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10 Best Outdoor Cat Enclosure, Cage, Catio & Playpen [Updated 2022]

Are you looking to provide your cat’s breathing fresh air with a large and secure outdoor space? The best outdoor cat enclosure, Cage, Catio & Playpen is the perfect solution for this. An outdoor cat cage enclosure will save your outdoor and indoor cat from harmful attacks from wildlife in your neighborhood.

Have you ever taken your cat outdoors? Have you noticed how happy they are when outdoor? A cat outdoor enclosures will give your cats the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors safely and securely.

What is Outdoor Cat Enclosure?

An outdoor cat enclosure is a fenced-in area that provides a safe space for cats to roam and play outdoors. Enclosures can be as simple as a few panels of fencing placed around a porch or patio, or as elaborate as a multi-level structure with climbing areas, hiding spots, and plenty of room to run and explore.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

By cat enclosure, we mean the area where your cat can sleep or play. You might want to give them a place of their own indoors if you are concerned about hygiene and safety issues.

As cat owners, we should always be aware that outdoor cats are exposed to diseased mosquitoes, ticks and other insects.

Then again, the outdoor enclosure will be much more comfortable for your kitty cat compared to an indoor one as it lets him have both security and freedom in his habitat without any risk of disaster either natural or man-made that could harm him.

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The Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures

It’s important for a cat owner to choose a cat enclosure wisely in order for his four-legged fur babies can have the best outdoor experience with no risk of disease or harm from outside threats. See our recommendations:

PawHut Large Wooden Outdoor Cat House

PawHut Large Wooden Outdoor Cat House

  • The PawHut large wooden outdoor cat house is made with durable wood and strong metal wire and sealed with animal safe, non-toxic sealant.
  • The dimensions of the PawHut outdoor cat house are 77” x 38” with ramp and covered house.
  • With the large front door, there are ventilated window, sliding door, a small hinged door that will help to easily access your pet into this house.
  • The weather-protected roof is covered with asphalt. Inside the house, there is shelf space for cat bed, litter box or an extra storage area.
TRIXIE Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary

TRIXIE Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary

  • TRIXIE cat enclosure is designed to use multiple cats. It is a fully covered cat enclosure that can be wall-mounted using pre-drilled holes, or used as a freestanding structure.
  • It comes with simple, detailed 45-minute assembly instructions and all the hardware needed.
  • The cattery has removable back panels to allow cats to access it through a window or door.
  • It is suitable for all life stages and has a weatherproof finish.
  • It also has window panes and 4 small doors. The doors have metal latches and the cattery has a 3-story.
PawHut Wooden Outdoor Cat House Catio

PawHut Wooden Outdoor Cat House Catio

  • This fully enclosed wooden cat enclosure is designed for housing variety of pets.
  • It features 3 large platforms, is built from solid fir wood and durable wire mesh, and has a flat roof covered with asphalt for enhanced weather protection.
  • The oversized large front door has latches to ensure easy access.
  • The enclosure dimension is 70.75 x 31.5 x 44 inches.
Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House Cat

Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House Cat

  • Aivituvin catio cage is on 4 wheels for easy movement.
  • The cat condo has a removable bottom PVC layer for easy cleaning.
  • There are 2 big front doors and 2 small pulled up access doors with a hook for easy catching your pets.
  • The innovative design makes a larger room by combining 2 cat houses together by simply taking off the side panel.
Aivituvin Large Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Aivituvin Large Outdoor Cat Enclosure

  • Aivituvin cat house made with a waterproof asphalt roof that will never leak. An extra middle platform connects the left and right side.
  • There are 2 luxury small houses connected for relaxing.
  • The top platforms are enlarged and double the size of the others.
  • The front door is super large for an adult sized person to go inside. The door is 67″ tall.
  • There are exclusive latches for longer usage.
Amazon Basics Cat Cage Playpen Crate

Amazon Basics Cat Cage Playpen Crate

  • Amazon basics cat cage is a 3-tier cat kennel playpen that provides cats or kittens with a fun, safe place to hangout or play.
  • It is made of durable steel wire and floors made with removable leak-proof plastic.
  • This cat kennel has 4 smooth rolling caster wheels for mobility.
Petsfit Outdoor Cat House

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House

  • Petsfit pet house is made with high quality anti-rot material and the panel walls are 12 mm thick. The floor board is Removable.
  • There is a feeding station on the top, it will keep out dogs from eating cat food.
  • An emergency exit door would prevent cats from being trapped.
Eiiel Outdoor Cat Cages Enclosure

Eiiel Outdoor Cat Cages Enclosure

  • Made with hight-quality metal frame. There is 4 platforms and 4 metal frames. Each frame can bear at least 30 pounds.
  • The panels can be easy assembled and make any customized size and shape as per your needs.
  • Provides 150 zip ties for connecting meshes together.
Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure

Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure

  • This Cat Enclosure can be used in any suitable place like deck, patio, or balcony.
  • This will be visible from anywhere because of open-net construction.
  • Enclosed with 2 doors for cat out and in.
  • Easy to carry and keed in travel.
  • Made with solid steel & rip stop netting.

Benefits of Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Aside from providing security and entertainment, an outdoor cat enclosure offers several other benefits for your cats:

  • Provide a healthy outdoor lifestyle
  • Reduction in veterinary bills
  • Breathe in fresh air
  • Reduced chance of cat injury or illness
  • Large space to play
  • Outdoors are enriching
  • Keeps them safe
  • Protect birds and wildlife
  • Manages behavioral issues
  • Reduces odors inside
  • Good neighbor relations
  • Portable walkway
  • Reduce indoor multi-cat issues
  • Easy human and feline bonding outdoors
  • Provides a stimulating environment for cats that may otherwise be left alone indoors
  • Allows you to enjoy your outdoor space while keeping your cats safe and comfortable
  • Can help declutter your yard, improving its appearance


Q: Are outdoor cat enclosures good?

A: Yes, outdoor cat enclosures are good for cats. Outdoor cat enclosures provide a safe place for cats to explore and play, while also keeping them away from potential dangers like cars, other animals, and poisonous plants.

Enclosures should be large enough for the cat to move around freely, with plenty of vertical space for climbing and jumping.

Q: What type of outdoor enclosure is best for cats?

A: The best type of outdoor enclosure for cats is one that is safe and secure. It should have high walls or a fence to keep the cat in, and should be large enough for the cat to move around freely.

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