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10 Best Vitamin For Kitten and Senior Cats in 2022

Just like humans, cats need a well-balanced diet full of the right nutrition to confirm their overall health. Feeding a balanced diet will address cats nutritional needs. In a few cases, many veterinarians may recommend feeding vitamin and supplement for kittens and senior cats.

Actually, cat vitamins are especially contemplated to correct nutritional insufficiency in your lovely pet’s diet. This makes them extremely useful for cats with underlying health problems that react well to supplementation.

A Quick Overview of Vitamins and Supplements

For Product Price  
Best Supplement for Cats total body health Wholistic Feline Complete Multivitamin Check Price on Amazon Wholistic-cat-vitamin
Best Supplement for Cats Immune Support VetriScience Vetri Lysine Plus Check Price on Amazon VetriScience-kitten-and-cat-vitamin
Best Vitamin for Cat Dental and Oral Health Greenies Dental Cat Treats Check Price on Amazon GREENIES-Natural-Dental-Care
Best Supplement for Shinier & Healthy Skin
Makondo Pets Skin and Coat Check Price on Amazon Cat-Skin-and-Coat-Supplement
Best for cats extra calories Tomlyn Nutri-Cal Gel for Cats Check Price on Amazon Tomlyn-High-Calorie-Nutritional-Gel

Are Cat Vitamins Necessary?

If your cat’s food already has a lot of additional vitamins and minerals, does it still need a supplement? Actually, there are usually two main reasons to need cat supplements.

First, to work together with a cat’s regular diet, improving their entire health and wellbeing. Second, on the recommendation of their vet or to make up for some form of deficiency within the cat.

Now, if your cat already takes a lot of vitamins and minerals, you may want to check their overall diet to see if something specific is missing. Then you must look for a supplement that compliments this.

If, however, you observe a change in the behavior of the cat, you may try out some of the more “well-rounded” supplements.

If you are feeding a balanced and complete diet to your cat then supplements are usually not necessary.

Benefit From Cat Vitamins & Supplements: Why & How

Each vitamin is beneficial for the individual function of the cat. We use vitamins for cats for many purposes, like cat’s immune system, skin & hair or for cats fur.

Vitamin B for cat

Water-soluble vitamins can easily be absorbed by the system or dispatched through urine if too much is available, these maintain a healthy immune system. Moreover, A deficiency in vitamin B leads to illnesses and general weakness.

Vitamin C for cat

Another water-soluble vitamin that aids the immune system. Vitamin C aids in the synthesis of collagen. It keeps your cats’ skin supple and healthy.

Vitamin A, D, E, and K for cat

These are fat-soluble vitamins that freezing in the fatty cells of your cat’s body. Excess of the vitamins A, D, E, and K can be harmful in your cat becoming poorly or poisoned. For this reason, you should certainly check your cat’s current diet before adding any supplements to their food with these ingredients.

Additionally, you should also contact your vet to discuss adding these vitamins to your cat’s diet.

Carbohydrates and Fiber

Fiber is vital for keeping the digestive system running fluently. These, combined with carbs, provide a slow-release of energy which is healthier for a lengthy process.

Moreover, they keep your cat’s bowels active smoothly and support for the accurate digestion of food.


Iron keeps your cat energized, which in turn delivers them energy to fight off infections. Moreover, this is especially true in the case of outdoor cats. They are more likely to pick up parasites that feed off the blood of your cat and can cause anemia.


Generally, Magnesium works in two ways. First, it helps to maintain a healthy immune system. Second, a good source of magnesium in a healthy daily diet supports the absorption of calcium, leading to a domino effect of maintaining strong bones.

But be alert about that excessive magnesium can cause urinary tract infections and a vitamin deficiency. Therefore, it’s best to be checked by a vet before using a cat supplement that contains magnesium.

Sodium, Potassium, and chloride

The combination of potassium, sodium, and chloride helps to fight off dehydration of your lovely cats. In fact, these are ideal for cats who have been suffering from illness, with diarrhea or vomiting, and need to rehydrate, quickly.

Fatty acids

Overall, Fatty acids work fantastic in every part of the body, from the brain to the skin, besides aiding in metabolism and digestion. Generally known as Omega-3 and Omega-6, you will likely come across these in fish oil for cats, or in the general make-up of multivitamins for cats.


Naturally, since cats are carnivorous animals, it allows that a huge part of their diet to supply protein.

Most of this comes from your kitty kibble. Generally, high protein food helps to build muscle in your cat besides providing healthy skin, muscles, and fur, all of that are necessary for a cat’s survival.

Probiotics are full of healthy bacteria. It aids in the digestion of all of the above. In fact, a good probiotic will ensure your cat is able to utilize their vitamins and supplements.

It is also for full dynamic while working against bacteria that cause digestive problems in the gut.

