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6 Best Cat Urine Detector Backlight (UV Flashlight)

Cat urine detector UV blacklight flashlight is a perfect device to identify cat urine that is invisible to the naked eye. It can detect urine easily in seconds from any place. UV flashlights can also authenticate currency, driving licenses, passports and other identification stuff.

This is a good thing to dry your nails. You can get rid of pet urine odor that is unpleasant for everyone. Identification is important before cleanliness.

Top 3 Best Pet Urine Detector Black Light

Image Product Details   Price
Vansky-UV-flashlight Vansky UV flashlight 🠺 Aluminum alloy body
🠺 4-6 Hours Runtime
🠺 51 LED flashlight
Check Price on Amazon
uvBeast-UV-Blacklight-Flashlights uvBeast UV Blacklight Flashlights 🠺 Working time 2-4 hours
🠺 x3 SMD LET Lights
🠺 UV Beam Distance 70-80ft+in Dark
Check Price on Amazon
Realhunlee UV Black Light Flashlight Realhunlee UV Black Light Flashlight 🠺 Super Bright 100 LED
🠺 Lighting time up to 20 hrs
🠺 Scorpions Finder
Check Price on Amazon

Why Need to Use Cat Urine Detector?

UV cat urine detector is very useful as you can’t miss cat urine that has fallen in any unusual place. Sometimes it is difficult to clean a difficult place where urine has fallen.

After I identify, it is easier to clean because you know very well from where the smell is coming. Pet lovers love it and buy it as the regular stuff.

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Naked eye vs UV flashlight
Naked Eye vs UV Flashlight Urine Detector

6 Best Cat Urine Detector Backlights

Vansky UV flashlight

Vansky UV flashlight

Vansky UV flashlights weigh about 6.7 ounces. The dimensions of this product is 2.2 ×1.37×5.7 inches. It is available all over the markets. The requirements of batteries are three double-A types. It comes with 51 LED lights.

The color of this product is black. It is very attractive to look at. The material that is used to make this thing is aluminum. The shape of it is cylindrical. You can use it with battery only. The voltage of this product is 4.5 volts. It needs very little energy and that’s only five volts.

The LED lights are very gloomy. But the problem is it doesn’t come with batteries. You need to buy it separately. Alkaline cells are used to operate this item. One year of warranty is included with this product. The price is very reasonable.

The only shortcoming is it comes in only one color. Vansky UV flashlight cat urine detector detects cat pee very strictly. By using these you can keep the house neat and clean and germ-free.


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Best for detecting pet stains
  • Waterproof design
  • 30% brighter compare than other flashlights


  • Batteries not included

Ultrafire UV blacklight

Ultrafire UV blacklight

In the world of backlight, ultrafire has some of a kind. The product uses LG LEDs to give you maximum benefit. It has more brighter power than the other light. The output watt is very low and that is a 5 watt system. You can find cat urine in every corner of your house and it is possible to find it with this device.

This flashlight has a dimension of 5.51 by 1.29 by 1.10 inches and it only weighs 4.9 Oz. The flashlight has dimmer options so that you can adjust its brightness levels of it. The turn on and turn off switch is very comfortable and you can rotate the light to the right to the left.

It is also zoomable to focus on a particular point. It is durable and long lasting. That thing is made of aluminium alloy and the shell is made of all metal CNC technology.

It is also water resistant and dust proof. That thing is light carrying and you can take it with you everywhere. The battery lasts for 5 to 6 hours and it comes with a 2600 milliampere hour battery.

uvBeast UV Blacklight Flashlights

uvBeast UV Blacklight Flashlights

For indoor use, this is one of the best solutions for detecting cat urine. That’s why we added this to our best pick cat urine detector list. Most users give positive reviews about their products. That torch is very lightweight and the dimensions are 3 by 3 by 9.5 cm.

It is always wise to know about the torch wavelength that it emits and here the wavelength is 395 nm. 12 months warranty makes the product very attractive to many buyers.

In this package, it consists of one UV flashlight with 3 batteries that have 1.5 volts and their type is triple-A. You can also learn about this product in detail through the user guide that it includes with it.

