Nutro Indoor Cat Adult Dry Cat Food

Nutro indoor cat food for dry food-loving cats that contains essential vitamins and minerals and natural ingredients. It is free from the chicken by-products. Nutro food doesn’t include soy, artificial flavors and preservatives. It is made to fulfill all the needs of indoor cats. Proper nutrition is maintained. It has ingredients to support its digestive system. Fibers help to manage hairball.


Key Features:

Calories: 370 Kcals per cup

Protein minimum: 30%

Fat minimum: 15%

Fiber maximum: 4%

Moisture maximum: 10%

Ingredients: chicken meal, brewers rice, wheat flour, corn gluten meal and chicken fat

Contains: zinc, taurine, Omega 3, Omega 6, vitamins A, B, C, D, E

No artificial flavors or preservatives, chicken by-product meals and soy



  1. Brand Nutro
  2. Model 10072477
  3. Weight 16 pounds