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10 Best Long Handle Cat Litter Scoops of 2022

The long handle cat litter scoop is the perfect tool for keeping your cat’s litter box clean. This scoop has a long handle that makes it easy to reach into the litter box, and the scoop itself is large enough to hold a lot of litter.

There’s nothing too complicated about a cat litter scoop, but this simple cat care gadget can make a real difference when it comes to keeping your cat’s litter tray up to scratch.

Cats are very clean among all other animals. So a good scoop sifter will help keep your cat’s place cleaner.

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Top Pick

Yangbaga Metal Cat Litter Scoop

The scooper is rounded designed, which fits corners in the litter box. Adjustable handle, very comfortable, easy to grip, and does not let hands enter dirty garbage. The handle is waterproof and will never absorb odor. Convenient to store.

  • Long Handle Deep Sifting Shovel
  • Adjustable and efficient cleanliness
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Best for large multi cat

Benefits of Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop

1. You can easily scoop waste with a long handle litter scoop, which makes cleanup easier and faster.

2. A long handle litter scoop is less likely to cause injuries while cleaning the litter box, as it allows you more control when cleaning the area.

3. With a long handle litter scoop, you can scoop more waste in less time, which saves both time and money on cat litter costs.

The Best Long Handle Cat Litter Scooper

Amazon Basics Metal Litter Scoop

Amazon Basics Metal Litter Scoop

  • With the Amazon Basics Metal Litter Scoop, you can clean dirty litter boxes easily.
  • Its retractable and adjustable handle makes it convenient to use, while its durable stainless steel and aluminum construction ensures long-lasting use.
  • Whether you’re scooping clumping clay litter, crystal litter, or all-natural wheat or corn litter, this scoop will have your disposal area clean in no time.
  • It measures 5.5 by 2.1 by 21.9 inches.
Yangbaga Metal Cat Litter Scoop

Yangbaga Metal Cat Litter Scoop

  • Yangbaga cat litter scoop is made with premium quality stainless steel. This heavy duty scoop is durable, odor free and rustproof.
  • With this long handle, you can do cleaning work by sitting in a chair. So no need to bend your back and it will rescue back pain.
  • The adjustable scoop length starts at 16.4 inches and will increase up to 32.8 inches. Here are added foam padded handles for comfortable use.
PUPTECK Fast Sifting Cat Litter Scoop

PUPTECK Fast Sifting Cat Litter Scoop

  • PUPTECK fast sifting long Handle cat litter scoop has 3 levels adjustable length. The start length is 19.9 inches and it can increase up to 39.8 inches. The shovel size is 5.7×5.7×2.1 inches.
  • Made with very light material so no need for much labor to use it.
  • It can clean wet litter besides dry waste from the box.
  • PUPTECK litter box is perfect for multi-cat family households.
OUSCENE Long Handle Litter Scooper

OUSCENE Long Handle Litter Scooper

  • OUSCENE Metal cat litter scoop adjustable from 16 inches to 32 inches.
  • Comfortable foam padded non-slip handle grip.
  • 0.2-inch hole space helps easy to filter cat litter.
  • This scooper can be used for serving multi-purpose pets such as dogs, cats and other small pets.
Doskocil Petmate Ultimate Litter Plastic Scoop

Doskocil Petmate Ultimate Litter Plastic Scoop

  • Doskocil is a budget friendly plastic made extra-large litter scoop.
  • This scoop shifter dimension is : 17.5″X6″X4″
  • Lightweight and awesome for multicat household.
  • The holes size is perfect. Enough large shifting and small enough that pet poop not fall.
iPrimio Scoop Monster Cat Litter Stand Up Scooper

iPrimio Scoop Monster Cat Litter Stand Up Scooper

  • Extra long handle and no need to bend over.
  • This iPrimio shovel adjustable Length Handle up to 34 inches.
  • Combine comfort and effortless scooping. Also can easily use people with back pain.
  • It is very sturdy and thin enough to dig in the sand.

How Does Litter Scoop Work?

Cat litter scoops are very straightforward and they’re like regular shovels. But there are many little holes in them. The solid waste is taken by it and loose litter drops are fallen down through holes in it. The waste is then thrown away outside or dispose of in different ways.

Why Need a Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop?

A scooper is a great piece of equipment for scoop litter. As you’re reading this article, you probably have already realized the truth about these simple products. Some people think that any spoon will do the same work in this case.

But there are no holes in the regular spoon. To get the dirt out of the litter need a scooper with holes.

There are many brand materials that serve the scooping purpose. But they’re not all equal. There are some scoops that can’t go to the corner of litter boxes. In that case, a long handle litter scoop will serve the purpose best.

Many times by a small or regular size scoop all the waste won’t be cleaned properly. You can save hours of time by using a good long handle scoop.

How To Use Long-Handled Cat Litter Scoop?

The best way to use a long handled cat litter scoop is to first find a comfortable position.

Next, place the scoop in the litter box and use your hand to guide it through the litter.

Finally, use your thumb and forefinger to scoop up the waste. Then pour the scooped litter into a bag or container.


How long should I wait before scooping my cat’s litter?

You should wait at least 20 minutes after your cat has used the litter box before scooping. This will give the litter time to absorb the urine and feces so that it is easier to scoop. It will also give your cat time to cover their waste, which is important for their hygiene.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, a long handle litter scoop is easier and faster to use than a standard litter scoop, makes cleanup easier and quicker, and can save you money on cat litter costs.

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