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How Much Litter Should You Put in the Litter Box?

Maintaining a cat litter box is an important job to do. Cats don’t like dirty litter boxes. They can be driven to look for substitutes. Cat’s sense of smell is stronger than a human’s. An appropriate amount of litter should be put in the cat litter box. Now to question is, how much litter should you put in the litter box?

Proper hygiene can be maintained by the right amount of cat litter.

How Much Litter Put in the Litter Tray?

Cat litter manufacturers recommend using two to three inches of litter in the cat litter box. Use three to four inches of cat litter in the cat’s tray if your cats are deep scratchers. Some cats dig to the bottom of the tray if less cat litter is used.

At first, begin with two inches and experiment until you find the ideal depth for a specific cat. After filling the cat’s box, give the litter a final leveling off so that the cats have a smooth surface to dig in.

Does It Matter What Cat Litter You Use?

Some cats prefer the clumping kind litter that has a fine texture and doesn’t hurt their soft paws. There is clay-based litter as it also is soft on soft paws. Another choice is litter made from silica gel crystals that absorb urine and help to keep odor away. But it can be dangerous if a cat licks silica gel off their paws.

For biodegradable cat litter, recycled paper, wheat, corn and walnut shell litter are other options to buy. But it depends on your cat. The best litter is what the cat prefers.

In case of multiple litter boxes, try different litter types in each. You’ll find out which one your cat prefers.

What Is the Right Amount of Litter for Your Cat’s Box?

Using more or less cat litter Cats like to dig before they go for their business. Cat feels happy if it finds the right amount of litter in the box. Giving too much litter can cause the cat to dig around more than necessary. It can cause them to accidentally hide their solid waste.

As long as the poop might be invisible to human eyes, but still it’s noticeable to the cat. If you can’t find and remove it, this may cause your cat to stop using the box at the end. If you give excess litter in the tray, it will allow your cat to bury their poop and cover their tracks.

The litter should be deep enough to absorb liquids and odors. Start for a 3-inch layer as a starting point and add more as needed.

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