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Do Cats Know We Love Them? (Easy Explanation)

Yes, cats know that we love them. Your cat may not be the type to cuddle up on your lap or give you a kiss on the cheek, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you back.

In fact, cats have their own special way of showing affection.

Here are some signs that your kitty loves you:

They purr when they’re around you

Cats typically purr when they’re content and relaxed. So if your cat is purring while they’re in your presence, it means they feel comfortable and safe with you – two key indicators of love.

They follow you around

Have you ever noticed how your cat seems to always be nearby, even if you’re just moving from room to room?

That’s because they see you as their leader and want to stay close to you for protection and companionship.

They stare at you

A lot of people interpret a cat’s stare as menacing or aloof, but in reality, it could be their way of showing love. If your cat makes prolonged eye contact with soft eyes, it means they trust and feel bonded with you.

They rub against you

When a cat rubs their head or body against you, it’s called “bunting.” This is their way of marking YOU as theirs – sort of like how a dog might mark their territory by peeing on things.

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