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7 Best Paper Pellet Cat Litter of 2022

Paper pellet kitty litter is made from recycled paper. So that you get a fresh environment by keeping the litter fresh & odor-free for keeping the Earth green.

Many cat litters are not biodegradable to keep the Earth clean. So paper-made cat litters are popular nowadays. Its odor control mechanism and dust-free formula are amazing. This litter help to keep the cat litter box dry.

Our Top Picks

  • ökocat Dust Free Natural Litter (see price)
    “Literally this will take you to the future level of cleanliness so that fine chemicals are fortified with litter pellets made from paper fiber can give you a fresh environment.”

What is the best Paper Pellet Cat Litter?

If we use paper-made pellet litter so that we can have the maximum benefits out of them by keeping mother nature green.

Frisco Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Frisco Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Frisco Paper Pellet Cat Litter is made of 95% post-consumer recycled paper so that the Earth stays clean. For odor control, baking soda is added here. This not only helps to remove odor but also kills germ.

No extra chemicals are added here that can harm your cat. Dust free compound will make your scooping very easy. The quality product absorbs moisture faster than others.

Key features

  • Fast absorbent capacity
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-clumpy
  • No added fragrance
  • Works against lingering odors
  • Dust-free
  • Comes with resealable bag
  • Easy storing capacity
  • Baking soda added for odor control

PURINA Yesterday’s News Odor Control Paper Cat Litter

Purina recycled paper cat litter

PURINA Yesterday’s News Odor Control Paper Cat Litter is made of recycled paper with no chemicals added. This leaves less mess in your house as it is dust free and can absorb sufficient fluid.

The main source is a newspaper here. Both scented and unscented non-clumping litter is available.  

Key features

  • Serving for years since 1987
  • Good for the environment
  • Recycled paper is used
  • Tracking is minimum
  • Dust free
  • Soft to feel
  • No harmful chemicals are included
  • Both litter and packaging are recyclable

HARTZ Multi-Cat Lightweight Recycled Clumping Litter

hartz clumping litter from paper

HARTZ Multi-Cat Lightweight Recycled Clumping Litter is the first scoopable litter in the market. This forms tight clumps so that it can instantly lock in and eliminate odors. The clumps turn blue when after soiling for easy scooping.

Key features

  • Easily scoopable cat Litter
  • Traps odor and stinky smell instantly
  • High adsorption capacity
  • When soiled, it turns into blue
  • Environmental friendly stuff
  • Almost dust free
  • Main ingredient is 80% recycled paper
  • Very light in weight
  • Easy to lift and clean
  • Most popular since years

Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter

paper kitty litter

Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter is good and soft on your kitty’s paw. Only non-toxic compounds are included here to make it. Baking soda free litters are natural odor blockers. It left very little dust to make your home neat and clean. You can work fast with this product. 

Key features

  • They are eco-friendly
  • No baking soda is added here
  • Non-toxic chemicals are included
  • Natural odor blocker
  • Works fast
  • Dust-free
  • Easy to cat paws
  • Affordable tracing is seen

Fresh News Recycled Paper Multi-Cat Litter

fresh news litter by recycled paper

Fresh News Recycled Paper Multi-Cat Litter is a product that thinks of both your and your pets health. The biodegradable formula is also dust free and leaves no traces. Smaller animals are welcomed here. Recycled papers will give your pets soft skin a warm welcome by absorbing the fluid from inside of the litter box. 

Key features

  • Made of recycled papers
  • Odor controller
  • Super absorbent quality
  • Pellets textures are smooth
  • Dust free
  • Can absorb much more fluid
  • Keeps cat litter box fresh
  • Baking soda is added to control bacteria
  • Biodegradable pellets
  • No allergens is included here
  • Can also be used for rabbits, hamsters and other small animals.

ökocat Dust Free Natural Paper Cat Litter

okocat clean paper litter

okocat Dust Free Natural Paper Cat Litter is a product of the next generation. Additives are added so that it absorbs odor quickly and keeps the litter box dry. Biodegradable chemicals can easily mix up with the soil to make the earth green.

Key features

  • Paper based pellets
  • Have the capacity to absorb huge amount of fluid
  • Fortified with some ingredients to give long lasting odor control system
  • Litters are non clumping
  • Easy to scoop
  • Dust free formula to give no trace
  • Free of any ink or dye
  • Biodegradable
  • Free of any allergens
  • Keeps cat feet dry
  • Very light weight
  • Reduce the smell of ammonia

So Phresh Multi-Cat Odor Control Crumble Paper Litter

odor control crumble litter

So Phresh Multi-Cat Odor Control Crumble Paper Litter has the capacity to handle multiple cats. It absorbs fluids and keeps the house clean. Baking soda keeps the ammonia smell away along with keeping a fresh environment.

