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How to Take Care of Your Cat During Cold?

Most cat likes to sleep on human’s couch or by side in your bed. Its main cause is cats live to stay in a warm place. In winter, the cat usually takes sunbathes to seek warmth. Old and cat mother seek a warm place with her baby. In spite of having hair in the body of a cat, it feels colder.

During this time the cat becomes sick. So, in winter cat care needs extra focus. That means, in winter your pet cat needs more care.

Winter Cat Care: 7 Important Things You Should Know

Today here we disusing some important things for winter cat care. As a cat lover, you have to consider these things.

A soft and warm bed

Usually, the cat likes to sleep too much. And in winter to sleep they need a soft and warm bed. Nowadays the cat bed or cat house is an available market. In corner of the room make a bed for the cat or take him to your bed on the blanket beside you. This cat will feel comfortable in sleep and won’t get suffer from the cold.

Sun Bath

Give your cat to take a sunbath. Draw your curtain of window or door close where sunlight comes to reach the room. In this cat will get warmness as they like it.

Eating habits of the cat

Keep an eye on a cat whether it is taking its food regularly or not. According to age feed the cat or give cat food so they can get enough calories. According to need food amount should be increased or decreased retriggered food should be secured in a warm state. If a cat is given cold food, it can suffer from common cold and fever.

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Bath and grooming

Cats are usually clean animals and they don’t like water. In winter baths of cats should be stopped. If this is not done, the cat may suffer from pneumonia with fever. If the bath is needed very badly then give a bath with warm water and dry its body with a towel. Also, dry the body with the hairdryer and keep him in a warm place.

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Activity and sports

In winter, laziness is seen in almost all animals. At this time cat usually sleeps. So, at this time play with him daily for some time and keep its activity regular.

The garage and Basement aren’t safe

Place a net if your cat goes outside regularly. So, they can’t go outside in winter. In winter cats seek a warm place and go to the garage for warmers of the engine and sleep under the vehicle or over the tire. In this case, an accident can happen or the body may be burnt due to cusecs heat.

Necessary treatment & vaccine

Before coming winter give the vaccine to your cat to prevent disease. Take your cat to the vet if it suffers from a cold or fever as soon as possible.

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