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How to Choose A Cat Name or Kitten Name

After bringing the new cat into your home, it is time to choose a name for it so that whenever you call the name, it comes to you. If you are a new cat owner and keeping a cat for the first time, so your first concern is “how to choose a cat name? It depends on the owner as some want to know it by giving time for a while. On the other hand some others just immediately give a name for their kitty.

Couple of things to be considered before naming a cat.

  • Choose what is easy to Say
  • Try to keep it short and lovely
  • Keep in mind the longevity of the cat
  • Observe its personality
  • Watch for its looks
  • Pickup a human name
  • Involve your family in it
  • Relate name with some incident

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8 Tips for Picking the Perfect Name for Your Cat

Today we are going to narrate in brief about how to choose your cat name so that you can bring it closer to you and it runs for you whenever you utter the name.

Choose what is easy to Say

Avoid complicated names. The best is to pronounce what is easy. Small names are easy to utter and they don’t make echo. It will take time for your cat to get used to with its given name. Have patience about it . They are not like dogs. One thing to remember is that they won’t react differently by calling them with various names. 

Try to keep it short and lovely

Choosing one or two syllables is good for everyone as it is easy to call and understandable by the pet. The name should be in such a way that doesn’t involve your other pets’ names to clear confusion. Try to avoid common commands like come, go, yes, no etc.

Keep in mind the longevity of the cat

If you are considering keeping the cat for a long time then choose a name that suits it now and after ten years from now, it will also be appropriate to call it. Some cats could live even for twenty years.

Observe its personality

Cats differ in personality. To find out exactly what its kind, observe carefully from the beginning about its type. Restless cats , gentle cats , moody cats and some other personalities are available in the kingdom of cats. It might take one week to determine the attitude.

Watch for its looks

Appearance can also be considered for naming. Cats are fond of different moods. There are quiet cats and hyperactive one. Consider a black cat that can be called nighty. A cat with too much fur can be named like fluffy.

Pickup a human name

Many people choose human names for their pets. You also can consider that. But it should not be someone in your relatives or friends or even neighbours. This can make a serious misunderstanding. Some common female names are Lucy, Bella etc. There are some other male names like Sam, Max etc.

Involve your family in it

Respect other people’s names also. Ask your family members to give some names. Then choose one after taking others opinions. You can also arrange for a lottery to choose the proper name.

Relate name with some incident

Some of the buyers want to relate their pet name with some incidents. The cat might be obtained as a gift or anniversary present or new year gift. To remember any occasion, people sometimes name their pets With that.


Why do people name their cats?

People name their cats because they want to give them a unique identifier. Naming a pet is a way of showing love and care for them. It helps create a bond between the owner and animal.

Is it OK to rename a cat?

Yes, it is OK to rename a cat. If you have recently adopted a cat, you may want to consider changing its name to something that suits its personality better or that you simply like better.

There are a few things to keep in mind when changing a cat’s name, such as making sure the new name is not too long or difficult to pronounce, and gradually introducing the cat to its new name so that it can get used to it.

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