Large Sifting Litter Pan

The sifting kitty litter box includes two regular pans and a sifting pan for providing an efficient way to clean your cat’s litter box.

Scooping is not required here. The equipment helps to keep the litter fresher for a longer time. Simply lift the sifter pan in order to separate soiled and clean litter easily.

The antimicrobial protection helps to prevent odor-causing bacteria & stains strictly. Its reinforced bottom holds up to lift heavier amounts. The Arm and Hammer cat litter pan keeps cleaning and sifting easily while maintaining the freshness of litter.

The three-pan system consists of two regular pans and one sifting pan to separate the soiled litter easily for quick cleaning.

9. Best for Preventing Odor: PetFusion BetterBox Non-Stick Cat Litter Box

PetFusion BetterBox Non-Stick Cat Litter Box

PetFusion BetterBox Non-Stick Cat Litter Box helps to maintain cat litter box simply and sanitary. The Non-Stick Cat Litter Box is easy to clean. This smartly designed box is made of non-porous ABS plastic. This plastic  is more rigid and durable than regular polypropylene used in many litter pans.

The antimicrobial helps to prevent odor and bacteria build-up over time in the cat litter box. Non-stick coating reduces up to seventy percent of sticking.

Its high-sided walls keep the litter in the pan and not on your floor so your home stays cleaner. The low entry side provides easy access into the litter box for kittens and cats with limited mobility.

10. Best Litter Box for Kittens: Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan gives your feline friend the comfort and convenience it never had. The high back wall of the cat litter box helps prevent litter from being scattered onto the floor. This helps your home to stay clean and neat all the time.

The non-porous plastic made construction is very easy to clean. It won’t absorb stains or odors. Its special design and high-quality pan features like low-entry front are good for small kittens or aging cats with limited mobility. The excess room is enough for any size of cat. You can expect years of use from this well-made litter pan.

The rubber side grips provide sturdy handholds so that you can easily move the box whenever needed.

11. Best Disposable: Nature’s Miracle Disposable Cat Litter Box

Nature's Miracle Disposable Cat Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle Disposable Cat Litter Box has two jumbo or three large disposable litter boxes that are of good size for multi-kitty families and large lap cats. These litter boxes are designed with baking soda to neutralize odors for your and your cat’s nose.

They are eco-friendly which means no harm to the environment, provide a spacious place for your kitty to go and are essential while traveling.

Each pack comes with two or three litter boxes making it especially convenient for those longer trips and travel days. Keep these types of products out of reach of children for precautions.

12. Best Litter Box to Keep Dogs Out: Modkat Top or Front-Entry litter box

Modkat Top or Front-Entry litter box

Modkat Top or Front-Entry litter box is a special item that you can configure as a top or front-entry solution depending on your cat’s preference. The item is good for larger cats and multi-cat households. The Modkat XL is the largest box on the market ever. Just simply shovel and scoop to clean it.

Item dimensions are 17.32 x 21.26 x 16.54 inches but still the item Weight 9.5 Pounds. XL size has a tall, seamless base which can keep the mess inside. Any litter that is left on the lid will drop neatly inside when the lid is opened. Good for side pee-ers.

Liners are constructed from durable tarpaulin, so they are smooth, scratch resistant, easy to clean, and they last up to 3 months continuously.

13. Best for High Peeing Cats: Horizon Poly Products Kat Kave

Horizon Poly Products Kat Kave is an extra large cat litter box. They are made from polyethylene plastic making them virtually indestructible. The seamless design offers us effortless clean-ability. 

This litter box works well for large breed cats, multi-cat homes. The high designed walls and raised front opening help keep all messes contained inside the box but not on the floor.

Colors are sandstone granite and charcoal Granite. Both large and extra large sizes are available. Both indoor and outdoor use can be possible with those. They are designed seamlessly. These products are eco friendly and can be recycled for further use.

14. Best Design: Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep

Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep

Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep cat litter box with dome lid encloses cats on all sides, ensuring privacy while keeping floors clean. The grooved clean step entrance gently wipes cats’ paws as they exit and thus litters are not scattered anymore.

The litter pan features a charcoal filter that absorbs odors so that it can be placed in any room of your home.

It cleans up your cat while at home or on walks with a variety of waste management products like pans, waste bags, rakes, training pads to poop scoopers, litter boxes & litter. All the products made by this company are eco friendly.

They are available in three attractive colors, the dome offers an attractive alternative to standard litter boxes.

15. Best for Messy Cats: Clevercat Litter Box

Clevercat Litter Box has a unique top-entry design that nearly eliminates tracking, prevents over-the-edge spills and reduces odor pretty much. It keeps litter in for cats who love to dig and kick litter. The product is perfect for multi-pet homes.

Cats and kittens adapt very quickly with no training necessary. They just love the added privacy they get over there. This litter box is not ideal for disabled, elderly, or very large cats. Keep out of reach of children as a precaution.

The unique design is very attractive. Cats that move a lot can find comfort with this product.

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