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10 Best Cat Beds (to Keep Them Warm and Dry)

Every lovely cat is a little bit fastidious about where they take their catnaps. As cats like a bit of luxury but they also want to feel safe and secure while they sleep. So, the perfect cat bed provides them with the perfect space to snuggle down.

According to the availability of so many different types and styles of cat beds. Some are used in summer and some in winter. Also some cat beds for kittens and some for senior cats.

To make it easier we take a look at some of the best cat beds you can currently buy, so your furry friend can rest easy. Let’s take a little journey through this article.

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
Petmate-Self-Warming-Cat-Bed Petmate Self Warming Cat Bed ‣ Heat-reflecting technology
‣ Lightweight
‣ No electricity required
Check Price
Sheri-deep-dish-cat-bed Sheri Cat Bed ‣ Perfect for cats up to 25lbs
‣ Water-resistant bottom
‣ Premium pet-safe materials
Check Price
Pet-Tent-Cat-Bed Pet Tent Soft Cat Bed ‣ Crafted with polyfoam lining
‣ Cozy house
‣ Machine washable without stretching
Check Price
Cave-Shape-Cat-Bed Armarkat Cave Shape Cat Bed ‣ Waterproof & Machine washable
‣ 100% polyfill
‣ Covered in luxe velvet
Check Price
Premium-Cat-Wool-Bed-Cave Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave ‣ Eco Friendly
‣ 100% Merino Wool
‣ For kittens to big cats
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What To Consider When Buying a Cat Bed

Definitely, your kitty friend can be a champion sleeper and all that catnapping needs a perfect pleasant space. Here is the exclusive guideline to look for when choosing the right cat bed for your sleepy puss.

1. Your lovely cat’s sleeping behavior and preference

The perfect bed for your cat needs to know exactly their individual behavior and sleep preference. Some cats instinctively spire up to sleep, making themselves little and protecting themselves. Moreover, curling up also assists them to keep up their body heat.

On the contrary, your pet may well prefer a well-ordered cat bed that gives them extra protection and the privacy they need to slumber peacefully. But, other cats are more confident and promote to spread out as they snooze.

Therefore, a more open cat bed with a larger ground area would work best. In brief, know your feline and get the right and the best cat bed to match.

2. Materials used

Comfort is top of the list for your kit, but durability and breathability are also important considerations if you want your pet to make the new bed their own. Look for original natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, and fleece which are all soft enough and much breathable, so decreasing the risk of extending odors and potential mold.

It should be sturdy and safety-tested but not lumpy or over-stuffed. Polyester fiber fillers are a perfect choice for the best cat beds as they are soft and harmful chemical-free.

3. Check Longevity

When you consider their claws and a tendency to scratch a stretching, the yawning cat is not necessarily a delicate thing.

Moreover, to help extend the life of your cat bed, look for stable fabrics and well-stitched designs that can stand up to the cat-maltreat it will get a long time.

Additionally, the design also needs to be sturdy and well-made to give your puss the secrecy and perfect protection they prefer as they sleep.

4. Warmness

Especially if you will use it in an outbuilding or garage, the thermal stuff of the cat bed should count towards your final choice. Even electric-heated beds, you can select a bed to give the right level of warmness to your sleeping cat.

5. Easy cleaning system

After all, it goes without saying you should select a cat bed that is fast and easy to clean, especially washing machine friendly. Moreover, beds with removable covers and erasable fabrics are better options so you can keep those catty odors and confirmed dirty at bay.

6. Selecting the Style and Size

After all, the size of your cat, the breed and their sleeping behavior will all factor in your final option of choosing the bed. Whichever type of bed you select, you must be sure your pet has enough space to turn in a circle as they settle and stretch as they sleep.

And the shy or gravity-hold cat may also like a covered cat bed, whereas the more feline may prefer the open, pillow-style sleeper to settle down on.

7. Different Types

When you understand your cat’s sleeping preferences or behavior and have also settled in where you will be keeping their new bed, you can now select the right type for your pet choice. There are many types of cat beds to choose.

