How to Help Your Overweight Cat Lose Weight

How to Help Your Overweight Cat Lose Weight

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Like human being cats can also suffer from obesity issues. So you need to help your cat lose weight. Such problems can lead to diabetes, kidney failure, heart attack and so on. Precautions must be taken to avoid this issue.

About six of ten old cats suffer in this in America. Owners can’t realize this as they see their pets on a regular basis. It can be observed if they see their photos that are taken a couple of years old. Obesity doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It’s a result of daily food intake and activities. The solution is not that easy.

All love their pets very much. They can’t feed them in little amount for excess affection. Today we are going to discuss about what obesity really is, what should be considered as fat cat, how it happens, what are the symptoms, what precautions can be taken and what can we do at the stage of obesity.

There are many things that can be done to get the situation make better.

How to set a goal for cat weight loss

First of all, we need to set up a goal for Cat lose weight. Without a target, we can’t go to a final destiny. We need to know what the weight of it and what is the ideal weight. A vet can suggest to you about the ideal weight. This will help us to take the right decisions.

After deciding the perfect measure, it is easy to deal with it. Taking steps will be easy after doing it. Make sure to measure your cat’s weight on weekly basis. A bathroom scale is good for this purpose. Take weight of yourself along with the cat.

Then measure your personal weight alone. Deduct those numbers. There you have the cat’s weight. Maintain a chart on regular basis to see the progress.

Overweight Cat Lose Weight

Give it less calories

Less calories are now to be considered. Like us, pets also need to lower their food intake to loose extra pounds. One thing must be considered that taking food is one kind of recreation for them  Giving it less will make it unhappy.

At the beginning of diet control, cat will seek for more food and so they will eat in excess if they have any chance. The more you feed them, the more they will consume calories and as a result obesity is must. Try to calculate how much you are giving to it and replace them with food alternative.

Before doing anything, consult with a vet about healthy food. Show him the detailed food chart that your pet is taking per serving. Then he can make a chart about how much it needs per serving to get weight loss.

Considering canned food for weight lose

Dry kibble contains higher calories compared to wet canned food. It could be an alternative food for your cat. The extra water content of canned wet food will make the cat feel that they are eating enough. This trick will help the Cat lose weight.

This will work well for those who want more food again and again. The extra amount of protein that have in canned wet food stays in the stomach for long time which will reduce the want of food for long. They will consume less in this process.

Put them on a diet program

The above-mentioned process is for those cats that gained a little amount of weight. For those that gained extra amount of weight must undergo in dieting plan. Before proceeding, contact with your vet to have better suggestions.

He will give you advice on the basis of how much information you give to him. He will run some examination to have an idea about the current status of the pet. Always follow the instructions and the other advice that he give to you.

If the situation is worse, then he might suggest some weight loss supplement. Try not to let it eat some extra reward food. It will not help in diet program. Treats are on of the reasons of over weight. Stop those rewards during a diet for cat lose Weight.

Increase their activities

The above mentioned processes must be continued strictly. You can put some extra effort into these. Increase cat’s daily activities. This will burn some extra calories from their body. Exercises and different activities will increase the metabolism rate of it. Simple playing with it will not do. Some walking, running and exercise are also needed.

Have some toys such that they can play with them by chasing vigorously. Some toys are specially made for this purpose. Consult with toy store and explain your demand. Online shop is also helpful. Search Google for it and you will find varieties of toys available in the market. Teleshopping is also possible.

Those are good for cats that don’t want to play outside. If your cat loves to go outside, then go out for a walk or run with it.

Avoid watching TV with your pet

Some people love to watch TV with their beloved cat. The cat forget to move around and stick with it’s master silently. This is one of the reasons of being fat. This is also unhealthy for you.

Having snacks during your favorite TV shows and also feeding to pet at the same time will mislead you to have more food as you will forget about the amount of having food for yourself and feeding the pet. All the weight loss programs will be ruined at this.

Remember that, all your bad habits will make bad effect on the pet. Some pets can figure out the mental condition of the owner.  Now you have learned how to deal with a cat with obesity. Different steps should be taken on the basis of its obesity level.

To have a good health you need to undergo in those processes. Vet will guide in the whole process. Try to visit him on regular basis. He can be a good partner in this war of loosing weight program. Show him the weekly progress chart. He may advise some tips for the well being of the pet.

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