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How to Choose a Litter Scoop for Your Cat? (Explained)

A cat litter scoop is a very important tool for any cat owner. It is used to scoop out the waste from a cat’s litter box. A scoop can also be used to remove any clumps that may have formed in the litter.

The best cat litter scoop is the one that is comfortable for you to use and that efficiently removes cat litter from the box.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cat Litter Scoop

There are some basic things to consider when choosing a litter scoop. They are the shape, size of the holes, durability, handle length, and type of litter used. Here I listed some points that you can choose cat litter scoop easily:

The Shape of the Scoop

The shape should be in such a way that it can explore and clean every corner of the litter box. However, If you prefer something fashionable, you need to ensure that whatever shape you are going for will do the job and fit into every nook and corner of the litter box.

scoop size
Cat litter scoop size measurement

The scoop shape should match the size of your cat litter box and the type of litter used.

For faster cleaning, a deep shovel style scoop is suitable through the litter. Round scoops can’t go to corners of litter boxes.

The scoop will be unusable if the head is larger. There are couples of long slotted scoops that let easily pass to let flow loose litters.

Some may demand for scoops that can be shaken to release waste. Choose a scoop with a reputation for quick and effortless cleaning.

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Rounded edges Scoops are difficult to get into the corners of the litter box. Choose the square one that can go through the corners of a litter box. Depending on the size of your cat’s litter choose smaller or larger slots and holes.

A deep shovel allows you to scoop out more waste fast. Liquid waste often gets stuck to the bottom of the box, it’s important to choose a scoop with a thin scraping edge that can remove it properly.


It is not wise to give extra effort beyond it’s required. Therefore, choose the convenient one. Check the handle of the scoop to ensure that it suits well in your hand without pinching and opt for a rubber handle. A well-designed scoop that effectively picks up litter is more comfortable to use than one that doesn’t do its job very well.

Special techniques are required to handle the specially equipped ones. User-friendly product is always preferable. The scoops weight should be such that it won’t bother the user. It won’t spill into all the environment to make things worse.

The handle must be in the right size for your hand, not very thick or very slim. Some people don’t like crouching next to the box, you might have mobility issues, want to protect your back, don’t want to breathe in any dust, or prefer to keep your distance from the litter box odor.

If all make sense, then consider what the length of the handle would be. Another thing is how easy it is to store the scoop. There are some handles that have holes in them to hang with hooks. This is a good choice if you don’t want to leave the thing on your floor. Cat litter scoops get dirty easily, and you won’t always want to place them on the floor next to the litter box.

There are couple of scoops that have caddies, and hangers to make it cleaner. Other scoops may feature non-stick coatings that keep wet litter from getting glued in the scoop.

The Hole Size of the litter Scoop

Hole size is the most important thing while you choose a cat litter scoop. Sizes of the scooper holes will determine the size of litter you will be able to get out of the box.

Scooping litter by a scoop
Litter scoop

That is why the size of the holes will either be efficient or inefficient depending on the kind of litter in the litter box. Some litters may break down into very small particles and are very hard to scoop out if your scooper has large holes.

The cleaning process can be easy if the waste is handled in a good way. Both slots and holes can be chosen but make sure that you are having the one with the proper size and that can carry waste in a good way.

Long slots also let loose liters to flow easily whereas smaller holes will require more shaking and shifting work on your part.

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The Durability of the Scooper

The litter box should be cleaned out at least every day, especially when dealing with clumping cat litter, natural cat litter requires less cleaning. You don’t have to replace it every week.

The materials used in making a good scoop should have good quality so that it will not break down or bend while scooping the litter properly.

Your litter scoop should be strong enough to handle scraping, bending, breaking, cracking and all the efforts that go into cleaning up non-tracking cat litter. Be aware of what type of scoop you are going to use.

So you need to be sure that it’s tough enough for the job. It can’t be too heavy or cumbersome. And at the same time, you don’t want a flimsy scoop for use.

Choose high-quality durable materials such as plastic or metal that are lightweight and will last you a decent amount of time without bending or snapping.

You’re probably familiar with the feeling of praying in the litter box, knowing that the flimsy plastic handle wasn’t made for this kind of heavy use, and eventually feeling the snap that you knew was coming. It’s frustrating to use a tool that can’t effectively do its job.

long handle litter scoop

The Length of the Scoop Handle

Handle length is another necessary point to choosing a cat litter scoop. Besides long handled one, small handled scoops are a good choice for this purpose.

On the other hand, sturdy handled scoops are stronger enough to break down. You need to bend more to get the job done. More bending can cause back pain to patients. Scoops with a long handle can handle much waste with it. It is not necessary to exchange waste in a single attempt. Long handle litter scoops are also good if used for people with back pain or senior person.

The Litter Type

Some litter clumps up well and won’t pose any problem while scooping out. Others don’t clump well and have textures that your scoop may not be able to take out of the box.

Have a Spare Litter Scoop

The more you use litter boxes and scoops, the more there are chances to break down. When this happens, you may need a replacement but won’t have the time to go shopping for one immediately. Try to have a spare one.

So it is wise to buy a new one in case of buying a new litter box if the new litter box is of a different shape, size and holes to fulfill the need.

How to handle it

Think of that, the litter box is very much needed to be cleaned up within a daily basis. Some might not want to clean that weekly. If the waste is kept for longer-term time, then the waste will be in huge amounts.

Storing for a long time will make everything worse. Buy a good quality scoop so that its materials are good enough to give you the best service.

Non-stick option

This depends on what kind of cat litter box is used. The non-stick one is a good quality to make a job handy. This makes jobs easy to clean. If waste is stuck with scoops for long, it will last long. 

Besides, it is unhygienic to keep any waste stuck on scoops. It is difficult to clean later. Teflon-based coatings do the best for this job. This Teflon is also used in frying pans also.   

The Price

The price of the scoop should match your basic requirements for the best. So after taking the scooper’s appearance, you have to also consider the price is not too high.

How to Use Cat Litter Scoop?

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