Key features

  • Ultra soft texture
  • Properly absorb odor from the litter box
  • Extract fluid into them in excess
  • Baking soda hides the smell of ammonia
  • Gives a fresh smell
  • Low tracking chemicals with very low tracing
  • Good for multiple cats home
  • Takes care of soft cat paws

Why Choose A Paper Cat Litter

We need to consider that the litter that doesn’t mix with soil can make the environment impossible for living beings. Scientists are worried about this nowadays. We need some litters that are easy on the Earth. Recycled cat litter can help us in this case.

Among so many products, choose the best paper cat litters. Compared to clay litters, they can absorb a high amount of liquid to make the place dry. The litter needs to be light enough to absorb fluid.

The texture of the pellets are so smooth that maximum cats like it. It also leaves less tracing as this is dust free stuff. Odor is naturally controlled by it. Some companies mix baking powder to absorb ammonia smell.  

What To Look For When Buying Paper Cat Litter

Before buying a paper cat litter, consider whether the paper is biodegradable or not. Polyethylene mixed papers will not give the same benefit that a pure paper-made litter offers. Good papers should mix up with soil very nicely to turn into fertilizer for the garden.

Natural ingredients are always welcomed as so many harmful chemicals are produced in the lab nowadays to make us sick along with mother nature. Artificial scents should also be avoided.

Consider your cat’s preferences as it may not like the new product. The texture should be smooth enough to give the cat paws good comfort. This is how you can choose the best cat litters.

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Pros and Cons of Paper Pellet Cat Litter


  • They are cheaper compared to other tree based litters
  • Good for using if the cat has undergone any surgery
  • Softer for cat skin
  • Artificial fragrance free
  • Less tracking as they are dust free
  • Variation in size, texture and shape
  • Healthier for both owner and pet
  • Good for green earth


  • Cats need time to be adjusted with the new litter
  • Old litter boxes may need to be adjusted for good scooping
  • They are not easily available like other litter types
  • Quite costly compared to other products
  • Some pets may not like the texture of the pellets
  • Odor may not be properly controlled if not scooped regularly

How To Scoop Paper Pellet Cat Litter

You might need a good litter scooper to scrape dried litter off the box. Follow the steps to dispose of waste and make the house odor-free.

  • Remove cat feces
  • Shake the litter box to fall through the fresh pellets
  • Tilt the scoop to roll the fresh pellets and fall in back to the litter box
  • Put the contents into a container 
  • Dig the litter with a scoop
  • Remove darker pellets
  • Add some new pellets
  • Keep the litter depth about 3 inches

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Can you flush Paper Pellet Cat Litter?

Flushing paper pellet cat litter in the toilet should be done with caution. The manufacturer can tell what the ingredients of their product are. Some of them break down easily but some are not. Read the instruction manual first before flushing.

How to use Paper Pellet Cat Litter?

Use paper pellet cat litter exactly like the litter you used to use before from other manufacturers. Keep in mind that the paper-made litter can absorb 2 to 3 times more fluids than other ordinary cat litters. In that case you need not to clean from time to time of the cat litters.

Is paper Paper Pellet Litter safe for cats?

Yes, the paper made pellet litter safe for both humans and cats. They are specially made for kittens too. Artificial ingredients are discouraged here so that you have the most natural stuff to use.

How to clean Paper Pellet Cat Litter?

Using a scooper is the best way to clean used paper pellet cat litter. Shake the litter box and scoop it all through the litter that turned into darker color. Shake the scooper and place the dirty pellets into a disposal place.

How does Paper Pellet Cat Litter work?

The paper pellet cat litter has a good quality of absorbing cat wastes to keep the litter box dry. The pellets have so much pores in them. The moisture is stored into those tiny holes to give you a fresh litter box.

Is paper cat litter compostable?

Yes, paper cat litter is compostable if they are made according to maintain its quality. Only paper is biodegradable and easily mixes with soil to give good manure. Some pellets are mixed with baking soda that is not a threat to the Earth.


Keep in mind that all the label promises are not followed accurately. Therefore, it is wise not to depend on that and try some of the products first. You can make the best decision. You may like a product but your cat might not.

In that case, spread some old product over new product so that the cat gets used to it with the new product. Here we just discussed some of the best paper cat litters in brief.

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