How to do friendship with a kitten

How to do friendship with a kitten?

You are thinking for many days to have a cat, so you brought a kitten in the home. It is now a member of your family. So, the relationship with a cat will be about belief. To achieve this belief you must give some time to your kitten. Spend your time about 15 minutes by twice/trice in a day with your cat. Bonding will be strong with the cat by playing with it.

You can buy some pet toys and give that to them. Keep away such things from the cat which are valuable or by which cat can get hunt during playing.

Keep in your mind that if you are a fulltime service holder or spend your time most in outside then take a pair of the kitten. So that they can find a partner while playing by this they will be free from loneliness.

When you understand that your cat has become socialized then keep him in your couch or cuddle him. By this, your understanding with your cat will be stronger. Next, invite your friends to interest with a cat. It will be more socialized when it will come in contact with humans. But keep in your mind in some things while interacting with a cat. While playing don’t let your cat play with your hands or legs.

When a cat will play with your hand or leg then it will learn to scratch orbiting as a play. But when it grows up then scratching and biting with bigger nails and teeth will become a dangerous habit. You must keep your eye on the different perspective of your cat’s interaction.

Don’t push him to do anything in which act feel uncomfortable. Make a habit to human slowly if it has fear of humans. If a cat does right things or learns new things, treat him. By this way, your cat will bond with you my belief.

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