Before continuing make sure that batteries are inserted properly so that it can operate. Correctly install the batteries according to their qualities. Don’t rush or be gentle with it because it might be broken.

Always try to use the product in dark rooms or at night. Other light sources could interfere with the operation of the torch. It will indicate dried urine stain only. It might not work on some dark carpet.


  • Compact size
  • LED lifespan of up to 15 years
  • Free AAA batteries


  • Only 12 LED lights

Leciel UV LED black light Fixtures

Leciel UV LED black light Fixtures

This ultraviolet LED black light is excellent for using in a dark environment. The darker the environment the more it works perfectly. UV light is one kind of invisible light that is invisible in our naked eyes. It works on phosphorus compounds which emits a light that is visible to human eyes by radiation.

This device consumes 6 watt power. The light source is LED and the quantity of the LEDs is 24. The color of the light is purple. Input voltage required 85 to 265 volt and output voltage is DC 5 volt. The frequency rate is from 50 to 60 Hertz. The material here is used aluminium and transparent PC cover.

The beam angle is 120 degrees, the wavelength of this device is 395 to 400 nm UV-A level. The length of the power cord is 5.9 feet. The dimensions of the product is 11.8 by 4.8 by 1.1 inches. And net weight is 4.4 pounds. This package includes one LED UV blacklight, one power adaptor, two mounted stand, screws and one user manual. It is USB operated and has two modes.

It can be turned on with a power bank. Two levels of brightness you can adjust with it. Here, no UV bulbs are needed. This led backlight is a good alternative to fluorescent tubes. Take it with you to anywhere and the lightweight don’t bother you anymore.

Realhunlee UV Black Light Flashlight

Realhunlee UV Black Light Flashlight

Realhunlee UV Black Light is one of the good cat urine detectors that included protective glasses. Professional users are using this flash black light. The product intensity is 385 to 355 NM with a hundred of good LED UV flashlights. You can find urine everywhere in the house. The light is brighter than the other products that are available in the market. This could be a good choice for carrying everywhere.

It is very lightweight and can be taken with the owner everywhere. It will help you to find out any kind of strain in seconds. Premium Aluminium construction makes it strong and has non slip grip. The waterproof and dustproof properties make the product more attractive to buyers. The company will give you after sales services strictly to give full satisfaction.

Power consumption is quite low compared to others. It is not good to shine light to eyes directly. Always keep the product in a cool place and keep away from any kinds of liquids or moisturizers. Check the batteries and make sure that they are joined accordingly. 6 AA batteries power it on.

Realhunlee UV Black Light Feature Highlights

  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum
  • Grade intensity 385-395 nm
  • 100 top quality LED flashlight
  • IP44 waterproof & dustproof material
  • Continuous lighting time up to 20 hrs
  • 18 watts


  • Included protective goggles
  • 70% Brighter than other lights


  • Batteries not included

MAINENG Portable Woods Lamp, UV Black Light

MAINENG Portable Woods Lamp, UV Black Light

This product had many practical applications. It can analyze skin conditions of human beings. Doctors use it to diagnose patients’ skin conditions. The UV-A light has automatic sources of light and the UV central line is 365 nm. 30 little UV LEDs are arranged in a circular manner with glass fitting.

Glass lense protects your eyes from the light. All lights are covered with black glass filter but the output of UV is very transparent and visible light is cut off through it. The lamp is so designed that it can strictly find cat urine from every corner of your house.

The product is switched on with rechargeable batteries so that the expenses are made minimum. No need to buy an extra charger. The package comes with a charger. The uncommon design makes it different from other products. The cover is also for those who don’t like direct lights.  

How to Use Pet Urine Detector UV flashlight

Waiting for some while

Other lighting will interfere with the UV light. Wait till night to have the best result. Close the curtains to stop street lights. Turn off the light while using the UV torch. Adjacent room lights must be turned off too. Hallway should be dark for precaution.

Finding common areas

Check firstly where the cat does its business. Some cats urinate in the common place but some of them do not. If you are lucky enough then you will get the specific spot at the first guess. For the best result, search near the area where you guess the cat may have urinated.

Sweep back and forth the torch to find the spot. Look for the area where the smell comes stronger. Then investigate the area first. 

