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Best Furniture Protector for Cats (Miloona)

Scratch furniture can be a sign of a cat’s territory-marking behavior. It is a natural thing for cats to scratch anything with their sharp claws. Cats do it to show their emotions, excitement, stress, or to remove the dead part of their nails.

An anti-scratch furniture protector can save your furniture from being ruined by cats. We found Miloona is the best furniture protector for cats. They can be attached to different kinds of furniture without hampering its beauty.

To protect furniture from damage through cats you can use the cat scratching post. If they will be busy the whole day with scratching posts, they won’t harm any furniture.

Features of Miloona Anti Scratch Protector

  • No pins or screws are required
  • Adheres perfectly & effortlessly to any surfaces like rounded, corners or flat
  • One-sided vinyl sheet
  • Easy to install and clean
  • No aids are required for installation
  • Suitable for leather
  • Does not leave sticky residue on surfaces
  • Non-toxic for cats and humans
  • Create reliable surface protection from scratches
  • Stress-free for the pet
  • 8 XL pads in a package
  • Sufficiently transparent to see through
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Very smooth surface to touch
  • The removal process is easy

Miloona Furniture Cat Protectors

We keep Miloona as the best furniture protector for cats because it has lots of features that you can get benefited. Let’s see below.


Miloona anti scratch furniture protector comes in nice packaging. It’s dimensions are 17.72 by 12.76 by 0.35 inches. The weight is about 15.84 Ounces. This protector is made of transparent materials. It feels like you are touching something smooth.

Using cat protectors for furniture like Miloona is a modern technique to protect the valuable furniture that belongs to us. We know how much the repair cost. Sometimes they don’t match with the original one. That’s not the case here.

Using Miloona furniture protectors will not block the beauty and original color of your furniture.

Assembly & its process

The item is very easy to install. This protector adheres easily. You don’t need any twist pins. Only you need to cut the anti-cat scratch furniture protector and then stick it on your furniture surface. It is so much easier than even teenagers or older people can set this up. And that’s it!

Suitability & how to adjust on the uneven surface

This kind of sheet stays perfectly on a flat surface. But still, you can use it on different platforms too.

For the corners of the sofa & on the corners of the wall, cut and join the sheet together so that every area is covered by it. Different cats like to scratch different places. Therefore, it is wise to cover all the areas.


It goes on and on for a long period of time. For longevity, you need to follow the instructions strictly. It is wise to clean the furniture before applying them.

After cleaning, let it dry first and then apply the protector. Don’t make any holes in them intentionally. Chemicals like acid can decrease its activities.

Comes without screws

Keep your pets healthy and safe by using a furniture protector. This type of anti-scratch protective cover doesn’t come with screws. Pets may swallow them and need to be hospitalized.

On the other hand, screw systems can easily decrease the longevity of furniture. In addition, holes can increase the risk of getting dirty and it also makes room for microbes.

Safety for both humans and pets

The toxicity level of the ingredient is zero. You need not worry if a little amount enters into your pet’s system. The same case is also true for human babies. The pet hair, debris and fur don’t stick with the cat furniture protector.

Helps your cat to build a good habit

At first, the pet would like to know about this protector. Touching the sticky surface causes stress & irritation in the pets.

After a couple of attempts of scratching it will lose patience. The pet won’t mess with it furthermore. This is how your pet will learn what to do with furniture while maintaining their physical & mental health. The furniture is preserved. Both you & your pets are happy.

Single item works for all surfaces

This is a special kind of protector that works on almost all kinds of surfaces. A large area can easily be handled by it as it comes with 8 X-Large pieces in one set and 17’’ by 12’’ measurements. This works for almost all kinds of furniture.

Applying on the carpet

You can use protective sheets to carpet in doorways if it is a smooth one. But if the carpet is shaggy, sheets may not be tightly attached to the surface.

