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Can Cats Feel Guilty? (Easy Explanation)

Do you ever feel guilty after doing something wrong? Maybe you feel bad for eating that last piece of cake or staying up late watching TV when you know you have to get up early for work in the morning. Well, it turns out that cats may also be capable of feeling guilt.

Do cats have a sense of guilt?

A study published in the journal Animal Cognition found that when cats were scolded by their owners after doing something they knew they weren’t supposed to do, they showed signs of guilt, such as avoiding eye contact and slinking away.

However, when cats were scolded for something they didn’t know they weren’t supposed to do, such as being given a new toy, they didn’t show any signs of guilt. So, why do cats only feel guilty when they know they’ve done something wrong?

The researchers believe it has to do with the bond between cat and owner. When a cat is scolded for something they did wrong, they may realize that they have disappointed their owner and are trying to make amends by showing signs of guilt.

There’s a lot of debate on whether or not cats can feel guilt. Some people say that they’ve seen their cat act guilty after doing something wrong, while others say that cats don’t have the capacity to feel this emotion.

It’s tough to say for sure. Cats are complex creatures and they don’t always show their emotions in ways that we would expect. However, some experts believe that cats can indeed feel guilty.

They may not express it in the same way that we do, but they may still experience feelings of guilt when they’ve done something wrong. So if you think your cat is feeling guilty after committing a “crime,” there’s a good chance you could be right!

Can Cats Feel Regret?

There’s a lot we don’t know about how animals experience emotions, but there’s some evidence to suggest that cats may be capable of feeling regret.

A study published in the journal Animal Cognition found that when cats were presented with two options – one that led to a desirable outcome and one that didn’t – they were more likely to choose the option that led to the desired outcome if they had previously chosen the other option.

This suggests that they were able to learn from their mistake and make a different choice next time.

Of course, we can’t say for sure whether or not this is true regret or just a simple case of learning from experience, but it’s an interesting possibility.

So next time your cat gives you a guilty look after knocking over a vase, they might just be feeling bad about what they did.

Do Cats Know When They are Guilty?

Some cat owners say their cats seem to understand when they’ve done something wrong. For example, a cat may avoid eye contact or hide after urinating outside of the litter box.

It’s also possible that a guilty-looking cat is simply reacting to its owner’s body language and tone of voice. If you think your cat knows it did something wrong, be sure to scold it in a calm, matter-of-fact voice.

Avoid using an angry or punitive tone, as this could cause your cat to become anxious or defensive.

Do Cats Feel Sorry for Themselves?

No, cats do not feel sorry for themselves. They are independent creatures that do not rely on others for emotional support.

Do Cats Feel Apologetic?

No, cats do not appear to feel apologetic or guilty when they have done something wrong. Instead, they may try to make up for their misbehavior by performing an act of kindness, such as bringing you a dead mouse.

Do Cats Feel Guilty When They Bite You?

It’s no secret that cats can be fickle creatures. One minute they’re rubbing against you and purring, the next they’re biting you for no apparent reason. But do cats actually feel guilty when they bite you?

There’s no clear answer, but some experts believe that cats may indeed feel guilty after biting their owners. Cats are very intuitive animals and can pick up on our emotions, so it’s possible that they understand when they’ve done something wrong.

When a cat bites its owner, it may be feeling guilty or stressed about something else in its life and taking it out on the person it loves most.

Of course, not all cats will feel guilty after biting their owners – some may just be acting out of instinct or boredom.


Cats are not capable of complex emotions like guilt, but they may show signs of discomfort or anxiety when they have done something wrong. If your cat is acting guilty, it is more likely due to their response to your own emotions and body language.

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