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How to Know Are My Cats Playing Or Fighting?

If you have cats, you’ve probably noticed that they like to play with each other. But how can you tell if they’re playing or fighting? Here are some things to look for.

How To Tell Cats are Playing Or Fighting

If you have cats, you’ve probably wondered if they are playing or fighting. Here are some tips to help you tell the difference:

Look at their tails

If they are swishing them back and forth rapidly, they are probably fighting. If their tails are relaxed and moving slowly, they are likely playing.

Listen to the sound of their meows

Fighting cats will make loud, threatening noises while playing cats will make softer sounds.

Pay attention to the type of vocalizations your cats are making. Playing usually involves light biting and gentle swatting, while fighting is more likely to involve hissing and growling.

Observe their body language

Consider the body language of your cats. If they are facing each other with their tails up and their ears forward, they are probably playing.

On the other hand, if they are crouching down with their tails low and their ears back, they may be getting ready to fight.

Fighting cats will be crouched down with their ears flattened against their head while playing cats will be more relaxed with upright ears.

Pay attention with Their Paws

Pay attention to what they are doing with their paws. Cats who are playing may gently bat at each other with their paws, but they should not be using their claws or teeth.

Sign of aggression

If you see any sign of aggression, such as one cat chasing another or biting, then they are probably fighting and not playing.


you’ll usually see mutual grooming happening after they’re done playing – this is their way of saying “I’m not mad at you!” If, on the other hand, you see one cat consistently chasing and attacking the other without giving them a break, and there’s lots of growling and hissing going on, then it’s likely that they’re fighting rather than playing.

Cats Chasing Each Other Playing Or Fighting

If your cats are chasing each other around, it’s likely they’re just playing. But sometimes it can be hard to tell if they’re actually fighting or not. Here are some things to look for:

  • If they start hissing or growling at each other, that’s a good sign that they’re getting ready to fight.
  • If they start swatting at each other with their paws, that’s another sign that they’re getting agitated.
  • If one cat starts chasing the other and the other cat seems terrified, then it’s probably a fight.

So if you see your cats chasing each other and you’re not sure what’s going on, just keep an eye on them and see how they act.

If they seem like they’re enjoying themselves, then it’s probably just harmless play. But if things start to get heated, then you may need to intervene to prevent a full-blown fight from happening.

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