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Why Is My Cat Losing Weight?

Cat weight loss can be caused by various factors, including dental issues, parasites, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or underlying illnesses. If your cat is losing weight, consult a veterinarian promptly for a thorough examination and diagnosis to address the underlying cause.

Often, weight loss in felines indicates that there is one problem or the other. Don’t be alarmed. It may not be effortless to tell, but you have to trace the source of the problem once you do. Now, several reasons may be responsible if your cat is losing weight, some more serious than others.

The trick is to discover on time so that you can fix a vet appointment and help your cats.

How to tell if my cat is losing weight?

It’s not always easy to detect weight loss in pets, especially if they are hairy or overweight. That’s why you need to schedule regular wellness exams and examine them physically.

To check your felines’ weight status, you need to stand over them and look at their frame. Ideally, there should be a slight dip at the waist. If the dip is very noticeable, then your cat’s weight has dropped badly. Also, you can use a digital cat scale for weighing cats perfectly.

Cat requires attention, try to pay attention when you pick them up and shouldn’t feel the ribs as strongly since there would typically be a layer over it.

Of course, if you can see your pet’s ribs when they move around, you need to schedule an urgent appointment with the veterinarian.

Reasons that your cat is losing weight

There are many reasons why your cat may be losing weight. Moreover, understanding your pet plays a significant role here. This is because sometimes, your pet is losing weight just because it isn’t eating as well as it should. So, paying attention to your cat goes a long way in helping you discover the reason for its weight loss:

Change in Season

Cats often lose weight in the summer. So, if your cat is losing weight in the summer, don’t panic.

The mild weather in summer and spring encourages pets to move around more often and engage in more activities than they would in other seasons.

The warmth in the atmosphere also makes them more inclined to drink water, as it often leads to a loss of appetite. Therefore, if your cats reach for water instead of their meals, you’ll know that they’re losing their appetite.


If your pet’s diet lacks the necessary nutrition for its age, it will be underfed, underweight, or worse. As a pet owner, you should only give age-appropriate meals to your pets.

The VCA Hospital explains that senior cats need a higher protein diet to prevent diabetes. However, younger cats can maintain variety in their nutrition. Besides, studies have shown that wet food can cause weight loss in cats due to its low energy density.

Stress or Change in Environment

Generally, felines are sensitive to their environment, and any change to an unfamiliar one would affect them. The result is that they have different responses to changes and can take a while to adapt.

They also can become anxious or stressed if the environment is unfamiliar or unfriendly. Thus, suppose your feline friends are uneasy in their new home and become underweight. In that case, it’s because they haven’t adjusted to the new environment.


The disease is a common cause of weight loss in senior cats. They often have diseases that make eating or swallowing food difficult. It will prevent them from eating as much as they should.

Cats are prone to medical conditions like kidney or liver disorders, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, cancer, or dental diseases.

If your cats have any of these, it’s normal for them to lose weight or be unable to eat as they should. Therefore, you should regularly get your cats examined if you notice signs of discomfort, nausea, shortness of breath, or less activity.

You must also stay watchful, be consistent with their medication, if any, and report to your veterinarian when you notice sudden changes.

Why is my cat so skinny

Steps to take when your cat is losing weight

Many cat owners struggle with figuring out how to help their cats stay healthy. But sometimes cats lose weight even though he’s eating. Try these three tips if your cat suddenly loses weight.

You can use a digital cat scale for weighing cats perfectly.

Trip to the Vet’s

This should be your first response. As soon as you notice any changes, schedule an appointment with the veterinarian. The vet should examine your cat to rule out the possibility of an underlying medical condition.

New Diets

Cats need different nutrients at different growth stages. If your cat’s diet is no longer sufficient, consult your vet and get a customized meal plan for it. Choosing the best cat food for your four-legged friends is important. Also, if your goal is to make your pet add weight, feed your pet natural dry cat food than moist food.

Love and Reassurance

Cats need to feel comfortable and at peace. Some love and reassurance of your interest in them will help them reduce stress and regain their appetite.


Weight loss is common in cats, even pets in general. Although you cannot always prevent it, you can take the required steps to make your cat healthier.

Don’t forget that your feline friend is relying on you to do what’s best for them. So, pay attention to them, and your pet parent instincts will not fail you.

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