Is Silica Cat Litter Flushable?

silica cat litter flushable

Silica cat litter is popular nowadays. The silica gel crystals don’t generate the harmful dust that clay litter produces. The absorbency of silica gel crystals is higher. This litter ends up sitting in a landfill which causes considerable damage to the environment. But the question is, is silica cat litter flushable? Although some company declares … Read more

Is Crystal Litter Safe for Cats?

Crystal Litter for cat

Cats are great companions and fun to be around. None wants a dirty litter box in their home. Litter box odor control is an important issue. The right litter for cats is, it effectively absorbs urine, neutralizes odors and is convenient to change. Crystal litter are popular nowadays. That’s why cat owners are concerned about … Read more