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Why Doesn’t My Cat Use the Cat Tree?

A cat tree is a type of furniture specifically designed for cats. It is typically a tall structure composed of platforms, ramps, and/or hiding spots that cats can use for play and relaxation.

The structure is often covered in fabric or carpet for cats to scratch, and may also include dangling toys for cats to swat at. Cat trees can be purchased in various sizes and styles, and may be used both indoors and outdoors.

Why Cat Won’t Use the Cat Tree

There could be several reasons why your cat is not using the cat tree:

Lack of interest

Some cats may not be interested in using a cat tree, especially if they are not active or playful.


If your cat is not used to having a cat tree, it may take some time for them to get used to it and start using it.


Make sure the cat tree is in a location that is accessible and appealing to your cat. Avoid placing it in a noisy or high-traffic area.


Consider the comfort of the tree. Is it made of a material that is comfortable for your cat to rest on? Are the platforms and hiding spots large enough for your cat to comfortably fit in?

Scratching surfaces

If your cat is not using the scratching posts on the tree, try providing them with different materials to scratch on, such as cardboard or sisal.

Age and physical ability

If your cat is older or has physical limitations, they may not be able to use the tree as easily as a younger or more agile cat.

If you have tried addressing these potential issues and your cat still isn’t using the tree, it may be worth trying a different cat tree or providing your cat with alternative forms of stimulation and exercise, such as toys or scratching boards.

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