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What Is the Purpose of a Cat Litter Mat?

As a cat owner, you must be aware of the situation that cat litter stays not only in the cat litter box but unfortunately, you will find it on the floor, on the carpet, in shoes, on the bed and so on. It is a common complaint of cat keepers. The cleaning process becomes very difficult if the litter is found all over the place.

Couple of solutions we can have for the situation. Cat litter mat is one of the best solutions for this purpose. Today we are going to discuss the purposes of a cat litter mat and related issues.

Why We Find Cat Litter in Many Places

It is annoying to have cat litter under your foot. Cats litter is stuck on the paws and fur after it has used the litter box. Some cats play with cat litter in the cat litter box. They dig litters, try to hide wastes, kick and throw the litter all over the places.

Then the cat walks through the cat litter that has fallen on the floor and goes every place and thus litter is spread. People also spread cat litter all over the place by foot.

How Do Cat Litter Mats Help to Stop Litter Tracking?

The purpose of a cat litter mat is help to avoid litter scatter. A cat litter mat can catch litter that sticks to the cat’s feet. There are a lot of cat litter mats that are available in the market.

Those are specially made to catch litter that is stuck to the cats paws when it exits the litter box. Make sure that the cat walks on the mat after using the cat litter box.

Keep the mat runner from the litter box extending out about three feet so that the litter has plenty of space to dislodge from the cat’s paw. This system won’t work if your cat scatters the litter far away.

The cat litter mat will cave you from hare work. But it is not totally efficient.

Where to Keep the Cat Litter Mat?

Cat owners want to keep their cat litter box along with mat on a place where he feels comfortable about it. Some of them could be bad for hygiene. Cats may feel stressed in some places. Cats need privacy to do their business. Keep the mat in a dry and cool place.

Avoid placing it beside a busy road where vehicles make noise. Cats have very sensitive noses. Keep the mat in a place where there are sufficient air circles around. We may not smell waste but cats do.

Cats may get annoyed by the smell and will scratch litter and spread all over the place where the mat cant cover. Don’t keep the mat in a high place. This is not good for older or ill cats.

What Type of Mat Should We Use?

We should use such a mat that traps litter properly and is easy to vacuum. Cats should feel comfort by walking on it. Its paws should not be stuck in it. The mat should be skid-resistant. That means cats won’t move away from their original position if they jump on it.

PVC-made mats are popular nowadays. Some mats have PVC constructions that are virtually indestructible by sharp little claws. Silicon-made cat litter mats are also good as they are easy to clean. The raised lines along the mat help to reduce litter scatter a bit. But their price is a little bit higher.

When to Change Your Cats Mat?

Some cat owners are not satisfied with their mats. You should try different types of mats for some reason. Change mat if litter spreads in abundance all over the place and stuck under your foot.

Need sweeping the area in front of the litter box many times.

If you adopt more than one cat and use a large litter box, and if the litter box doesn’t fit with the mat. For this purpose, you need to change the cat litter mat.

Is It Safe to Use Cat Litter Mats?

Cat litter mats are safe but it depends on some issues. Buy a non-toxic product that is safe for both humans and cats. Plastic made mats are not good. PVC mats are used a lot. Silicon made mats are expensive but they are the best material to make mats.

Not only cat litter mats but also household mats are a matter of concern. Mats that stick easily on the floor are good to use. Accidents could happen if the mat is slippery. Clean with water if the floor is wet. otherwise, people can fall on the floor by stepping on a wet mat.


Cleaning process is always an annoying job to do. That is why it is a good choice to use a cat litter mat for preventing litter that scatters all around.

Use a mat that is eco-friendly. Garb old mats in an appropriate place. The idea of using a cat litter mat is not full proof but you can minimize the problem with it.   

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