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How to Tell if You are a Cat’s Favorite Person (Explained)

A cat’s favorite person is usually the person who feeds and cares for them the most. It is also thought that cats pick up on our emotional state and energy, so if we are feeling happy and relaxed around them, they are more likely to reciprocate these positive feelings.

Some cats are very attached to their owners and will follow them around the house, meowing for attention.

How to Tell if You are a Cats Favorite Human

If you suspect your cat loves you, look for signs of affection such as purring, head-butting, sleeping in your lap, or spending more time with you. Also, consider the following behavior if you are a favorite person of your cat:

Following Behavior

If your cat is following your behavior, it is likely because they are trying to learn from you and seek your attention. Cats are natural learners, and they often mimic the behavior of those around them.

By following your behavior, your cat is able to learn about your habits and preferences. Additionally, they may be trying to figure out what you are doing in order to better understand their own environment.

It is also possible that your cat is simply curious about what you are doing. Cats are curious creatures, and they often want to know what is going on around them. If you are doing something that interests them, they may follow you in order to see what you are doing. Additionally, they may follow you out of simple curiosity.


Cats are notoriously independent creatures, so it’s not surprising that they don’t always want to share their sleeping space with their owners. However, many cats enjoy snuggling up to their humans at bedtime, and there are a number of reasons why they might do so.

It could be that your cat feels safe and secure in your company, or that she simply enjoys your warmth and proximity. Alternatively, it could be that she simply likes your smell! Whatever the reason, it’s clear that your cat enjoys your company and feels comfortable in your presence.

Spend More Time

If your cat spends more time with you, it could be because you provide more food, attention, or playtime than others. Additionally, your cat may simply enjoy your company more than others.


If your cat is purring while you pet it, it is likely a sign of affection. Cats also purr when they are content or happy, so it could be that your cat is simply enjoying your company.

If your cat is purring loudly and persistently, it may be trying to communicate a need, such as hunger or thirst. Pay attention to your cats body language and other cues to figure out what it is trying to tell you.


Cats show their favorite people affection in different ways than they do other people. They often show their favorite people physical affection, such as licking or rubbing against them.

Cats may also show their favorite people special treatment, such as letting them sleep in their bed or giving them preferential access to food.

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