8. Is it open?

Firstly, the simplest type of cat bed, the open versions are decorated like super-comfortable floor pillows on which your puss can spread out and relax. Moreover, these are a better choice for confident, sociable cats like to be in the thick when they snooze.

9. Is it Enclosed?

Second, a padded floor pillow with thick, soft sides to produce a comfortable haven, the enclosed cat bed is a better all-round choice if your cat likes to be aware of what’s going on around him but still needs to feel snug and safe.

10. Cave

Third, these cat beds are exactly as they sound ‍as literally, that is a fully enclosed, cave-like bed in which your cat can turn back and get away from it all. Safe, secure, and private, these are ideal for the cat who loves to have some private time.

Moreover, you can also select beds that are tent or igloo-shaped.

11. Is it Heated?

Finally fourth, for a kitty that likes warmness or for a more brutal or outdoor cat that asks for shelter in a garage, you can choose a bed that heats up for extra warming.

Now, choose from self-heating beds, which use space-blanket technology that attaches excellent and exclusive thermal properties to the inner of the bed, or even electrically heated beds, to turn the heat up when your cat needs a little more warmth.

12. With Extra features

Check out if your selected cat bed has any handy extras like anti-slip grips, removable pillows, and even combined toys to keep her engaged when she is awake and chilling.

The Best Cat Beds [10 Perfect Picks for Your Feline Friends]

According to cats demand, here we provide a unique list and review of the best cat bed, you must prefer this accurate guideline.

Petmate Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed

According to a low wall enclosed cat bed, there’s a lot to love about our Best Value pick from Aspen, but the real fact is that undoubtedly it is self-warming so a toasty haven for your lovely snoozing pet.

Petmate Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed

Applying heat-reflecting technology, this large cat bed has a Mylar inner layer that reflects the heat of your sleeping cat’s body to provide a warm and satisfied sleep zone. And to up the comfort level, the bed is surface lined with snuggly faux lambswool to fulfill your cat’s sleeping experience.

After all, this is a spacious couch, with plenty of room for your cute cat to spread and move, while the circular outer wall is just high enough to give them the privacy and safety they need for comfortable sleeping.

Moreover, it also has an anti-skid bottom and the whole bed can be hand-washed to keep it clean. We think this is the perfect and one of the best cat beds for traveling or vacations.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and enclosed bed design
  • Corduroy outer with faux lambswool liner
  • Heat-reflective inner layer
  • With anti-slip bottom
  • With handwash to keep clean


  • Uses body-heat reflecting technology
  • Keeps a cat toasty
  • Large space for larger cats


  • The outer wall is not too rigid and supportive

Sheri OrthoComfort Cat Bed

In a brief, the squeeze effect of this Deep Dish cat bed, associated with the quality materials makes the OrthoComfort is the Best Choice. 

Sheri OrthoComfort Cat Bed

There is a dense donut-style design to the cat bed that your kit will like, giving them sufficient security and privacy without totally shutting them out. Moreover, your cat can choose to snuggle deep or relax. In that way, all the time being sheltered by the warmth of bed Sherpa fabric that helps them to sleep.

Additionally, there are lots of nice touches to the OrthoComfort for example the high rear bolster wall to console joints and muscles then a lower front to support their head and neck.

Inside there’s enough room for your cat to stretch out while the more than generous AirLoft fibers keep them snuggled and supported.

However, it has an exclusive size for most cats, this bed also suits well for small dogs that are made from pet-safe materials.

Overall, you get a waterproof bottom and the whole bed is machine-washable and dryer safe too.

Key Features:

  • Excellent Deep dish design for support and comfort
  • Made of Sherpa fabric pet-safe
  • High bolster wall
  • Exclusive Waterproof bottom
  • Great Machine and dryer-safe


  • The deep and supportive design
  • Ideal for older cats
  • The waterproof bottom and machine-washable
  • Easy to clean


  • The walls are soft and not rigid

Pet Tent Soft Cat Bed

At this moment, now, here is a super-cozy hideout for your cat that loves its secrecy but doesn’t want to miss out on any of the family action!

