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What To Do If A Cat Bites You?

If you want to pet a cat, it will bite you, this is an unwritten rule. Cat scratches are similar to other injuries. Cat bites are common injuries. There is a very good remedy for this.

No reason to panic after biting, there is nothing to fear. It is possible to avoid danger very easily with a few simple steps.

How To Deal With Cat Bites and Scratches

  • When a cat is scratched, the first thing to do is to wash the wound with soap and water. It is best to wash in running water without dipping in any container. Washing with soap reduces the chances of everything including rabies and infection. After washing with soap, rinse again with Antiseptic, Cicatrin, After Shave cream, or any first Aid antibiotic powder.

  • If you wash it immediately, there is no risk of infection. In fact, it can be an infection in many cases. If the hand becomes abnormally swollen, or pus begins to come out of the wound, visit a physician immediately and start a course of antibiotics. However, do not start taking any antibiotics without a doctor’s permission.
Cat bites in hand
Cat bites in hand
  • This time let’s talk about rabies. Hydrophobia is an almost extinct disease. It is true that rabies is still heard from time to time. If street dogs or cats bite, besides wash hands or legs the rabies vaccine should be given. If the vaccine is given properly, the effectiveness will last on average of 10 years in form of humans. Be sure from the doctor when vaccinating, how long will last the validity period of the vaccine.

  • If you have a pet cat in your house, he or she should be vaccinated against rabies. Discuss a registered vet to vaccination of your pet. If a pet cat has not been vaccinated, it is wise to vaccinate against rabies before any scratching.

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