Glowing spots identification

The shape of pee must be considered. Under The UV light many things glow and you may misunderstood whether it is urine or not. The strain might look like a spot, drips or puddle. As the other things glow. So the shape and size is important to make sure cat urine.

Look for unusual places too

Cats don’t pee every time in the same spot. So it is not always right to use a torch at a particular point all the time. Cats sometimes pee on peculiar places like walls, furniture, carpets and even all the corners of the room. On the sofa the urine goes very deep.

So you may clean the upper surface of it but the stuff is still in there. This could make a bad smell. 

Investigating the volume of stain

Sometimes it is difficult to find out the exact area of urine. We watched some Hollywood movies where investigators mark a crime scene with paint to understand the exact situation. If the spot is not detected rightly then it is not always possible to solve the case.

Some people report that they are unable to remove urine smell completely. It is possible when you fail to wash all the spots where urine belongs to. First of all use the torch carefully and find out all the stains and mark it with some kind of chalk or some marker.

After that wash the place. This is how you can make the house clean and smell free. Take a torch in one hand and chalk in the other hand to make the work done properly.

First thing first

This is a very sensitive device. That is why you must read the instruction manual that comes with it. First of all, remove all the packages carefully. Then put batteries in proper places according to polarity. It is always wise to use new batteries. Do not mix batteries with new and old ones.

Always use correct rating batteries. The battery fit snug and you need to shake slightly so that the battery unit slides out. To get the best of it, make sure the battery unit is facing the right direction that means the battery cap is in the same place as it should be.

With proper utilization, batteries can last for a couple of months without any hassle. Rechargeable batteries can also be bought to operate the device. You can use those batteries for many times after recharging. This will save money. Make sure that the ampere of the batteries and voltages meet the requirement of the stuff. Otherwise, the torch could be damaged.

Identifying what glows

Some other stuff also glows under Black or ultraviolet light. Things like petroleum jelly, Vaseline, rock salt, olive oil, postal stamps, honey, and ketchup also give glow under those lights. Actually phosphorus and its compounds glow under UV rays. Dried cat urine can properly glow under such light. Give time until it dries out so that it is detectable under UV rays.

Suitable floor

 Before using you must know that it only spots dried urine stains. It doesn’t work on reflective surfaces or carpets with fluorescence. That means the tile floor will affect this device. For some dark colored carpets, the reflective strain could be very close to the color of the carpet and make it harder to see.

You need to be careful about the situation. Urine will show up on surfaces like hardwood and vinyl floors. Study shows that they work with tile, fabric, painted walls, etc.

Identifying other stuff

It helps to cure UV resin which is curable, and not complicated. You can also use it to make tonic water glow. This light helps to identify bed bug larvae. It is not wise to use it for detecting germs in your hands specially covid19. Because they don’t glow to detect with the torch.

The color of the urine of cats under UV light will be almost white. Actually, the phosphorus inside the urine and some other chemicals fluoresce under UV rays. This is how you can detect urine of the cat.

Maintaining proper distance

What is the right height to aim for the spot from the torch? Good quality light should go 4 feet away from the torch. For the best appearance, hold light 2 ft above the specific spot. That device works well for some dust also. It is not recommended to use the torch as an ordinary torch. Prolonged use of UV light could harm to your eyes.

Especially baby’s eyes are very sensitive. Always avoid the light from children. The more closer to the spot the more the stains will glow.

How to Find Cat Urine Odor with a UV Light

Things to Consider Before Buying Cat Urine Detector Torch

Finding out cat pee stains will help you to teach the pet rules so that it won’t urinate at any inappropriate place. Cleaning carpet with steam will cost a lot. Frequently cleaning is not wise. Therefore, It is wise to use a UV backlight flash detector. A good light will last for a long time. It is good to consider couple of things before buying a new one.  