Pet Tent Soft Cat Bed

It’s made from a choice of faux suede, linen, or corduroy, and contains a poly-foam lining to create the protective tent frame, your puss can hide away inside without feeling totally diverse, thanks to the suitable-sized front preliminary.

This really is a comfy bed he must love, not least because of the super-luxury squeeze inner cushion.

This one kind of best cat bed can also stand up to some kitten-crazy use as the frame structure doesn’t downfall as easily as some other tent-style cat beds and has an anti-slip bottom, so he feels safe and protected.

On the other hand, in spite of its sturdy looks, the Pet Tent is too easy to wash and clean up that can be popped into the washing machine without stretching its shape. If you’re looking for cute cat beds then the Pet Tent could be it!

Key Features

  • Quality of outer fabrics
  • For indoor use
  • Extraordinary Soft poly-foam frame and lining
  • Removable squeeze cushion
  • Washable machine


  • Safety tent-style cat bed that doesn’t hide your cat away from eyesight
  • Inner cuddle cushion cradles your cat


  • The inner cushion can crinkle a little

Exclusive Armarkat Cave Shape Cat Bed

The Armarkat is one of the best cat bed, that’s a gorgeous looking cave cat bed that’s fantastic for the more fearful cat that likes to get away from everything at catnapping.

Exclusive Armarkat Cave Shape Cat Bed

It’s made of soft velvet and thickly filled with fully pure polyfill to make both the shape and the comfortable, this is the bed where they can totally relax.

The inner space is cushy, therefore it’s more adjusted to a pet that likes to feel wrapped. It is safe for the medium-sized cat rather than a cat that needs more space to move.

The depth to the Amarkat Cave Cat Bed is as much comfy as your cat can sit inside too and you can keep an eye on her activities.

The bottom of this cleanable cat bed is also waterproof and anti-slip while the whole bed is machine washer safe.

Key Features

  • Cave-shaped bed for luxury comfort and excellent security
  • Made of soft washable velvet
  • Filled with extra-thick fully pure poly
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-slip base
  • Washing machine-usable


  • Sufficient deep inner cave for privacy
  • The opening is wide as much as necessary for your cat to see out


  • Best suited to smaller or medium-sized cats.

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave

Give your beloved cat a little sleep-time pleasure with this snug and gorgeously made cave-style cat bed made from pure Merino wool.

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave

This is one of the best cat beds in our review as it is handcrafted in Nepal from natural wool and free from harmful chemicals or synthetics.

Hand-shaped from wool and soap using traditional techniques, this is an extraordinary cat bed that is both stable, pleasant, and comfortable.

In a brief, the benefit of Merino wool is this premium cat bed can help to control your pet’s temperature as they sleep, keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In fact, the Mewofia is sufficiently large to fit a cat’s weight up to 20 pounds and will look pretty in your home. Moreover, you must be impressed with its durability, springing back into shape. Pop in a small cushion for extra comfort.

Key features

  • Manufactured from fully pure Merino wool
  • Hand-shaped
  • 100% Free from chemicals and synthetics
  • Prevents odor, dirt, and stains
  • Bounces back again into shape


  • A gorgeous-looking cat bed that provides extraordinary
  • comfort and warmth


  • It could come a little loose over time

K&H Pet Products A-Frame Outdoor Cat House

This cat bed is also a hot pick thanks to its 40W heating system designed. It keeps outdoor kits comfy warm, even when the temperature drops.

Outdoor Cat House

Moreover, this tent-style design is also appropriate hardy for outdoor use and can fit up to four cats in comfort.

Extremely designed for outdoor use, this is one of the smartest heated best cat beds for outdoor use in the outbuildings, garage, or even in your own home.

The 40W heating system is safety tested and certified. Overall it warms up the heated floor cushion to make a comfy place to shelter and sweet sleep.