The Best Vitamin Supplement for Cats

We believe that most pet owners love their cats and want them to have the best food they can afford. Even so many people miss out on boosting their kitty’s health and happiness by the use of supplements. We listed some most trusted and loved products that come to the best vitamin for cats.

Best Supplement for Cats Joint Health: Nutramax Cosequin 80 Capsules

Nutramax Laboratories Capsules

Nutramax has built Cosequin cat supplement which is a great option for those who have cats with joint problems. In fact, glucosamine helps to keep joints fit, maintain optimal cartilage health, and give secondary assistance in maintaining a healthy bladder.

Moreover, ideal for aging cats that have been struggling with their joints. These Cosequin sprinkle capsules are simple to administer. You can just pop over your cat’s preferred food.

Additionally, these are one of the highest-rated cat supplements online. Like so many happy buyers, you know you can’t go wrong with these vitamins and minerals from Nutramax.

Key features:

  • A healthy dose of glucosamine for cats
  • An ideal cap for cats with conjoint problems
  • Sprinkle capsule form
  • Easy to administer

Best Vitamin for Cat Dental and Oral Health: Greenies Dental Cat Treats

Greenies Dental Cat Treats

A terrifically popular choice with cat lovers, these Dental Cat Treats from Greenies are crunchy and tasty. In fact, it’s perfect for improving your kitty’s dental and oral health. Available in catnip flavor.

Most felines can’t appear to get enough of the Greenies, making them ideal for pets who may be a little picky when it comes to taking their vitamins!

Proven to reduce tartar build-up as well as improve overall health. Nowadays, these cat supplements have become one of the highest-rated products available online.

Moreover, with having a very crunchy texture that helps clean teeth, these treats provide additional taurine, vitamins, and minerals to give your lovely cat a complete nutritional plan.

Key features:

  • The super-crunchy and tasty which made with vitamins, minerals, and taurine
  • It’s proven to reduce tartar build-up
  • With catnip flavor

Best Vitamin B for Cats: Liqui-Tinic 4x Flavored Vitamin

Liqui Tinic 4x Flavored Vitamin Best vitamin-B for cats

Actually, it is for cats who suffer from anemia. Liqui-Tinic has come up with the best supplements on the market for cats, which is thankfully flavored vitamin, and iron concentrate.

This is a top-quality product that plays host to a wide alignment of vitamins and minerals. Also from riboflavin, which is a water-soluble flavin belonging to the Vitamin B family, right through to a big, healthy dose of iron.

In addition, this is a greatly-reviewed product for a particular reason. Because many cat dads have noticed huge improvements in their cat’s entire health, especially with their energy, and some even mention improved intestine movements.

Overall, this is a great addition to your beloved cat’s diet who is suffering from low energy and digestive system problems.

Key features:

  • Includes iron, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Liver flavored for easy administration
  • Appropriate to kittens, adult, and senior cats

Best Vitamin E for cats: Bonnie and Clyde Pet Goods Fish Oil for Cats

Bonnie and Clyde Pet Goods Fish Oil for Cats The best vitamin-E for cats

Originated from sardines, anchovies, and mackerel, this fish oil by Bonnie and Clyde is filled with fatty acids and vitamin E. Additionally, tastier than average fish oil for cats. Many owners report that their pets can’t get enough of this delicious oily treat.

Overall, this pet supplement has passed International Fish Oil grades, therefore quality and freshness are guaranteed.

In fact, this is an extreme option for cats who suffer from dry skin, dandruff, and excessive shedding. Kitties need of some general health-boosting. The supplements also support healthy heart, liver, and nerve functions.

Key features:

  • One kind of Fish oil from sardine, anchovy, and mackerel
  • Packed with important fatty acids and vitamin E
  • Approve of skin and coat health, heart and liver function

Best Supplement for Shinier & Healthy Skin: Makondo Pets Skin and Coat

Makondo Pets Skin Coat Vitamins for Cats

Obviously, if you’re looking for vitamins, minerals, and all the good stuff for your beloved cat’s health with tasty bacon-flavored treats, you must check out Makondo’s Skin and Coat tablets.

It’s manufactured with quality fish oil and added nutrition, these tablets are performed in omega-3 fatty acids which help to boost skin and coat health.

On the other hand, with improving the look and feel of your cat’s fur, this supplement can also help to alleviate symptoms of skin allergies.

Is your cat not a fan of chewing the tablets? Not to worry, you just crush and sprinkle these over their regular meal.

Key features:

  • Includes fish oil and an array of vitamins and minerals
  • Fulfill with fatty acids for skin and coat health
  • With bacon-flavored tablets

Best for Cats total body health: Wholistic Feline Complete Multivitamin

Wholistic Pet Organics Feline Complete Multivitamin

We feed multivitamins to keep cats healthy and strong. The Wholistic Feline Complete powder is full to the brim with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, and anti-oxidants. Not only that but also all the components are made from raw, natural sources and their production is even observed by the NASC.