  • Having goggles: In some packages, there include goggles to protect the eyes. Try to use a UV blacklight torch as little as possible. Goggles help to see the stains more clearly. Sometimes it is difficult to spot the specific place of urination. Therefore, you may need to turn on the torch more often. More use means more UV.
    It is wise to use goggles every time you use the torch. Larger houses will also need to use the light for a long time.  
  • Wavelength of the light: The wavelength of light is important for identifying stains. In the market, there you will find some torches that belong in the rating between 390 to 400 nm. This range is not ideat to detect cat urine. It is preferable to have a torch with wavelength between 365 to 385 nm. The instruction manual will inform you about this. 
  • Total number of lights: There are some lights with many bulbs available in the market. More bulbs will give you more UV rays to make you find strains. Minimum 9 to 12 LED bulbs are required to handle cat urine. You can find some lights that have 50 to 100 LEDs. Be careful to avoid direct contact of eyes. Excessive UV may harm your eyes.
  • High intensity light: The strength of the bulb is important to find cat urine stains. High power bulb will give you more UV light. The type of bulb is also important. Nowadays LED lights are popular as they consume less power. Sufficient ray will help to see urine clearly. Consider the issue before buying this product. Try to buy such a torch that can detect spots from a far distance.
    In general, it is detected from 2 ft above from the spot. Some chemicals like phosphorus and others fluoresce under UV rays.
  • Using for other purposes: UV flashlight not only used for cat urine detector. There are many more things that glow under Black or ultraviolet light. Petroleum jelly, rock salt, fungus, olive oil, some postal stamps, honey ketchup etc glows under those lights. If you want to use it with different kinds of staff other than cat urine then you need to make sure about the wavelength of the light.

    Read the user manual to know under which wavelength it works. This also helps to cure UV resin but it won’t solve the problem if it is incurable. Tonic water glows when it is exposed to this light. You can identify bed bug larvae through it. Don’t use it as a regular light as it doesn’t go very much further.

    Some people think that they can detect germs in their hands by it. But it is not the case. In this pandemic, people want to check whether they got covid19 or not. Such types of viruses don’t emit lights that can be detected by such light. That device also works well for some dust.
  • Choosing torch that consumes less energy: Some old lights consume a lot of energy. They need to replace batteries many times. They increase the cost overall. That is why buy a good one so that your battery buying is less than those that consume a lot of energy.

    Some people want to know whether they can use rechargeable batteries in this product. The answer is yes. Rechargeable batteries are good for this purpose. They are very convenient too. It will save you money. The batteries must fulfill the same rating that the manual requires. Make sure that they match otherwise you will destroy or damage the device.

    It should not be replaced with ordinary lights. Don’t use it fluently if power fails. Make sure that the battery unit is facing that proper way with their ends so that the current can easily go into the main unit. If it is used continually, then generally it goes on for several months.


What type of battery should be used in UV light?

Always use new batteries so that the device works perfectly in any environment. In general 3 double A size batteries are used here and try to use alkaline batteries which will last long. Do not mix old batteries with new one. Use batteries by checking their proper ratings. This will increase the duration of the device.

Is the urine detector light sensitive for human eyes?

Yes, the light is sensitive for human eyes. Many small LED bulbs are used here. You won’t feel anything but after pointing someone’s eyes for a long time, this could harm anyone’s eyes. Always avoid baby’s eyes as their eyes are sensitive then grown ups. If any symptoms happen after using the light into eyes for a long time then contact a physician.

Does the urine need to be dried?

Yes, the urine must have dried out before using this detector. If you use it while it is wet, then you might not get proper results from it. When the urine is dried then all the water content in urine will dry out and only chemicals will remain there. These chemicals will be identified with the torch.

Why can’t I see urine from my carpet?

Some people notice that they can’t see urine from some carpet. But you need to be careful about this. Make sure that the whole house is completely dark. Close your blinds, curtains so that street light doesn’t enter into the house. Darkness is important for this.

Should I use protection while using UV flashlight?

It is always preferable to use UV glasses while using it. First of all you need to make sure of the wavelength of the device. Check the instruction manual to identify the rating before buying goggles. The flash light gives bright UV light when the batteries are fully charged.

Can the light detect blood?

No, it can’t detect blood. To test blood we need a material that reacts with the properties that belong in the blood. You need to add some chemicals with blood to detect whether that sample is blood or not. Fluids that can be detected with light are seminal fluid or saliva.

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