Use it on the sofa with faux leather

You can use it on the sofa with faux leather. If the leather on the sofa starts to crack, then don’t glue the protective shields to it.

We know that each surface is different & has its own structure. First of all, stick a small piece of film on a small place and check it on your surface.

Use it on the kitchen chairs

The anti-scratch protector will protect kitchen chairs. Cut & apply it in strips correctly. Round legs may not work with it and won’t stay twisted for a long time.

Use it on a screened door

The sheets work well on meshes. Apply them on both sides pressing one against the other to avoid dirt, dust, wool on the sticky side. Before doing so, please clean the dust from the screen door for the best result.

Use it on a painted wood furniture

Protective shields adhere perfectly to painted and varnished wood. You can remove it whenever you want with the help of warm air by a hair dryer.

How to remove it

It’s an easy process to remove from any surface. You just need to heat the sheets a little with a hair dryer. These sheets will peel off quickly & easily without leaving a sticky residue on your precious furniture.

How to Use Miloona Cat Anti Scratch Furniture Protector (Video)

Helps Your Cat to Build Good Habit

At first, the pet would like to know about this protector. Touching the sticky surface causes stress & irritation in the pets.        

Therefore, MiLoona produces sheets with a smooth surface. Thanks to the sleek vinyl sheets, your pets will quickly lose interest in the surface to be protected.

The pet won’t mess with it furthermore. This is how your cat will learn what to do with furniture while maintaining their physical & mental health. The furniture is preserved. Both you & your pets are happy.

best furniture protector for cats

Are Scratchers Necessary for Cats?

For s Common Ground

In case of multiple cats, they try to convene at the scratching post, out of mutual interest. This procedure leads to the cat scratching post being a meeting point. It is a place for your cats for playing & interact.

A post is a convenient way to bring your cats together, as we know that all cats love scratching.

For the Furniture

We know that cats love to scratch even if they don’t have any artificial post to do it on. They’ll find something else to claw, especially your precious furniture. You can have a post in your home that can help to divert this scratching.

Only setting up a cat scratching post will not keep your cat from scratching your furniture. You need to make him scratch the post instead. You can put catnip on it. You can also put a treat at the top and that could help to correct this cat behavior problem.

For the Cat’s Health

Scratching is good for your cat’s health. It helps you to release fresh nails. It is a great exercise and a good way to reduce mental stress. We can say that a healthy cat is a cat that is able to scratch without worry. This is why it is important to have a post.

For Kittens

Scratching posts are good for young kittens to built-up energy. Cat scratching posts give a vigorous activity to them at the same time giving them something to attach themselves to in the home early on.

This helps to make their adjustment very easy & alleviate any kinds of cat behavior problems that can come with a new environment. That is why scratching posts helps to entice them to use it.


Does Anti-Scratch Cat Protectors Work?

Yes, Anti-Scratch cat protector really works. They can protect any kind of furniture without losing their external look. Initially cats may try to scratch but will lose interest after a while. 

How can I protect my furniture from cat scratches?

Look, if you want to protect your cat from stress, you no need to use different sprays, double sided tapes and trimming claws. Just protect your furniture with the best furniture protector for cats Miloona sheets. Give the cat a scratching area and keep it active.

How do you protect wood from cat scratches?

You can apply or let your vet apply temporary nail covers to the cat’s claws. Claw covers are an immediate way to protect your furniture at the time when you’re working with your cat to redirect any undesirable scratching behavior.

How do you fix cat scratches on a couch?

You can apply recoloring balm. Take the clean rag & apply a thin layer of leather-recoloring balm in a shade that matches the furniture. After that, wipe away any excess balm using a microfiber cloth. A chamois cloth can also be used. Condition the repaired area after applying leather oil.


The best furniture protector for cats Miloona will give you everything you need. Just unpack the package and cut according to the shape of your furniture.

Read the instruction manual strictly and proceed accordingly. Clean the furniture before applying.

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