When you look for a powerful product that works to fulfill any diet, this should be your first choice. However, you need to check current cat food to ensure that they don’t overdose on any vitamins and minerals. So at the very first be sure to consult your vet.

Key features:

  • The best all-in-one supplement for cats
  • Includes plant-based enzymes for high digestion

Best for Cats Immune Support: VetriScience Vetri Lysine Plus

VetriScience Laboratories Vetri Lysine Plus

VetriScience has worked hard to create these bite-sized chews which fight against the aggressiveness of the FVR virus. While being a rather niche market, this supplement can obviously help many outdoor cats who have been subject to the local Toms and come back a little worse for wear.

Surely, L-lysine has other conveniences separately from preventing the replication of the FVR virus. It also protects the body from upper-respiratory issues, aiding in collagen formation, and assisting in tissue repair to ensure your cat looks as good as they feel.

In total, it’s a great immune-boosting cat supplement.

Key features:

  • Specially Focused on L-lysine
  • Assist to prevent replication of FVR virus
  • Raises the immune system, good for outdoor cats

Best for cats extra calories: Tomlyn Nutri-Cal Gel for Cats

Tomlyn Nutri Cal Gel for Cats

The Tomlyn Nutri-Cal supplement for cats is ideal for kitties who won’t hear of having tablets and turn their nose up at powders and sprinkle capsules. This multivitamin is available in a tasty gel.

On the contrary, this high-nutrition gel works brilliantly for cats who are healing from trauma or surgery. Because of being cram-packed with fatty acids and designed to stimulate your cat’s hunger.

Many cat owners have mentioned that this is the accurate choice for elderly cats who have issues with their teeth or mouth. It has powerful soft consistency and the ability to attract cats in for food.

Key features:

  • Nutritious gel packed with vitamins, minerals, vital fatty acids
  • Highly tasteful for cats with poor hunger
  • Great for senior, sick, and convalescing cats

Vitamin K1 for Cats

Vet One Vitamin K1 for Cats

We have selected Vitamin K1 chewable tablets that are the best vitamin tablets for cats. These tablets are a great counterpart for dogs and cats who have recently been concerned with trauma or surgery and have been struggling with their sufferings.

These Vitamin K1 are generally necessary on the short-term system and you should consult with the vet if you’re thinking about using them for long term.

With a secure focus on aiding the digestion of pets, created these treat-sized chewable tablets to fight against drugs. It introduced hypoprothrombinemia and boost metabolism, which in turn will aid in the entire digestive health of any cat.

Key features:

  • Includes 25mg Phytonadione
  • Advance digestion and vitamin K metabolism
  • Short-term use for

How to Choose the Best Vitamins for Cats

Consider few things before buying vitamins and supplements for cats:

  • Be very careful and read the labels and ingredients list to ensure the quality and safety of your feline.
  • Choose a famous brand and see customer experience by reading real reviews of the product.
  • Never give human vitamins and supplements to cats. Some ingredients can be harmful to cats.
  • Ask the vet to get expert advice

We know your cat is highly likely to benefit from supplements that contain water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin B, as well as fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, E, and K.

They also need a supplement that contains iron and magnesium, alongside potassium, sodium, and chloride. In fact, these are much harder to find in traditional kitty kibble.

Remember, You must pay attention to what’s currently available in your pet’s food. In particular, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Too much of these products are more likely than others.

It creates further issues with your cat’s digestion and has a knock-on effect on the rest of their body. When you find that their daily diet is missing these items, it’s totally fine to include these ingredients in your pet vitamins.

FAQs on Cat Vitamin Supplements

Q: What are cat vitamins?

A: Vitamin for cats are a kind of dietary supplement that is specially devised to address nutritional deficiencies in cats.

Q: Can I give my cat human vitamins?

A: Absolutely not. The reason is that cats simply can’t handle human vitamins and minerals. Additionally, manufacturers like to add extra integrants to their products, such as garlic, which can be harmful to cats. Actually, in order to stop problems that arise from too much use, you’ll need to find a supplement that avoids garlic, onion, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin C.

You must remember that a lot of fillers come from dairy products and adult cats are naturally lactose intolerant, so you should be aware of using human vitamins. It can create some stomach problems for your cat.

Q: Is there a danger of ‘overdosing’ or ‘over-supplementing’?

A: Overdosing or over-supplementing can lead to poisoning your cat. Moreover, while you should be totally fine with water-soluble vitamins since any excess is simply processed and disposed of through urination, you may need to be careful when it comes to fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. The best way, take advice from an expert vet before supplementing.

Final Thoughts: Best Cat Vitamins

Vitamin for cats can be used to correct nutritional imbalances in your cat’s diet. In fact, low-quality commercial cat foods or improperly balanced home-prepared diets can also lead to nutritional deficiency in cats.

Moreover, it’s also important to feed your cat a full and balanced diet that will supply them with adequate vitamins and nutrients.

For more support, please, check out our review of the best organic cat food for more information about selecting a healthy food for cat health.

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