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12 Best Cat Scratching Posts [Updated 2022]

We often noticed that cats are scratching some trees, towers, poles, furniture, toys and other stuff. Scratching is normal, it is the natural behavior of cat. They scratch to indicate their emotions, excitement, stress, etc.

Another reason is, after the time being, their nails became bigger and bigger like ours. They can’t cut their nails or file them on their own. That’s why they try to remove the dead part of their nails. In that case, they need some rough surface to scratch so that the nails get smaller.

The best cat scratching post will give your cat the best scratching experience. Cat scratch out their claws easily along with having fun for a long time.

Top Pick

SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

If you looking for the best cat scratching post, then the Pioneer Pet SmartCat post will be the best option. It relieves cat’s stress without snagging the nails of cats. The fabric is durable, fibrous sisal. Also, it will be good if have multi-cat.

  • 32 inches post height
  • Post Base 16″×16″
  • Assembles quickly and easily
  • Fibrous and durable woven sisal

How to Find the Right Cat Scratching Post

  • Size: Depending on your cat size, the shape of the scratcher will vary. It is good to buy small size for kittens and larger size for big cats. In case of an extra-large cat, you need to consult with a manufacturer who makes custom size scratchers. After a long observation, it looks like cats like long poles for scratching to feel like a tree.
  • Features: Some extra features will give you more benefits than just a single use. Some poles have pads with them to give your cat extra protection. Some extensions from the tall pole can be felt like tree branches. Both climbing and filing will make your cat happy. Chewable scratchers will make their teeth and jaw strong. Observe your cat carefully to observe what features it likes.
  • Style: Varieties of stylish cat posts are available in the market. Like scratching posts, scratching towers, hanging scratchers, vertical scratchers, flat scratchers etc. It should be bought in such a style that it fits with the decoration of the room. Depending on the scratcher style, these can be used on wall, on floor or under the table. Some cats like tree shaped scratchers. Place it in a place where it fits.
  • Price: Cat scratcher is available in the market with vary in size, shape, color and in various price ranges. It is not true that if the price is higher then the product will be good. However, many times the quality can be bad due to low price. But budget always matters. We recommend using eco-friendly stuff. They could be costly but it will help you to save mother nature. You need to remember that, an expensive one will last longer compared to cheaper ones.

The Best Cat Scratching Posts

Looking for the best scratching posts for your cat? We’ve got you covered! In this detailed buyer’s guide, you’ll find tall, short, leaning and tree scratching posts. These can be used on the floor, on the wall, under the table, etc places.

Overall Best: SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

This is one of the best posts among cat scratching posts. Cat climbing is also possible here. Cats can scratch their nails along with kittens. As this is a 32 inch long pole, it can be placed to some corner of your house so that the cat can have a full stretch along with toning their muscles.

Fibrous woven sisal fiber is durable and encourages scratching. Easily attach the post to the base using the two screws included.

Best vertical cat scratcher: PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post

PetFusion’s vertical scratcher serves double duty as a scratcher and play area that promises to keep your cat coming back again and again. This will not feel them bored. Cats love the feel of cardboard as kittens and are natural scratchers.

It’s a pet product with a stylish design that matches with your home decor. They will happily scratch but the furniture so that you won’t feel unhappy. All materials that are used here tested using international safety standards.

Best Budget: Catit Cat Scratcher Boards with Catnip

Catit Style Patterned Cat Scratcher with Catnip gives a corrugated scratching surface. This helps to protect your furniture from scratches done by your cat. They are available in four unique patterned shapes. It combines modern shapes with stylish patterns and a modern twist on conventional cat scratchers.

This product is focused on creating cat enrichment toys for all cats, especially indoor cats that don’t have natural trees to scratch themselves. This will recall them of their natural hunting behavior. The Catit product lines have created a wide range of cat toys.

Scratching Post with Hammock: Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree

This scratching tool is specially made in the shape of a hammock that is made of plush material which is beige in color. The elevated cat hammock has dual scratching post pillars and comfortable space for your cat to relax.

Natural jute fiber scratching posts help our cats to keep their nails healthy. This well-furnished cat tower provides a good spot for kitty to release energy and satisfy the need to scratch and climb up. It’s a cozy spot for kitties to snooze or to watch birds out a favorite window.

Best cat wall scratcher: 7 Ruby Road Cat Scratching Post

Ruby Road Cat Scratching Post is a great alternative to painful declawing which gives your cat a spot to unleash their primal instincts and gives them a place to play so that it deters them from attacking the furniture and promotes better health and behavior.

This is made with the included mounting hardware which is easily installable. Rubber feet give stability and prevent slipping when used on different floor types. It also looks like scratch mat.

The natural woven sisal and finished natural wood frame last longer. Don’t worry about cats chewing on or ingesting any of the parts.

Best wooden cat scratching post: Two-Layer scratcher with Ball Turntable

With a trackball turntable and a scratching post, the interactive toy gives fun for cats. Four wooden balls in the turntable are for catching and chasing, that is to exercise both body and mind. The sisal-covered scratching post will sharpen their claws and satisfy their nature of scratching.

This cat toy adopts beige wooden material, which makes it look elegant. It is practical and strong compared with plastic. The bottom adds a cotton pad- non-slip and increases stability. Wipe it if it is dusty and scrub it if wet.

