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3 Best Dental Treat and Chews for Kitten

If you are thinking about getting your kitties their first dental experiment, then you need to know what is the best dental treat and chew for kitten. Dental care is a necessity to keep their teeth in great shape.

In fact, it can mean the difference between appetite and faintness, between attacks and fights, and between a happy cat and a lethargic cat.

Catnip treats are one of the ways used to keep kitty happy and hygienic. These treats are equally great to be given to cats as a method of bonding or training. Owing to their soothing effect, these treats work best on your pets.

The Best Kitten Dental Treat and Chews

A new baby kitten works wonders on the mind of its owner. There are plenty of delicious kitten dental treats and chews to choose from.

Wellness Grain Free Crunchy Kitten Treats

Wellness Grain Free Crunchy Kitten Treats

This treat is 100% Grain-free nutrition. Contain the right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates. No added grain, wheat, corn, soy, or artificial colors or flavors. It is a natural, healthy, tasty and crunchy treat for kittens and cats. Your kittens will love these treats.

Hestina Catnip Chew Dental Teeth Cleaning Kitty Toys Treats

Hestina Catnip Chew Dental Teeth Cleaning Kitty Toys Treats

This egg modeling catnip toy grind and clean kitten teeth, promote appetite and eliminate hairball. It can be pasted everywhere on walls, floors, or furniture.

Potaroma Chew Sticks Toys for Cat and Kittens

Potaroma Chew Sticks Toys for Cat and Kittens

Potaroma is a brand that 12Pcs natural silvervine catnip sticks that are beneficial to kittens. These herbs help to soothe the mind, get rid of hairballs and improve digestion. In addition, this cat treat toy also helps to clean kitten teeth and reduce the incidence of asthma.

Are dental chews safe for cats?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific dental chew that you are giving your kitten.

However, most dental chews are safe for kittens if they are small enough not to cause a choking hazard and if they are properly supervised while your cat is eating them.

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