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How Many Hours a Day Do Cats Sleep? (Explained!)

Cats are known for their love of sleep, but just how much do they sleep? The average cat sleeps between 12 and 16 hours a day. This means that a cat will spend around two-thirds of its life asleep!

Of course, this varies from cat to cat and depends on factors such as age and health. Kittens, for example, tend to sleep more than adult cats. And older cats may sleep more than younger cats.

Some cats may sleep as much as 20 hours a day.

How Many Hours in a 24 Hour Do Cats Sleep?

Already told, the average cat sleeps between 12 and 16 hours a day. However, some cats can sleep up to 20 hours in a 24-hour period.

The amount of sleep a cat gets depends on its age, health, activity level and whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat.

Why Do Cats Sleep All the Time?

Most people are familiar with the image of a sleepy cat, curled up in a sunny spot with its eyes closed. It’s no secret that cats love to sleep – but why do they sleep so much? It turns out that there are several reasons for cats’ affinity for naps.

Why Do Cats Sleep All the Time

For one thing, cats are crepuscular animals, meaning that they are most active at dawn and dusk. This natural activity cycle means that they naturally feel the need to rest during the daytime hours.

In addition, cats have very high metabolisms, which causes them to burn through energy quickly. As a result, they need to take frequent naps in order to recharge their batteries.

Finally, it’s worth noting that sleeping is simply part of a cat’s natural hunting strategy. When cats are stalking prey, they often do so by waiting patiently in ambush until their target wanders into range.

By spending long periods of time asleep, cats conserve their energy so that they can be ready to pounce when an opportunity arises.

Do Cats Sleep the Entire Night?

No, cats do not sleep the entire night. In fact, they are most active at dawn and dusk. Cats sleep for shorter periods of time during the day and night than humans do.

They spend about two-thirds of their waking hours grooming themselves and sleeping.

Do Cats Get Bored Sleeping All Day?

Most cats sleep around 16 hours a day, which means they spend a large majority of their lives napping. While this may seem boring to us humans, it’s actually quite normal and natural for cats.

In the wild, cats are predators who spend a lot of time hunting. This means that they need to be able to rest and conserve their energy so they can be ready to pounce at any moment.

While your cat may look like she’s just sleeping all day, she’s actually doing much more than that. She’s resting her body and mind so she can be prepared for anything that comes her way.

So don’t worry if your kitty seems bored when she’s snoozing – it’s just her natural instincts at work!

How Many Hours a Day Do Cats Sleep by Age?

Most cats sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day, although some can sleep up to 22 hours. The amount of sleep a cat gets varies with age, with younger cats sleeping more than older ones.


how much do cats sleep

Kittens are adorable, sleep-loving creatures that spend the majority of their day napping.

But just how much sleep do kittens need? The answer may surprise you. Kittens, on average, under 6 months old may sleep for 16 hours per day.

This means that they are only awake for about 8 hours each day.

Adult cats

Adult cats sleep for an average of 12 to 16 hours a day. This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that cats are most active at night. So, while they may be napping during the day, they’re usually up and about when you’re trying to sleep!

Senior cats

Most veterinarians and animal behaviorists agree that senior cats sleep more than their younger counterparts. On average, senior cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours per day. This increase in sleep is likely due to a decrease in activity level and overall energy levels.

So if you have a senior cat at home, don’t be alarmed if they spend most of the day napping. It’s just their way of conserving energy and staying healthy!

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