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How Can I Get My Cat to Lose Weight? (Explained!)

If your cat is carrying around a few extra pounds, you’re probably wondering how you can help them slim down.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help your kitty lose weight.

How to Help Your CAT Lose Weight!

You want to help your feline friend slim down, but you’re not sure how. Here are a few tips on how you can get your cat to lose weight:

Consider cat’s diet

First, consider your cat’s diet. Is she eating too much? Are her meals high in fat and calories?

If so, it’s time to make some changes. Feed her smaller meals more often throughout the day, and switch to a weight loss food that is lower in fat and calories.

Cut down on the amount of food you give them. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to make sure they’re getting enough nutrients while still reducing their caloric intake.


Make sure your cat is getting enough exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons cats gain weight. Encourage her to be active by playing with her regularly or investing in some new toys that will get her moving.

Be resist to Give more Treat!

Don’t give into those begging eyes! It can be hard to resist those cute faces when they’re asking for just one more treat, but if you want your cat to lose weight, you need to be firm.

Stick to your plan and don’t give in – your cat will thank you for it in the long run!

Wet Food

You can also try giving them more wet food and fewer dry snacks.

Activity Level

Another way to help your cat lose weight is to increase their activity level. If they’re used to being lazy, this may take some time and patience on your part.

Try playing with them more often or getting them a scratching post or other toy that encourages them to move around.

Talk to Vet

Don’t forget to talk to your vet about your cat’s weight loss goals. They can give you specific advice and make sure there aren’t any underlying health issues that could be contributing to the problem.

How Long Does It Take for a Cat to Lose Weight?

Every cat is different and will lose weight at a different rate. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow. A healthy weight loss for cats is around 2-3% of their body weight per week.

So, if your cat weighs 10 pounds, they should lose around 0.2-0.3 pounds per week. Of course, this will vary depending on how much your cat needs to lose and how active they are.

If your cat is very overweight, they may need to lose more than 3% of their body weight per week in order to be healthy.

However, it’s important not to let them lose weight too quickly as this can be dangerous.

The best way to help your cat lose weight is to work with your veterinarian to create a custom diet and exercise plan that fits their individual needs.

What Should I Feed My Overweight Cat?

If you have an overweight cat, you may be wondering what the best food is to help them slim down. There are a few things to consider when selecting a food for your overweight cat.

Low Calorie Food

You’ll want to select a food that has a lower calorie density. This means that there are fewer calories per serving of food.

Many foods designed for weight loss have a lower calorie density, so this is something to look for on the label.

Food with High Fiber

You’ll want to choose a food that is high in fiber. Fiber helps keep cats feeling full after eating, and can help them lose weight over time.

Foods high in fiber also tend to be low in calories, so this is another good thing to look for on the label.


Third, it’s important to make sure your cat is getting enough protein. Protein helps maintain muscle mass while your cat loses weight, and it’s also essential for their overall health.

Look for foods that have at least 30% protein content on the label.

Avoid Sugar and Sweeteners

Avoid foods that contain sugar or other sweeteners. Sugar can contribute to weight gain in cats, and can also lead to diabetes and other health problems down the road.

Stick with healthy options like fruits and vegetables instead of processed snacks or sweets.

Can Cats Exercise to Lose Weight?

Yes, cats can exercise to lose weight. Just like humans, when cats burn more calories than they consume, they will lose weight. When it comes to feline obesity, diet and exercise are both important factors.

There are a variety of ways you can help your cat exercise more and burn off those extra calories.

One way is to simply play with your cat for 10-15 minutes each day. This can be done by using toys such as feather wands or catnip balls.

You can also create an obstacle course for your kitty to run through or set up a small climbing area.

Another option is to take your cat for walks outside on a leash (if weather permits). Start slowly with just a few minutes at a time and gradually increase the length of the walks as your cat gets used to it.

Walking is not only great exercise for cats, but it’s also a great bonding experience between you and your furry friend.

How Do I Exercise My Overweight Cat?

If your cat is overweight, there are a few things you can do to help them slim down.

First, cut back on their food intake and make sure they’re eating a healthy diet

You can also increase their activity level by playing with them more often or getting them a scratching post or other toy to keep them active.

Finally, make sure they’re getting enough water by keeping their water bowl full and clean at all times.

By following these steps, you can help your overweight cat shed those extra pounds and get back to a healthy weight!

How to Get a Female Cat to Lose Weight?

When it comes to getting your female cat to lose weight, there are a few things you can do to help her out.

For one, make sure she is getting plenty of exercises. A good way to do this is by investing in some fun toys that encourage her to move around and stay active.

You can also try putting her on a diet by switching to a lower calorie food or feeding her smaller meals more often throughout the day.

And lastly, make sure you are providing her with plenty of fresh water so she stays hydrated and doesn’t fill up on empty calories from dry food.

If you follow these tips, you should see your feline friend slim down in no time!


Make sure you’re feeding them a high-quality diet that’s appropriate for their age and activity level. If they’re eating too many calories, they’ll obviously have a harder time losing weight.

You should also make sure they’re getting enough exercise. A healthy cat should be active for at least 20 minutes each day.

Once you’ve got all of that under control, your cat should start shedding those extra pounds in no time!

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