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If a Cat Eats Cat Litter Will It Harm Him?

Cats are the cutest animals in the world. This is the reason why people keep them in their own houses. For millions of years, they live in nature. But they are living nowadays in the locality and even in owner houses. To give them a natural environment litter is used in the cat litter box.

Sometimes they eat litter. Owners get concerned about it. Now the question is, If a cat eats cat litter will it harm him? Sometimes it is normal but it gets worse in some cases. A little amount of litter that is made of unharmful chemicals which is round-edged and small in size can do no harm.

On the other hand, If the litter is made of harmful chemicals and with sharp edges and large in size then it is a matter of concern. Call in a doctor or take it to a vet for proper treatment if the situation gets worse.

Reason of swallowing cat litter 

Cats are playful animals. It treats whatever it gets in front of it as a toy. Some litters may be made of aroma for attraction but cats may think of them as food and swallow some amount of them. If you suddenly changed its brand then cats may find it attractive and want to learn about it.

We know that it’s a habit of human babies to put something into their mouths to understand it. The same thing happens in case of pets. It’s a survival mechanism.

Where to learn about pet a cat?

Read some instruction books where you can find many interesting tips about maintaining a cat. Your problem could be solved by it. If the information is not available there then you may take the help of the internet. Thousands of websites you can find about cats over there.

You need to be aware of the situation that some of them may not be helpful. In that case, you have to have patience and search for more and more. You can also ask questions in some blogs and they will give you the solution. You can also take advice from a vet that may charge you.

What type of cat litter should be bought?

It is not a good habit to swallow cat litter from a cat litter box. First of all, read the instruction manual that comes with the packet of litter. You can learn about the litter you are going to give to your cat. For a new cat, you have to learn what type of litter your cat likes.

Try some different brands and observe them. If the cat is satisfied with a particular brand then stick to it and buy this brand regularly. Avoid Artificial colored litter which is harmful to pets. First of all, check the materials by which they are made of.

Organic substance is appropriate in this case. Use a different cat litter box for different cats. Pour the specific litter into the same litter box for a particular cat.  

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What to do if your cat swallows some of them

Stay calm if your cat swallows some of the letters from the litter box. Try to understand what type of discomfort it is feeling. In case of a small amount probably you may need not to worry about it. Give it a little amount of water to drink.

The litter will go into its stomach and gradually come out with its feces. If it swallows a large amount of litter then it could be a matter of concern. Observe your pet and try to understand its reaction. Consider taking it to a local pet hospital.

The vet may run an ultrasound about the inner situation of the cat. After that, the vet will decide what to do.     

Cautions to be followed

It is wise to use non-clumping litter for cat litter boxes. Always clean old litter with a scoop. Keeping litter for long with waste will spread odor and germs. If the cat eats litter with waste then the situation will get worse.

Not only litter will affect cats but also litter with solid and liquid waste may cause sickness of the cat. Buy litter which is nontoxic. Litter with a chalky white gravel texture is good for this purpose. Clumping litter in a cat’s digestive system can be harmful.

Therefore, change your clumping litter with a good one. 

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There is a solution to every problem. Don’t get anxious. Consult with experienced persons about this issue. Train your cat from the beginning. As soon as you begin to teach it, the cat will catch the habit early. Some of them could take time to learn.

Reward it if it stops this behavior of eating cat litter from cat litter boxes. Teach your cat in such a way that it only uses litter when it is necessary and not all the time.

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