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What to do When Your Cat Ignores Their Cat Tree

If you’ve recently purchased a cat tree for your feline friend but they seem to be ignoring it, you may be wondering what to do next.

Here are some possible reasons why your cat may be avoiding their cat tree and some steps you can take to encourage them to use it.

The cat tree is not in a good location

Cats are creatures of habit and they may not be interested in using the cat tree if it’s not in a location that they frequent.

Consider moving the cat tree to a more central location in your home, such as near a window or in a room where your cat spends a lot of time.

The cat tree is not the right size

Cats need to feel secure and comfortable in order to use their cat tree. If the tree is too small, your cat may feel cramped and unable to relax.

On the other hand, if the tree is too large, your cat may feel overwhelmed and may not want to climb it. Make sure the cat tree is the right size for your cat’s needs.

The cat tree lacks features that interest your cat

Cats are often attracted to cat trees with features such as scratching posts, hiding spots, and perches with a good view.

If your cat tree lacks these features, your cat may not find it appealing. Consider adding some of these elements to the tree to make it more attractive to your cat.

Your cat is not used to the cat tree

If you just got the cat tree, it may take some time for your cat to get used to it. Cats are creatures of habit and it can take them a while to adjust to new things.

Be patient and give your cat time to explore and get comfortable with the tree.

Your cat has another preferred spot

If your cat has another spot that they prefer, such as a cozy bed or a sunny windowsill, they may not be interested in using the cat tree.

Try moving the preferred spot and see if your cat starts using the tree more.


In the end, there are many possible reasons why your cat may be ignoring their cat tree. By considering the location, size, features, and familiarity of the tree, as well as your cat’s other preferred spots, you can take steps to encourage your cat to use their cat tree more.

With time and patience, you and your cat can enjoy the benefits of this useful and enjoyable piece of feline furniture.

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