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Is it ok to have an Outdoor Cat?

You can always have an outdoor cat in your home. But is it safe or do you need precautions? Actually, cats will love the outside environment, but letting cats outdoor can pose various dangers.

We all know nowadays about the pandemic that is going on in the whole World that is ruining our life. Viruses are being carried out into our homes through animals. Not only that, there are some other issues that should be noted.   

How to Keep Outdoor Cats Safe and Healthy

The cat will love outdoor fresh air. But you may be concerned about safety when you let your cat outdoor. So follow and consider these things to keep your outdoor cat as safe as possible:

Identification of the Cat

It is difficult sometimes to recognize your cat as most outside cats look alike. It may create misunderstandings among people. Make sure your cat can be properly identified if they are lost. If you can describe your cat accurately, then you can have your lost cat. 

What You Can Do For Identification

A unique collar belt is a good way to separate your cat from others. At first, the cat may not like the idea. But it’s your job to make it used to your cat. An ID with a collar is better than just a collar.

Cat identification tag
Cat identification tag

The tag should contain your name and phone number. A finder can call you if the cat is discoverable. Recently a microchip will help you to locate its current position. Keep your contact details up to date for the best result.

In the worst case scenario, the tag might fade out and the microchip could be damaged. We don’t usually check microchips often whether they are ok or not. It’s good to get extra security with the help of a GPS tracker for your cat.

That way, you’ll always know where they are, and where they’ve been.

Neutering Your Cat

Spaying your cat is also an issue before letting them outside. This will help to protect them from unplanned pregnancies, fights with other cats, and diseases that can be contracted by mating and running away.

Fighting can spread disease & injury in outdoor cats. Neutering outdoor cats are now mandatory in some countries. Check your local laws before making the decision to adopt an outdoor cat.

Ensure Proper Vaccination

Cats that often go outdoors are at risk of viruses like cat flu. The viruses can be deadly sometimes.  That’s why make sure the cat has all the vaccines before they are out. The cat may need protection against other invaders like worms & fleas.

Appropriate environment

Your neighborhood is different from others. We are not sure about the roaming place of your cat. 

It can walk in either a clean or difficult place. We need to be ready for the worst just in case. Learn about the risks of everything & reduce them as soon as possible. Different precautions can be taken if your home is beside a highway or has a neighbor who threatens your cat.

It is better to keep your cat indoors if possible. Some areas like farms are safer for the cat to walk around freely.

Feed Sufficient Food & Water

Outgoing cats will have a lot more physical activity than indoor cats. You must feed your cat correctly. Make sure your cat has a lot of fresh water. Try using an activity monitor for cats. This will help you to monitor the calories it takes and how much it burns. 

Avoid Toxic Plants

Be aware of harmful plants that could threaten your cat’s health. There are a lot of plants that are toxic to cats. Couple of them can lead to liver failure & death. Couples of them are- Oleander, Azaleas, Tulip, Rhododendrons, Narcissus, English Ivy, Spanish Thyme etc. Think of indoor plants also. 

GPS Cat Tracker

Cats are curious animals. You need to find your cat if it is out for a couple of hours. GPS cat tracker is the best way to check the accurate position. You can have a 24/7 peace of mind with the help of a GPS tracker. Bluetooth pet trackers will only work within a small range.

But tractive GPS will track your cat no matter how far they roam. They have an unlimited range & worldwide coverage.

Train Your Cat to Return Home

A trained cat won’t bother us and make our life very easy. It comes home continuously that stays within close range of your native home. Treat it as obedient and give a lot of affection.

This will motivate the cat to stay near your home. Tractive GPS is able to train their cat to come home after hearing the tracker “beep”.

You Can Build a Cat Enclosure

A cat enclosure is a good way to keep your outdoor cat nearby. An enclosure is generally kept in the garden or backyard. Your cat can enjoy the outdoors in it. Your lovely feline will save and secured in an outdoor cat enclosure and be able to pass time with happiness.

How to Design Your Cat’s Catio

Cat outdoor catio
Outdoor Cat House

Look for claw-resistant mesh If you’re building the catio yourself. Fill it with cat trees & scratching posts depending on the catio’s size. Make sure that they’re waterproof. If that is not possible then bring them inside when it rains. Make some shelves of different sizes & heights to enjoy the view.

Cover the floor with fabric for protecting their paws from frostbite. Provide blankets & heating pads to stay warm. It can provide your cat with lots of fresh air. Look into cations that are attached outside your windows If you don’t have a backyard.

It’s important to make sure the cat can stay warm if your cat stays outside during the cold winter. Kittens, sick cats & senior cats are kept outside if the temperature is low. You can also build a heated outdoor cat house.

Or install a cat flap, so it can go outside when they want & return indoors for shelter anytime.

Don ’t Declaw

Never let a cat outside that doesn’t have any claws. It is difficult for them to defend themselves from dogs & other cats. They can’t climb on trees to escape. This increases their risk.

Get a litter box indoors

Always keep your cat’s litter box so that it can have options when they want to be inside. Help it to get used to it.

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