After all, this is an ideal cat bed for lovely felines who feel happy the outdoor life but need a warm place to sufficient sleep. This exclusive tent is made of durable and waterproof vinyl.

Moreover, it has a nice overhang roof structure for extra shelter and holding the inner warmth.

This outdoor cat bed is not designed to be placed in total expression but in a sheltered area such as a portico, garage, or barn.

Key Features

  • 40W Heated tent-style
  • Designed for four cats
  • Heated cat bed cushion
  • Waterproof
  • Durable vinyl outer


  • Extra-large capacity
  • Up to four felines accommodation
  • 40W heater warms the inner cushion


  • Needs to be placed in a shelter instead of full outdoor use

MidWest Pets Plush Coco Chic Cat Bed

Actually, an easy concept for the best cat bed but very well made. Moreover, the Ultra Plush does what it says on the tin when it’s a matter of quality sleep space for your pet.

MidWest Pets Plush Coco Chic Cat Bed

In brief, a halfway house between a mat and a full-on cat bed, this fancy cushion-bed is available in a range of sizes.

It is perfect for small cats as well as toy dog breeds with larger pets and can be used alone.

Exclusively Made of soft synthetic fabric that is overstuffed with poly fiber, the result is a plush feel that supports as it comforts your pet.

There is a non-slip surface down to keep everything in place and the pillow is totally simple to maintain as there is no need to remove any covers, just pop the whole thing in the washer and you’re done. 

This is a better cat bed choice for kittens that don’t mind sleeping open-plan or need room to stretch out and relax.

Key Features

  • Plush cat bed in several sizes
  • Used alone or in a travel crate
  • Synthetic outer
  • Poly fiber filling
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Washable machine


  • Plush, comfortable
  • Completely washable machine
  • You can use alone at home
  • Pop into your cat’s travel crate


  • The pillow will need fluffing out between uses

Kitty City Large Cat Bed

If you have a multi-cat gang and everyone has its own preferences and ridicules when it comes to sleep, then the Kitty City Stackable Cat Cube could be the best cat bed for you.

Kitty City Large Cat Bed

After all, this square box-designed cat bed provides privacy with a cave-like bed, as well as an out-in-the-open bed pillow for the more smart or sociable pet.

Additionally, made with sturdy fabric walls that also fold flat for storage, the main box contains a comfortable hideaway with a plush poly-filled cushion where your feline can sleep away in a safe and secure space.

On the other hand, atop is a fleece padded mat for your more curious pet that can happily sit. Or, for the satisfied solo-living cat, he can use the box for his bed and the top position for his favorite seat to watch outside.

The grace of the cat bed is that they are designed to stack in pairs of two. Therefore you can also create a versatile cat condo to cater to your whole cat family. It’s accurate for fun, practical and versatile.

Key Features

  • Provides Two-in-one cat cube bed system
  • Hideaway bed with a top bed pad
  • Fabric box panels can be folded away
  • Washable bed mat and pillow
  • With other cat cubes, it is stackable


  • Versatile and simple to use
  • Provides a multi-sleeping environment for several cats


  • Maybe not perfect for extra-large or heavier cats

SPOT Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave

In brief, it is made of faux suede outer and a soft, recyclable filling. It almost becomes like a large croissant in its design, then you can see how a cat will love to dent and snuggle inside.

SPOT Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave

Moreover, it is ideal for small to mid-sized cats, the ribbed design squeezes your cat as they nest down, cradling them when they sleep. Besides, the hole is sufficiently big and keeps its shape to avoid covering your cat absolutely.

Moreover, we also like the way the filling is distributed so the bed doesn’t lose its feature and preserves a thickness in the middle to keep the bed and your cat supported. At 22 inches long, the ideal residentiary is a cat up to 10 pounds.