Best Handmade scratcher: PetnPurr Handmade Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Owners who are looking for a larger product can have this to scratch and play fully vertically. Cat tree cactus allows all size cats from kittens to adults to stretch by standing up. They are 43 inches high that allow the pets to not just scratch, but also to climb.

Strong and quality materials are used here. Wrapping is made of sisal materials. The attractive design and deep green color make this more convenient. With some screws, they can easily be adjusted.

Wall mounted scratching post: PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves

Some cats like to climb much. This wall mounted scratching post is high enough to climb for both larger cats and kittens. Stretch, scratch, jump, climb, perch, lounge & play with it. The simple design adjusts to any place in your house.

It includes zinc drywall anchors to hang on your wall and remove easily with just a screwdriver. It requires no drilling unless you prefer to anchor into studs and plaster walls. About 20 minutes is needed to assemble it.

Kitten scratching post: MECOOL 32″ Tall Cat Scratcher

The structure of the cat scratching post is simple which does not decrease the function and pleasure of playing cat comfortably. The total natural sisal hemp and covered with soft short plush on both the base and top.

32″ Premium Tall Cat Scratching Post will keep your cat busy for hours. You can put the cat tree just next to the bed in the house. It is a good decoration as the natural color fits the door decoration.

Cardboard cat scratcher: COZIWOW Cat Scratching Pad

A cat scratch pad takes your cat’s focus away from scratching and ruining furniture. It helps in cat grooming by letting them easily sharpen their claws effectively without any injury. You don’t have to worry about cat hairs spread around the house.

Scratching helps them stretch their muscles, relieve any stress, anger, fear or other emotions. Cats of all breeds enjoy scratching and keep their nails in a good condition. Teach them first to use it.

Why Do Cats Like Scratching Posts?

Scratching posts are generally made of wooden stuff that possesses rough surfaces so that their pets have a place to scratch. In earlier times cats used to scratch themselves against any rough tree. Cats have a natural habit of scratching.

This helps them to remove old material from their claws and thus they can expose the smell glands in their paws and other parts. As like humans, their nails grow. They need to minimize nails and keep them sharped.

Although they are not predators, they have the habit of their ancestors making their nails sharp to be ready for any sort of hunting.

Why do Cats Need Scratching Posts?

As cats need to scratch their body parts against something, they need a rough surface. They can have these facilities outside. For domestic cats, they need an alternative to that. In that case, a scratching post could be the best solution.

They are specially made for this purpose so that they do their job without hurting themselves. When a cat finds an attractive area to scratch, they will always return to it. They come in all shapes and sizes and are also an essential addition to your home.

We need to give them a natural environment so that they feel like they are in their own place.

Why Are Scratching Posts Good for Cats?

Scratching posts are specially designed for cats. The long posts give them look like a tall tree. As long as their nails grow, they need something to make those smaller to keep them in good shape. They could have done that in wild nature.

Domestic cats want something for scratching. They go for your wall, sofa, carpet, wallpaper and bed for that purpose. If they get something like posts, then they will go for it and your furniture will be saved. They can play with it for a long time. This helps their muscles to build up.


Q: Do scratching posts really work for cats?

A: Yes, scratching posts really work for them. This gives a natural environment for scratching. Day by day the nails of their claws get bigger and bigger. To keep them in good shape they want a rough surface to get the job done. These artificial things are like trees to them. They play with them and thus muscles get stronger. It also helps to release mental stress and keep them happy.

Q: What does it mean when a cat uses you as a scratching post?

A: Such behavior is not a usual thing. It’s an expression to tell you something. They try to communicate with you to show love or some troubles they are facing. You need to sort out those feelings and behavior to solve the problem. Maybe they are not having what they need. Observe it carefully and you will come to know its demand. They can consider your leg as a tree to scratch out. Get a scratching post and you are done.

Q: How do I get my cat to scratch the scratching post?

A: Encourage your cat to play with the scratching posts. Toss small toys and balls around them beside it. Treat it with its favorite food after it scratches the post. Actually, it needs some time to make a behavior. This also works for your cats too. Get colorful posts for them. Observe which type of post they like. Check whether they are injured or not. Try with different shaped posts.

Q: When should I replace my cat scratching post?

A: You need to replace a scratching post if your present one is no longer liked by your cat. Maybe it is falling apart because it hurts your cat. You might wait for some time to pick up a replacement. Find out why it doesn’t like it anymore. Sometimes it gets old and broken. The cat doesn’t like it anymore. After time being, the rough surface gets smoother and decreases its functionality.

Q: Why do cats suddenly start scratching furniture?

A: Cats scratch furniture for many reasons. It helps to remove the dead layer of their claws. They have scent glands on their paws. Scratching exposes those pores of glands. Sharp claws help them to scratch their bodies. If they fail to do so, then their paws start to itch. Scratching helps them to release their itch and make the nails sharper. At the time when the discomfort gets unbearable, they start scratching whatever they find in front of them. Furniture could be the best target for them. 


Cat scratchers are good for the health and well being of your cat. They build up their nails and muscles as long as it refreshes their mind, anger, fear or other emotions.

They will protect furniture by redirecting your cat’s interest to our valuable products. Get a modern equipped design for scratching poles and be happy yourself. This will remind them of their natural hunting behavior of earlier periods.

They may not be able to use it at first. Direct them patiently. Encourage them for using the pole. Buy non-toxic glue made of corn starch. This will make both of you happy.

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