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6 Ways to Stop Cat Falling Out of Window (Helpful Tips)

When the weather gets nice in summer and people open their apartment windows, maybe cats fall out of the window. Every year a large number of cats fall out of windows and have accidents.

If a cat falls from the window, it is called cat high-rise syndrome. This emergency occurs so frequently that it has its own name, “high-rise syndrome.”

So if you live with pets above the second floor of any building (it need not be a true high-rise), pay very careful attention to this one and make necessary arrangements to prevent cat from falling out the window.

What do I do If My Cat fell Out of the Window?

When cats fall, they are likely to suffer severe injuries that extend well beyond broken bones. This is particularly true when they fall from heights between two and seven stories. At first, you have to give first aid for falls in cats.

In such cases, it’s common for them to sustain bruising to their heart and lungs, fracture of their lower jaw and the roof of their mouth, and swelling of the brain.

Many of these cats will also suffer a rupture of their urinary bladder, internal bleeding, or rib fracture — and this is all in addition to broken legs.

Cat seeing outside from window

Amazingly, many of these cats survive and do quite well. However, fixing them is neither cheap nor fast.

Costs for treating severe high-rise syndrome cases are often in the range of $2,000 to $5,000-plus, and these pets are typically going to need to be in the hospital for several days.

These poor guys require true intensive care, often requiring supplemental oxygen therapy and temporary feeding tubes.

Interestingly, cats who fall from heights above seven stories typically sustain fewer and less severe injuries. But that’s not to say that you should let them do it. Make no mistake — even these cats can suffer painful or fatal injuries.

Cats often suffer a case of high-rise syndrome after having been startled off their perch, like the sill of an open window, by a loud noise (vacuum, blender, doorbell, screaming kids, etc.) or by losing their balance while jumping onto the ledge. It also occurs while hunting passing bugs, flies, or birds from an open window.

Given the potential severity of their injuries, the risk of death, the costs associated with treatment, and the fact that it can also happen to your children, I’d suggest doing all you can to prevent cats falling out of windows.

How to Prevent Cat from Falling Out of Window

If your cat falls from window then you can take some procedures to stop cats from falling out of windows. Here are some useful preventive steps you can take:

1. Installing well-fitted and secure window screens

If you have windows you want to open, such safety measures won’t prevent your cat from getting the fresh air they may desire, but they can help prevent them from suffering a painful fall.

Just be sure to check regularly to ensure that your screens are snug, and secure and that your cat hasn’t been slowly scratching a hole in them with his claws.

2. Use Window Guards

A window guard can prevent cats from falling out of the window. This is also very useful if have a child in your house. It will prevent accidental falls. We found an adjustable pet and child safety window guard.

3. Open the top portion of your windows

If possible, open the top portion of your windows, rather than the bottom. Or, if you have ‘hotel-style’ windows, open them to the side, rather than out.

4. Close all windows before you go out

Get in the habit of closing your windows before starting any loud appliances. Many cats (and dogs) are scared of loud noises, especially sudden ones. This fear can serve them well in certain situations, but it can prove painful or deadly if there’s an open window around.

5. Don’t let your pets out on your balcony unobserved

And even then, do not let them jump onto the railings. Move your patio furniture away from the railings to help keep your pets (and kids) from getting to a level where they are more likely to fall over. You can also consider using outdoor cat enclosures on your balconies and decks.

6. Close your windows before throwing toys at your cat

Don’t forget to close windows before giving toys to your cat. Or don’t give the ball to play in the house.


If one of your pets ever falls out of a window, bring her in immediately for veterinary evaluation and treatment. As outlined above, the list of potential injuries they may have suffered is much longer than just broken bones, and many of them aren’t likely to be obvious to you.

There is no at-home treatment, and many of these pets are in extreme pain. Get them to the vet immediately.

For entertainment and relaxing your cat, you can set cat window perch. This will make your cat happy and the cat will see outside of the house like birds-eye-view.

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