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Top 5 Tips On How To Keep Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

It is very important to clean cat’s teeth regularly. We should start nursing a cat’s teeth when it turns 1 because almost 70% cats suffer from many teeth problem. Learn about cat dental hygiene, how many teeth a cat has and if we don’t clean their teeth they may suffer from:

  1. Teeth may become flavescent.
  2. Gums and teeth disease.
  3. Gums become red colored or sallowish.
  4. You may found dental stone or pluck.
  5. Teeth point & it may come down.
  6. You may smell bad breath from it.

To get released from these diseases you should brush a cat’s teeth regularly. But a cat doesn’t let you to enter your finger or brush in its mouth. So you must follow some rules to brush a pet cat’s teeth.

Basically like humans, cats have 2 sets of teeth in their lives. There are 26 deciduous teeth, also known as their primary, baby, milk, or kitten teeth, and 30 permanent teeth, also known as their adult teeth.

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How to Clean a Cat’s Teeth?

  1. First, you must manage the cat so that it lets you to enter your finger or a brush in it’s mouth. Smear tuna/chicken’s taste or odorous liquid or jell so that the cat thinks it as treat. Then clamber its gums with your finger slowly. After doing it several time the cat you will easily let you touch its face / enter your finger in its mouth.
  2. Then spire gauze in finger and tarnish liquid or jell. Then turn your finger around its teeth slowly. Do it slowly so that it doesn’t bite.
  3. You may use toothbrush. You may find different types of flavored toothpaste are very favorite to cat and they like to brush with these.
  4. First, brush the front teeth, and then brush the gums slowly.
  5. Talk with the cat happily in sweet voice while brushing its teeth. Don’t do anything so the cat becomes seared Inspire the cat in various ways so it helps you brushing his teeth next.