Cats food requirements for grow up healthy and beautifully

Healthy foods for Cat to grow up healthy and happy

If you are a new cat owner, then you will have the first question, when will you feed the cat? What will you feed your cat? What kind of food does the cat like? Actually, it is not difficult to pet a cat, just need simple take care to grow up healthy and beautifully a cat.

It is very important to have protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the daily food of a cat. Besides, it is important for the cat to drink water. So let’s today to know some information about cat food.


Standard food for cat:

Cats are mainly carnivores. Animal proteins should be listed in cat’s food. Animal proteins means beef, chicken meat, fish etc. Of course the food must be boiled, because in raw fish and meat contain bacteria, which can cause cats many diseases.

Nowadays, processed fishes and meat are preserved in packets known as “Wet Food” and “Canned Food”. Carbohydrate foods such as rice should not be mixed more than 10%.

In dry foods contain plenty of animal protein and small amounts of plant proteins. You can buy dry food in any animal’s food shop. Dry food is not harmful for cats if the food is high quality and with plenty of water to feed. This food contains 35-40 percent carbohydrate mixture.

For a cat’s food and quantity depends on his age and weight. The amount of food also depends on whether these are Indoor or Outdoor Cat, whether Spayed or Neutered, and how much it can eat. According to New York’s Animal Medical Center, a healthy and adult 3-4 kg weight’s cat needs 240 calories per day. That means per kilo needed 60-65 calories.

In dry Food, contains 300 calories per cup (calories according to the brand, it can be less or more, how many calories it contains, is correctly written on the packet). In 85 grams of canned food, there is available 250 calories. When let the cat eat if its dry food, so you have to give 2 cups and if canned food it should be 85 grams. However, the amount can be depending as necessary.


Cat food time:

It is better to feed the cat at the same time in every day. For an adult cat (1 year older) should be given two times meals a day. Most of the people give food to eat cat in the morning and at night, that means 10-12 hours’ intervals. But if the cat eats less, so you can give food 3 times. Cats can eat dry food much, but wet food and canned food should be given according to the amount. The remaining food should be removed because it can be rotten, it may cause diarrhea.

N.B: Dry food is not good for extra weights cat or healthy cat; it can be increase weight more.  

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