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Why Are Cats Scared of Water? (Easy Explanation)

Cats are scared of water due to their evolutionary instincts and their dislike for wet fur. In general, cats have a natural aversion to water, which can be attributed to their ancestors’ need to stay dry to maintain their body temperature and protect their fur’s insulating properties.

Their bodies are elongated and their legs are short, which makes it difficult for them to move through the water. In addition, their fur is dense and oily, which means that it does not repel water well.

When cats get wet, their fur can mat and clump together, making it even more difficult for them to move. Some cats may also be afraid of deep water or fast-moving water.

Why Are Cats Scared Of Water?

Cats have long been known for their aversion to water. Even a mere mention of a bath can send a feline running in the opposite direction. But have you ever wondered why cats are so scared of water?

Evolutionary Factors

One reason why cats may be scared of water is due to evolutionary factors. Cats are descendants of desert-dwelling ancestors who rarely encountered bodies of water in their natural habitats.

Over millions of years, their ancestors developed survival instincts that discouraged them from venturing into water. For them, water was a foreign and potentially dangerous element.

These ingrained instincts have been passed down from generation to generation, resulting in an instinctive fear of water in our domesticated feline friends.

Sensitivity To Temperature And Wetness

Another reason why cats shy away from water is their sensitivity to temperature and wetness. Cats have a higher body temperature than humans, and water, especially cold water, can be uncomfortable for them.

Additionally, their fur coats are designed to repel moisture, keeping them dry and insulated. When water comes into contact with their fur, it disturbs their natural insulation and leaves them feeling cold and vulnerable.

This sensitivity to the cold, wet feeling may contribute to their aversion to water.

Unfamiliarity And Lack Of Control

The unfamiliarity and lack of control that comes with water can also contribute to a cat’s fear. Cats are known for being meticulous groomers, keeping themselves clean and in control of their appearance.

Water disrupts their routines and puts them in an unfamiliar situation where they feel a loss of control. Furthermore, the sound and movement of water can be unpredictable and unsettling for cats.

They prefer stable, predictable environments, and water’s unpredictable nature can trigger their fear and flight response.

How Do I Get My Cat to Not Be Afraid of Water?

If your cat is afraid of water, there are a few things you can do to help them get over their fear.

  • Start by slowly introducing them to water. Put a small bowl of water down in front of them and let them sniff it and approach it at their own pace.
  • If they seem interested, you can try wetting your hand and then petting them with it.
  • Once they’re comfortable with that, you can try giving them a little bath in the sink or putting them in the tub with just a few inches of water. Be sure to talk to them calmly and reassuringly the whole time.
  • If they start to freak out, just stop and let them calm down before trying again.

With patience and perseverance, most cats will eventually come around and learn to enjoy baths!

Why Do Cats Hate Baths?

There are a number of reasons why cats hate baths.

For one, they are not used to being in the water and feel uncomfortable and out of place.

Additionally, the noise and sensation of the water can be overwhelming and scary for them.

Also, most cats do not like having their fur wet and soiled and will do anything to avoid it.

Do Cats Actually Hate Water?

No, cats don’t actually hate water. In fact, some cats even enjoy playing in the water. However, most cats prefer to avoid getting wet because they don’t like the way it feels on their fur.

Additionally, many cats are afraid of getting dunked under the water’s surface.

As a result, most cats will try to stay away from bodies of water whenever possible.

What Type of Cats Hate Water?

Different cats have different personalities and preferences. Some cats may be indifferent to water, while others may actively avoid it.

Some cats may even enjoy playing in the water, while others may only tolerate it when necessary (such as during bath time).

Ultimately, it is up to the individual cat to decide whether or not they like water.


How Do I Make My Cat Not Scared Of Water?

Help your cat overcome fear of water by gradually introducing it. Start with small amounts of water and positive reinforcement. Use treats and toys to create positive associations. Be patient and avoid forcing your cat into water. Provide a calm environment and praise them for their progress.

Why Do Cats Hate Falling In Water?

Cats dislike falling in water because it goes against their natural instincts and skills. Their fur gets heavy when wet, making it harder for them to move, and they can’t control their body temperature as well. Additionally, cats are not strong swimmers and may feel vulnerable in water.

Why Does Cat Fur Repel Water?

Cat fur repels water due to its hydrophobic nature, as water molecules are unable to penetrate the fur’s surface. The fur has a unique structure that prevents water from seeping in, keeping the cat dry by allowing water to roll off its fur.

Why Cats Don T Like To Drink Water?

Cats might not like drinking water because their ancestors got most of their hydration from prey. Additionally, some cats are sensitive to the taste and smell of tap water.


Cats are not naturally scared of water, but their lack of experience with it can make them seem that way. It is important to socialize your cat from a young age so that they become comfortable with different experiences, including being around water.

If you have an adult cat who seems afraid of water, try slowly introducing them to it in a positive and safe environment.

With patience and time, your cat should be able to overcome their fear of water.

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