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5 Best Cat Breed for Busy Family (+ Helpful Tips)

Cats tend to be clean animals and low-maintenance pets compared to dogs. As a busy family cats can be the first choice pets. There are a hundred breeds of cats. We listed here some of the best cat breeds for busy families.

The best cause to select to have a pet cat over a dog is that cats tend to be a bit more self-sufficient. Keep in mind, this is not all cats. But, there are some breeds that seem to handle being on their own more than others.

Selecting the correct breed for your lifestyle is very important, not only for you but also for the well-being of your cat.

A kitty that naturally needs very much attention can become depressed, or despondent when left alone frequently. Moreover, many times these animals end up in a shelter in need of a more suitable home.

List of Best Cat Breeds for Busy Family

To avoid several problems, research before an adoption is a better idea. Fortunately, we have done all of the hard work for you, continue reading for the best cat breed for busy families.

Norwegian Forest Cat

These kinds of beautiful fur babies are totally friendly with people, they enjoy quality time with their favorite humans, though they are also perfectly happy being on their own.

They are great friends with kids and other pets, so long as they know who the true household boss is.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Additionally, these kitties are curious by nature, which is possibly the reason behind their independent nature as they can usually keep themselves busy.

On the other hand, they are not actually unconcerned when around their humans; these cats are quite outgoing and social when the occasion calls for it.

In fact, their thick, luxurious coat does not need as much grooming as one might think. You need to comb through it once or twice per week, this will help prevent mats.

American Wirehair

Americal Wirehair is one of the best cat breeds for busy families. These medium to large-sized cats are quiet and even-tempered. They make great pets for families always.

The American Wirehair is immensely intelligent and is more than happy to keep themselves entertained for the whole day long, and then snooze for a while in their own favorite spot in the sun.

American Wirehair cat breed

Needless to say, they are perfectly named for their wiry, springy, yet resilient coat which has an unusual feel but is absolutely beautiful.

It is this coat that adds another bonus to adopting one of these excellent pets, as they tend to be less likely to trigger a human allergy.

In fact, the Wirehairs coat is tightly curled against the skin, trapping much of the loose hairs or dander, and that means less for you to breathe in.

A daily brush is required but otherwise, grooming is a breeze. These friendly cats are a great option for a new pet.

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Siberian Cat

These fantastic cats could be the purr-fect addition to your busy family. Undoubtedly, they are intelligent and quite adept at problem-solving. They have an odd affection for water.

Siberian Cat

Actually, they love to play in it and inspect it, and would likely absolutely love interactive cat toys.

These cats are quite alert and like to jump, so providing a climbing tower or tree can help keep them entertained for some time. They do very well on their own, but will also make up for the lost time if their human family comes.

Generally, they like to be groomed and really enjoy never-ending games of fetch. Like several pets, they are very dedicated and unyieldingly loyal, they do just fine on their own, however, be sure to schedule a little quality time too.

Brazilian Shorthair

Undoubtedly, Brazilian Shorthair breeds are sleek and elegant looking, these cuties are another ideal cat breed for a family with a jam-packed schedule.

As long as they are provided with enough toys and a great place to perch, if possible near a window with an expansive view, they’ll keep themselves entertained for hours on end.

Brazilian Shorthair

In fact, they are smart and affectionate and will be ready to hang out in your lap as soon as you get home. Moreover, they get along great with human kiddies too!

When you want an awesome pet that requires very little effort yet gives so much love in return, then this guy is the perfect one for you.

Additionally, they have a short, glossy coat that is fairly easy to maintain, a weekly brushing will do it. Brazilian Shorthairs are less likely to trigger an all too common cat allergy in their family or guests.

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British Shorthair

Now, about these lovely blokes, they are not only charming but also sweet and quite cute. That means, seriously, look at that smooshy face.

Moreover, they are playful and appreciate quality time with their favorite human but are content with being alone too.

British Shorthair

Hopefully, they are very low maintenance, undemanding, and tend to keep somewhat of a low profile. British Shorthairs do need a quick daily brushing due to their dense coat, which they actually enjoy.

One of their cutest characteristics is when they make more of a squeaky sound in place of the normal meow.

Actually, coming from these husky tough guys, it is really adorable. Make a cuddle part of your nightly routine and hear him show off his manly purring and squeak.

Things to Choosing the Cat Breeds for Busy Family

1. It’s not important about the breed, if your fur baby will be home alone for extended periods of time, then they should have plenty of toys and room to exercise.

2. Always keep kitty-proof your home. Anything that your cat could possibly get into and be harmed by, for example cleaning supplies, pesticides. These should be put away, out of reach of your pet.

3. Please no breeders, there are so many unwanted, homeless cats out there that need a home. It may take a little patience however, you will find the perfect one for your local shelters or purebred kitty rescue.

4. Think about a mature cat. Generally, senior cats have the least chance of being adopted. Kittens are cute but a senior kitty is special in their own way. Moreover, they are also the first to be euthanized if not adopted.

So, Which Breed Do You Want To Adopt?

If you are ready to adopt or rescue your newest family member, remember that cats have individual personalities, so no two felines are quite the same even if they are the same breed.

Your kitty has spent some time in a shelter, which of course is lovely, but they are not home.

Once adopted, it should be forever, so to prevent re-sheltering, get to know the cat that you are interested in, and make sure it is a perfect fit. After all, enjoy your new companion, it’s going to be quite an adventure.

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