Key Features

  • Exclusive cocoon-shaped squeeze cat bed
  • Fully pure recyclable filling
  • Washable Machine
  • Faux suede exterior
  • Soft fleece interior


  • Well-designed and proportioned


  • The cone-shaped end is a little tight

Petper Cat Bed

They use lightweight polyester construction and the bed comes with soft poly-foam lining. The dimension of this indoor portable house gives your pet a touch of privacy and creates excellent security.

Petper Cat Bed

This is one of the best cat bed have 2 in 1 multiple systems.

Moreover, you can use it as a cat house or bed, sofa. When you opened, it becomes a warm house for your pet, and when it’s folded, it acts as a comfortable cat bed.

They carefully produce soft houses and mattresses For dogs and cats to give them maximum satisfaction.

Maintaining your pet house is hand and machine washable, without stretching out of shape and acts like a soft crate making traveling simple.

Key Features

  • Lightweight polyester construction
  • Soft poly-foam lining
  • 2 in 1 Multiple systems
  • Comfortable cat bed


  • Creates excellent security
  • Have 2 in 1 Multiple systems
  • Machine washable


  • If your cat is fat forget about buying it

Where to Put Cat Bed?

Generally, the position of your new cat bed should be in a particular place that suits your beloved pet and their individual sleeping behavior and preference. 

So, place it where they habitually like to sleep then make sure the environment means they feel safe, comfy, and secure.

Some cats like to sleep at a height. Therefore, you can fix the bed on a cabinet top or cat enclosure while others like to be away from the family activities perhaps in an efficient room or comfy corner.

Curious cats may also like to have a sleeping room with a view, so a windowsill where they can see out into the yard can also work really well.

As long as it is a place your cat feels safe and comfortable with, they are more willing to use it for their precious slumber time.

How to Get Your Cat to Use Their Bed

First of all, with their suspicious nature, it can take a little while to satisfy your kitty that their new bed is the best place ever they saw and to make it their own.

The first step, you need to get your per to squeeze their new sleeping preparation is to leave them to research it on their own terms forcing your cat to use the bed could make things worse.

At this moment, you can help your cat take to her new bed by placing in a semi-private place that she favors and gives her the relaxation and peace she needs to make up her own mind by and by.

If your cat is still unwilling to make the bed her new sleeping place, you could try interesting them in with entertainment or lacing some of their favorite toys inside.

At last, they should realize the place is warm, safe, secure, comfy, and most importantly, their own.


How can you wash a cat bed easily?

At first, it mostly depends on the material, component and fillings used, but good news is, all cat beds should be washable. So first read the washing instruction label for the right way to wash your new cat bed. Many open and enclosed style cat beds will have removable covers you will be able to pop into the washer.

Unfortunately, if your cat bed is not washable by machine or hand, you must be able to spot-clean it to remove those odors and catty dirt marks. If in doubt, always select clearly marked, washable cat beds generally.

Do cats like sleeping in cat beds?

Yes, cats usually like to have their own bed, but they may also sleep in their owner’s bed, on a couch, or in a sunny spot on the floor. It really depends on the cat’s personality.

Where should I put my kittens bed?

Your kitten’s bed can go in any room that you feel comfortable with. Some people like to keep their kitten’s bed in the same room as the litter box, so the kitten can get used to the idea that their bed is their own personal space. Others prefer to keep the bed in a quiet room where the kitten can relax and sleep without being disturbed. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide where to put your kitten’s bed.

Do cats prefer open or closed beds?

Each cat is different and will have their own preferences. Some cats may prefer an open bed so that they can see their surroundings, while others may prefer a closed bed so that they feel more enclosed and secure. Ultimately, it is up to the individual cat to decide which type of bed they prefer.

Final Verdict

In a brief, for a bed that realizes a warm, soft squeeze for your pet, and with easy cleaning and use various designs, the Petmate self warming cat bed is our overall best choice. 

Soft, luxurious, and deep, with a snuggly high strength to help ease joint pain and support your cat, this is an excellent, super, marvelous, lovely, and warm bed that will comfort your cat when they sleep and become their favorite and dearest pleasant space.

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