Cattery Vs Cat Sitting: Which is Best?

Choosing between a cattery and cat sitting depends on your cat’s personality and your comfort level with in-home care versus a professional facility. Cat sitting offers personalized attention in the familiar environment of your home, while catteries provide structured care in a dedicated space. Deciding where your feline friend will stay while you’re away can … Read more

How Much Does a Cat Declaw Cost?

The cost of cat declawing typically ranges from $100 to $500. Prices vary based on the veterinarian and the procedure’s complexity. Declawing a cat is a controversial and significant surgical procedure that involves the removal of the claws and the last bone of each toe. It’s essential to understand this surgery’s nature and potential complications … Read more

Cat Sitter: What Is It? How to Become One?

A cat sitter is someone who provides care for cats while their owners are away. To become a cat sitter, you can start by gaining experience with cats, such as by volunteering at animal shelters or pet sitting for friends and family. You can also consider completing a pet care course or obtaining certification from … Read more

What Will Happen if I Swallowed Cat Hair?

While accidentally swallowing some cat hair isn’t ideal (ew!), it’s usually no big deal. It’ll likely pass through your digestive system without a hitch. Think of it as a tiny feline tumbleweed rolling on out. Just avoid large amounts. They can clump and cause discomfort, so if you feel any weird tummy rumbles, consult your … Read more

Do Cats Gain Weight After Being Neutered?

Do Cats Gain Weight After Being Neutered

Cats often gain weight after being neutered due to decreased metabolism and activity levels. Neutering changes hormonal balance, influencing appetite and energy expenditure. Many pet owners observe their cats becoming more sedentary and gaining weight post-neutering. This commonplace observation has a biological basis, as neutering a cat leads to hormonal alterations that can slow down … Read more