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What does It Mean if a Cat is Purring?

Cats make purring sound often. It doesn’t mean that cat purring is always a happy sign. Cats can purr in a good mood or in a bad situation.

Cats purring sound sometimes could be vibrating, continuous and soft sometimes.

Does Purring Mean That the Cat Is Happy?

Cats will purr in areas in a relaxed environment. This occurs when you stroke them and the cat feels happy. They purr to express other needs too. If you pick your cat up, they will purr as they are nervous.

Why Do Cat Purrs?

While you’ll never know exactly what your furry friend is trying to tell you with a purr, you can make an informed guess by considering the situation.

Causes of Cat Purring

We found some amazing fact about why cat is purring. Let’s see below.

Cat-Mother Connection

Kittens can purr at the time when they’re only a few days old. It’s a way to inform their mothers about their existence. It also helps a kitten and mother bond strongly.

Happy mood

They may be on their back, tail mostly still, eyes half-closed. They are in their happy place if they are continuously purring. That sound is actually a big smile.

Food demand

Cats can purr when they are hungry. They combine their normal purr with a ‘mew’ in case they are hungry. Some cats purr when it’s mealtime.


Many cats purr when in pain. Purring is a way for a cat to ask for help just like a human child.  After getting frightened by something like a dog, they may be anxious for a while. But when the situation is over, they may purr for feeling happy.


Purring helps cats get better faster as the low frequency purrs cause vibrations within the body that can heal wounds and repair tendons. It can also relax breathing and decrease swelling. This is why cats can handle high falls. Many cats purr when they are in pain.

No matter what the reason for purr is, the sound is welcomed by cat parents. In case of continuous purring, it may represent some serious health issues. Consult with your vet if the situation gets worse.

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