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What Happens If a Cat Drinks Milk?

We got many similar questions from cat owners, Can cats drink milk? What happens if a cat drinks milk? or Is drinking milk safe for cats? Actually, milk seems like a harmless treat for cats but it can cause gastrointestinal distress that suffers for a long time.

Sometimes cats crave milk and that’s why we need to know how to safely feed it to them to avoid stomach upset.  

Cause of craving milk for adult cats

After being an adult, the cat might crave for milk often. Cats prefer specific scents with positive memories. Milk is a well known food for them. The cat shouldn’t drink milk for a meal and that is why it satisfies its cravings with foods prepared with it as an ingredient.  

How can a cat be fed safely with milk?

Foods that contain a part of milk to satisfy the cat’s cravings without causing any stomach upset. This helps the cat to enjoy the creamy flavors at the same time getting total balanced nutrition.

When cats stop drinking milk?

Kittens have their mother’s milk until 4 weeks old. In general, kittens have solid foods by 8-10 weeks old. Kittens can have their own mother’s milk, many mother cats lose the ability to process it after being weaned.

Cats lose their ability to digest milk after weaning because they need solid food. And it takes milk’s place and they are not required to have this ability. This case is different for some cats. Couples of them can digest milk till adulthood and some for the whole life.

What Do Cats Drink Instead of Milk?

Animals need liquid, especially water. The same thing goes for your cat too. We know that cats don’t drink enough water for the whole day. They may get dehydrated for the lack of water. You can give your cat wet food instead of drinks milk. Adding wet food to its diet can balance to its daily total water intake.

Some cats like flowing liquid food more than having it from a bowl. Use a cat fountain to encourage it to drink more. 

Is it good to pour milk on a cat’s food?

No. It is not a good idea. This may cause Gastro-Instentinal problems. Pouring milk on the cat’s food encourages the cat to complete its meal without enough solid food to meet its balanced diet.

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