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Is Crystal Litter Safe for Cats?

Cats are great companions and fun to be around. None wants a dirty litter box in their home. Litter box odor control is an important issue. The right litter for cats is, it effectively absorbs urine, neutralizes odors and is convenient to change. Crystal litter are popular nowadays. That’s why cat owners are concerned about it. And yes, crystal litter is safe for cats.

What is Crystal Litter?

The silica used in crystal litter is formulated for cat litter and is made from amorphous silica gel. Amorphous silica is a mined material that is found in the form of quartz crystals. Scoop-free crystal litter trays are disposable that come with trays for easy cleanup.

Crystal silica gel litter is designed to be disposed of in the trash as a sealed unit but shouldn’t be flushed down a toilet.

crystal cat litter
Crystal Cat Litter

How does it control odor?

Crystal litters absorb urine and dehydrate waste to reduce odors. It is also more cost-effective as cats use less crystal litter over time. This litter is used in both automatic litter boxes and non-automatic litter boxes.

A single tray can last a month. In the automated boxes, the solid waste is raked into a covered trap.

Is it safe to reuse cats crystal litter?

Don’t dispose of used cat litter in gardens with edible plants. Crystal cat litter isn’t biodegradable, so it is harmful to plants. Don’t put animal waste in the garden because of the parasites. You can safely reuse it.

The pros and cons of reusing crystal cat litters

It keeps household waste to a minimum. A cheap way to take care of the garden and keep harmful weeds like poison ivy away from plants. You can use its absorbent properties to various purposes. It is harmful to the environment if not applied properly as it is not a biodegradable substance.

The cat waste can cause health issues to humans and animals if it is absorbed by edible corps.

How often should I change my crystal cat litter?

Crystal litters are made from silica gel which absorbs the liquid waste. All you have to do is scoop out and flush down the solids. Replace the entire box of litter once every one or two months. Change a box filled with 1 inch of litter about every 2 weeks.

With any crystal cat litter, it’s important to rake the crystals regularly to give them a chance to absorb more liquid.

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