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Harmful Foods For Cats: 6 Foods Should Avoid

There are some foods that aren’t harmful to cats if it is taken in less quantity. But some foods like onion and raw eggs are very harmful to cats. So, you have to avoid harmful foods for cats. Otherwise, your cat will get sick.

Those who are likely to have pets, most of them want cats as pets. There are some choosy cats which may be disappointing for their owners. There are some specific foods which may be very harmful to cats though they are good for humans.

Harmful Foods Should Avoid Feeding Your Cat

Today I discuss 6 foods are given which are harmful to cats.

Raw Egg

Protein is needed for cats more than for dogs due to species differences. As they have different digestive eggs their body may be affected by “Salmonella” or their pancreas may be infected which is known as pancreatitis.

You may serve cooked eggs to your cats but that should be in very low amounts and occasionally. 


If Bones are impacted in throat of cats, choking can happen. So never give bones to eat.

Onion and Garlic

Chemical components of onion & garlic cause damage to the red cells of Cat’s and Dog’s blood. In spite to cooking, toxic components of onion and garlic aren’t destroyed, as there are organ-sulphoxide in onion & garlic.

So, in spite of cooking onion and garlic these must not be served to cats & dogs. So, in any circumstance onion & garlic must not be given to cats and dogs whether they are cooked or not.


Most cats like to drink milk. Milk is a favorite food of cats but consumption of too much milk reduces the digestion of cat, as a result, various types of abdominal problems may occur. Kittens need to drink milk.

But as the kitten grows and becomes a fully grown cat then they can eat almost all types of foods. That’s time it is better not to give milk to the cat.

Red Meat

Amino Acids are needed for health of cats. We all know that there are so much amino acids in beef meat.

So, red meat shouldn’t be served to cats. If you serve red meats to your cat, it may cause gastric acidity. As a result, consuming red meat may occur pancreatitis.

Coffee and Alcohol

Due to the consumption of coffee and such type of drinks heartbeat reduce and palpitation occur in case of cats. So, keep your cat away from coffee soda, tea and chocolate. And of course keep away your cat from dark chocolate. 

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