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How Much Food Does a Cat Need Daily?

As a new cat owner, it is a common question “how much food does a cat need daily?” The answer is more helpful to an owner who is beginning with his pet. Sometimes old owners get worried about whether their pets are getting the proper food or not.

Basically, it varies from cat to cat according to their weight, age and food values. The cat could be pregnant, sick, very much active, or lazy. Many ready-made brand foods are also available. Some of them are dense, and some of them are dilute. Some are rich in value, some are not.

Many cat owners give their cats free access to dry food all the time. The problem is, it is difficult to measure the amount in that case. Having dry food needs to drink water from time to time.

When to Feed a Cat?

After bringing a new cat, it is not possible to give it the same amount of food that it is used to, afterwards it will get used to the food that you gave to it. They are very sensitive, so they take time to adjust to the new environment and food habits. Don’t rush into anything. Take some time to change its habit.

Otherwise, the cat will get upset or won’t play with you to give pleasure. Give it food a few times if the food is dense. Light food needs more servings.

Difference Between Wet and Dry Cat Food

The basis of cat food is flesh based protein like meat, fish and poultry. High animal protein and low plant protein is good. Ten percent of the food weight should be carbohydrates. Wet food should have a sufficient amount of meat in it. 

In the case of dry cat food, feed it water from time to time, otherwise, it will be dehydrated.

Cat Food Calculation

Dry food contains 300 cal per cup and canned food has 250 cal in each can. As an example, an 8 pound cat needs about a cup of dry food per day. Divide the food for per serving.

Before feeding, make sure what type of food it likes-dry or wet. You can get help from a veteran for this. He will adjust its food amount according to its weight and age. Notice the cat while eating. This will help to determine the amount.

How Often to Feed Cats

Most of the owners feed their cats on a morning and night basis. Some of them are just free givers. This depends on what they are having. Rich food needs to be eaten for a long gap but if the food is low in food value, then give them food very often. Free feeding is not a healthy habit.

How Much Food a Cat Needs Daily

The metabolism rate is different for different cats. You need to determine that. Modify its diet if it is not getting enough food. Or try to change the food if the cat doesn’t like it. Touch cats backbone and ribs. If you can feel the bones, then they are thin.

If the bone is not felt, then it could be ok or overweight. It’s tricky to determine if it is ok or overweight. Observe the movements, and check if it has difficulties in walking or movement. It will help you to make decisions about its health and how much food a cat needs daily.

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Feeding Cats of Different Ages

Age makes a difference in taking food amounts. Kittens need more food for their growing body compared to grownup cats. They should be fed more often to fulfill extra needs. Growing kittens up to six months of age need three meals per day. For adult cats, one to two servings of senior cat food is good. Old cats need only one serving per day if it keeps them healthy in such a way.

The Health of Cat

Cats with diabetes need extra care. Talk to a veterinarian about its medications and food intake amount. Cats with hypothyroidism will like to eat all the time. Cats with bad teeth or gum could have problems in biting foods and as a result, they can eat less. Cure the symptoms first. In that case, feed it canned food that does not require chewing.

Make a Feeding Routine for Your Lovely Cat

Kittens Food Routine* Needs 200 calories per day per five pounds of body weight.
Lean Domestic Cats Food Routine* 5 pound cat needs 170 calories/day
* 10 pound cat needs 280 calories/day
* 15 pound cat needs 360 calories/day
* 20 pound cat needs 440 calories/day
Overweight Domestic Cats Food Routine* 5 pound cat needs about 180 calories/day
* 10 pound cat needs about 240 calories/day
* 15 pound cat needs about 280 calories/day
* 20 pound cat needs about 310 calories/day
Pregnant or Nursing Cats Food Routine* 5 pound cat needs about 336 calories/day
* 10 pound cat needs about 603 calories/day
* 15 pound cat needs about 851 calories/day
* 20 pound cat needs about 1091 calories/day

Feeding Guidelines for Cats

I hope so you are enjoying this article about “How much food does a cat need daily?” We need to trust on the label marked on foods can. The overall amount remains almost the same. According to cats’ reactions on food, the servings can be adjustable. Adjust it according to the cat’s body condition. Lower the food if the cat is fat and increase the amount if the cat is skinny.

Don’t let your cat be overweight. A healthy cat will make you happier. A good healthy cat will play with you for a long time to give companionship. The Pet food aisle is full of varieties of food. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right one.

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Giving the right amount of food is a wise decision. It may be sick for lack of sufficient food. Maintaining a good routine will give good health. Healthy and balanced food is good for both humans and cats. A happy and healthy cat will stay active all the time.

On the other hand, a fat cat will not act hungry all the time. How much a cat needs to eat depends on a variety of factors like size, age, metabolic rate, the amount it exercises, and environmental factors.

The same volume of different foods can have varying caloric and nutritional contents. Owners need to figure out how much to feed their cats.

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